Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whitney Port Expands Fashion Line By Designing Jewelry

If you love Whitney Port‘s Whitney Eve fashion line, you’re in for a treat!
It was recently announced that the reality star turned fashion designer would add another expertise to her repatroir, with the launch of her jewelry collection, Bits and Bobs by Whitney Eve. Now the 27-year-old beauty is showing off a sneak peek at some of the first pieces!
Whit blogged:
“I’ve been mentioning this jewelry line for a little bit now but I finally can share with you a sneak peek of what’s to come. This is my first time designing jewelry and I now introduce you to Bits and Bobs by Whitney Eve. I’ll be posting the Look Book soon so keep checking back. “
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Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl Attend The After Party For HBO's 'Girls'

Olivia Palermo confirmed that light denim, usually reserved for more casual looks, can also work on the red carpet when she styled hers with a sparkling sequin blazer at the HBO premiere of Girls. The fashion-forward beauty layered her gray sequin topper over a white silk blouse and cuffed denim skinnies, then slid on a pair of colorful cap-toe pumps for instant glam. Glistening diamond stud earrings, a gold caged bracelet, and a blue ostrich bag rounded out her polished look perfectly. To dress up your light denim, style it with a sequin jacket like Olivia did, or work your blazer with dark denim for a less casual approach to this fabulous look.
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Lauren Conrad's Book Signing at Bookends in Ridgewood, NJ

Lauren Conrad signs copies of her new novel, The Fame Game at Bookends bookstore in Ridgewood, NJ on Wednesday, April 4, 2012.
The 26-year-old author/designer, wearing a flowy Heartloom dress & Casadei heels, recently caught up with ET Canada where she dished on main character Madison.
“Madison is definitely meant to be a sharp tongued type of person that does exist in Hollywood – and there’s lots of them, but no, but I definitely wasn’t basing her on a specific person,” Lauren shared about speculation Madison was based off of Heidi Montag.
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Lauren Conrad: More Photos From New York City

Lauren Conrad was spotted leaving her hotel in NYC on Tuesday, April 3.
In other LC news, Lauren did a great interview with Sara Gaynes at the Charlotte Observer. Check it out below.
Herald: There are so many references to the TV industry in the book (including a character who is an actor on a series called "Boston General"). How do you find inspiration for these?
Conrad: Being in the business for years, you see so many things. After spending several years in L.A., they start to feel normal, and then you'll come home for a weekend and you'll tell your parents what happened and they think what any normal person would think: It's crazy! But you become immune to it. What I did is I started to take notes and I'm so glad I did because I use them all the time. ... I would sometimes sit down with my editor and she would say, "I don't know if this is believable," and I would say, "But it really happened!"
As with any celebrity-written novel, there's always talk that it wasn't you who wrote it. How do you respond to that?
You have to take it as it comes. I take it as a compliment. When they tell you they didn't think you could do it, you prove you can. ... I really wanted to get younger girls to read. I remember never wanting to read growing up, but there were a few (books) that I could really get lost in. If you can ever get a young person to pick up a book and read it, that's great.
What can your fans expect from the tour?
I love the signings. I think that's one of the most fun parts -- meeting the people that are gonna read it! It's such a great opportunity to sign books and talk with all the girls.
What else is coming up in your life?
I'm working on the second book in the "Fame Game" series and that's taking up most of my time. I'm also still working on my two lines: I'm designing spring right now for Paper Crown and I'm also working with a brand called Blue Avocado and we're coming out with grocery, lunch and beauty bags, and they're all made from reclaimed plastic. It's been a really great experience with them.
When you have a month like mine you try not to look too far ahead, but I broke up this tour so I'm gone for a few weeks and then I'm home on the weekends. And then I'm gonna get to go to Coachella (music festival). I don't know what I'm going to wear though -- I have to shop online while I'm on tour!
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