Friday, February 17, 2012

Kristin Cavallari: Out & About in LA

Kristin Cavallari recently bemoaned the fact that she could no longer fit into sample size clothes as her baby bump expands.
But the reality star showed the first clear sign of her growing belly as she left the gym earlier today in Los Angeles.
The 25-year-old is making sure that she stays in shape during her pregnancy and spent the morning working out.
Wearing black leggings and a matching T-shirt, the blonde beauty's fitted exercise gear clung to her curves.
Up until now, Kristin has been wearing baggy attire that only gave a slight hint that she is expecting.
After working up a sweat, Kristin went to Erewhon Natural Foods store where she picked up an iced beverage.
Not wanting to miss one drop of the refreshment, she sucked on the top of the lid to ensure that none spilled out.

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credit -, Daily Mail, zimbio
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Olivia Palermo in Schon Magazine - Feb 2012 Issue

You have been a contributing editor for Vogue UK and Elle magazine and recently launched your own blog. How would you describe the person you aim to reach with the content of your blog?
I hope that anyone who goes on my blog can take away a little something from it. It is a fashion site with a lifestyle element to it. My team and I try to highlight fashion, art and museum stories that interest me and it is something I would like to share with readers.
You are a model, a stylist, a blogger, a judge on TV programmes, an actress and a committed charity figure. What are you most passionate about and why?
I have a great passion for everything I do. My blog is very dear to me; it gives readers a chance to see what I like in today’s fashion.
What would you say is most challenging about being in the public eye and followed by paparazzi?
I am not a negative person and I do not look at things as a burden. It is a part of the business I am in, and I am fortunate that I do have privacy in my life. At the end of the day my fans put the biggest smile on my face and remind me how lucky I am.
Who do you look up to? Could you name an artist or a person who influences your work ethos?
My inspirations come from everywhere and everyday; whether it’s architecture, films, my travels and so forth. I have always had structure in my life and that rolls over into my work ethic. I have to give my parents credit for keeping a structured lifestyle during my childhood.
You have been a guest judge on Britain’s Next Top Model as well as Project Runaway and a guest editor at What is fashionable and trendy for you?
I love seeing stylish girls on the streets of London, Tokyo, Paris, New York, or wherever I may be; they are my inspiration. I admire the working girl that shows an interest in fashion and has innate style. Trends are always relevant. They are great to balance into everyday style, but it is important to have a personal style before anything!
What would you say is the most creative thing you have done lately?
I loved designing a shoe for Stuart Weitzman. I have always been a big supporter of his 50/50 boots and when he approached me to design and help raise money for a charity dear to him; I was pleased to be able to contribute. I have always tried to give back in some way, and that is something that everyone can do as well.
Is there another field or skill you would like to acquire/explore?
Styling, I have a fantastic time with it. There are such talented designers out there, for example: Matthew Williamson, Erdem and Christopher Bailey. It makes it more fun having a chance to do more creative styling using their designs.
What can we expect from you next?
Modelling. I shoot with many talented photographers, and shoot in fantastic locations around the world.

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Kristin Cavallari at the Launch party

Some expectant mothers don't want to know their baby's gender until they give birth: Not Kristin Cavallari!
"I'm dying to know! I don't know how people wait," she told Us Weekly at the Launch party (hosted by Perez Hilton) in L.A. Thursday. "I'm really excited!"
This will be the first child for Cavallari, 25, and her Chicago Bears quarterback fiance Jay Cutler, 28. "He's gonna be a great dad! He's so cute with kids," the Laguna Beach alum gushed. "He's good with my little dog, so he's gonna be really, really cute with kids!"
Before they begin building a nursery, Cavallari said they're "waiting to find out for sure if it's a boy or a girl." One thing is for certain, however: they won't be raising their child in the spotlight.
"This baby will not be around cameras," the MTV reality star told Us. "[We will not be raising our child] in L.A.!"
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credit - Us Weekly, tlfan, zimbio
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Lauren Conrad's New Website Photos

Lauren Conrad changed her website headers on & the photos are just beautiful. See for yourself (above) & visit to check them out.
credit - via Lovely Lauren
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Kristin Cavallari: Pretty in Black at LAX Airport

After spending a quick few days at New York fashion week Mom-to-be Kristin Cavallari was all smiles as she arrived at LAX airport.
Kristin tweeted: "See ya NYC! Back to LA..."
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