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The L.C. Effect: Why 'The Hills' Fails Without Lauren

You can take 'The Hills' out of Orange County, but you can't take Lauren Conrad out of 'The Hills'. At least not without some pretty big consequences. Season 6 opened sans its blond starlet, who decided to move on after half a decade on the reality show circuit.
After Conrad announced her decision to bail on TV in the hopes of leading a more private life focused on her fashion career, producers brought in Conrad's old schoolmate, Kristin Cavallari, as a replacement. Alongside Speidi, Audrina and the rest of the well-tanned Cali kids, Cavallari reprises the role she stepped into as a teenager on Hills precursor 'Laguna Beach': a flirtatious, manipulative man-eater, all shiny locks and come-hither stares.

On 'Laguna' she battled Conrad for the affections of pretty boy Stephen Colletti, and it seems she's up to her old tricks in Hollywood, setting her sights on Audrina Patridge's on-again-off-again, Justin Bobby. But so far Cavallari's episodes have failed to elicit the spark we've come to expect from the drama-filled half hour.
And viewers seem to agree. Ratings were down 30% for Cavallari's premiere episode, pulling only 2.1 million sets of eyes as opposed to the 3 million who tuned in to last season's opener.

This seems to be a pattern for MTV: Ratings plummeted on 'Laguna' after Conrad left the sandy shores of her hometown for the glitz of Los Angeles. A poorly received LC-less third season sent the Laguna High kids packing.
Perhaps that's because Lauren Conrad offers something very essential to her shows. She's the grounded protagonist, ambitious and relatively normal. For the viewer, Conrad is the identifiable core, a filter through which to experience all the chaos that goes on around her. Whereas Cavallari was introduced as the anti-heroine off the bat, a role already occupied to perfection by Heidi Montag. Having wasted no time feuding with the girls and playing all the guys, Cavallari leaves us without a gal to root for.

Perhaps this will change as the show's new lineup settles into itself. But so far, without Lauren Conrad, 'The Hills' is barely even 'The Knolls.'
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I agree and I disagree. I totally miss Lauren but I think what's killing the ratings is all the scripted drama. I'm not interested in seeing Brody and Jayde fake fight. In fact I'd be happy if they got rid of Brody & Jayde altogether. I'd much rather the show focus on the girls. I think we are all still rooting the show to succeed but the producers made it hard when they don't give the girls enough screen time. Frustrating...

Whitney Port: Coming from the Gym in Brentwood, CA 10/30

Is Audrina Back In Heidi's Inner Circle?

It looks like it! take a look at their tweets:

10/29 I LOVE @OfficialAudrina!
10/30 @OfficialAudrina we need to do the brunch/spa day at least once a week!! I love my Audrina time!!!! Best day ever!!! LOVE U!! xoxo!

10/26 just got done filming w/ @heidimontag and it was nice to catch up on and off cam!! shes always full of life and happiness
10/29 @heidimontag had so much fun today!!:) we'll have to do another pampering girls brunch/massage next week xo

awwwww : )I'm so glad to see they've made up. I thought they had a cute friendship way back when. The main thing that's been missing for me on the 'Hills' lately is the friendships or lack thereof.

'The City' Star Roxy Olin Dishes On Her 'Brothers & Sisters' Character: 'You're Going To See Me More'

She's wreaked havoc on Kelly Cutrone and People's Revolution ever since she stepped foot in Manhattan as Whitney's new bestie, roommate and coworker on "The City," but Roxy Olin isn't keeping her day job limited to just one coast.
This past Sunday, much to this "City" watcher's surprise, she reprised her role on ABC's dramedy "Brothers & Sisters" as Michelle — the former ex of Jason Lewis' (now-openly gay) character, Chad Barry, and the girl responsible for reuniting Kevin (Matthew Rhys) with his now-husband Scotty (Luke Macfarlane).
And, you can plan on seeing the brunette continue to make the crossover from reality TV to primetime. "You are going to see me more [on 'B & S']," she told MTV News during a recent office visit. "I don't even know how much more ... but I'll be in the next episode, and then not for a little bit, and then I come back again."
Seeing as how Roxy's Michelle just offered to be the surrogate to Kevin and Scotty's unborn child, we're pretty sure that means the storyline (er, and her stomach) is going to progress.

"The part that I'm playing on 'Brothers & Sisters,' it's going to be a a challenge for me to be doing ['The City'] at the same time," she admitted. "I was joking with Whitney that I should walk around the city with a huge belly and see what people do." Suspicions confirmed!
The opportunity to come back to the series "happened actually while we were still filming ['The City']," Roxy revealed. Though we should note her father (Ken Olin) exec produces "Brothers & Sisters," while her mother (Patricia Wettig) stars in it. Still, that doesn't mean her shooting scheduled was made any easier on her. "One time I had a 6am call [for 'B & S'] in L.A. after filming till 11 in New York.," Roxy recalled. "The next day, I had to take the red-eye back to New York after filming three scenes in L.A. So it was definitely hectic. But I liked that ... I've never worked this hard in my whole life, so I'm like, alright bring it!"
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Halloween twit pics: Brody Jenner, Roxy Olin and Chloe

Roxy tweeted: "Sooo fun! Were doing it again tom"

Lo tweeted: "Witch!"

Jayde tweeted: "In the limo on the way to the party... I love halloween!!"

Jayde tweeted: BrodyJenner and his boys :) xx

Happy Halloween Everyone!! : )

Friday, October 30, 2009

Audrina Patridge at LAX 10/30

Audrina Patridge was spotted as she arrived at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (October 30).
The brunette beauty is hosting a Halloween party at Harrah’s Dusk called the “I Dream of Audrina” experience - taking place tomorrow night (October 31).
According to reports, Miss Patridge will be greeting guests while talking up her forthcoming reality show, ‘The Audrina Show,’ which will hit the MTV airwaves in 2010
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Lauren Conrad: Hair Look of The Day

Lauren Conrad's Sparkly Barrette
THE STYLE A classic Hollywood coif topped off with a shimmery clasp
WHERE The Avon Foundation for Women benefit in New York City
WHY WE LOVE IT Charles Baker Strahan, the stylist who created the look, curled the entire head with an 3/4-inch iron, then arranged the tendrils into a low bun. "I left some volume at the bottom so it almost looked like a '20s bob," he said. As for the flash of bling? "Once Lauren put on her dress, I wanted to finish the look and she had some jewelry out. I picked it, she loved it, and the rest is history!"
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Roxy Olin - Twit Pic

Roxy tweeted: A shot from My Picture shoot today

Trick or Treat From Little Drina!

Audrina blogged on her website:
It's almost Halloween~!! I'm so excited!
Here are some photos of me from past Halloweens! They're not like the ones I posted last time! I can't remember how old I am in each photo, but I have to admit - I'm pretty cute! They're pretty embarrassing costumes, but I've really learned how to look at myself since being in front of the camera all these years. But I'm not alone in some of these pics! My older sis and my little brother are right there with me! I love them <3 <3!
What did you and your siblings dress up as when you were a kid?
Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone ~!
xoxo Drina

awww how adorable is she? : )

Olivia Palermo Goes Darker

Olivia Palermo has gone with a darker hair color for Fall (see
2nd image below)! What do you guys think? Do you like it or is anyone missing the honey blonde colour?

Brody Jenner: Tipsy in Tinseltown

Getting into the Halloween spirit, Brody Jenner was spotted stumbling out of Club Voyeur’s Halloween Party last night (October 29).
The “Hills” hunk clearly had too much to drink as he had trouble staying on his feet while walking past the paparazzi. Eventually, Mr. Jenner ended up taking a nosedive into a nearby bush as onlookers laughed.
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Not attractive...

Audrina Patridge: Takes a meeting and runs some errands in LA 10/29

Tending to her business affairs, Audrina Patridge was spotted coming out of a Los Angeles office building yesterday afternoon (October 29).
The “Hills” hottie looked focused as she made her way to her car, carrying a composition book and her mobile phone as she strolled past the paparazzi.
The night before, Audrina was all about checking out the premiere of “The Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day” at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood.
And in related news, a group of teenage girls have been arrested for the burglaries that involved property stolen from Audrina as well as Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton, and Orlando Bloom.
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