Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Details On Heidi Montag's New Reality Show with Jake Pavelka & Danielle Staub

This may become one crowded kitchen.
Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub and other reality alumni are all going into the food business together for an upcoming series that places some big personalities under heavy pressure, PEOPLE has learned.
"They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up," says a source on the set of the new reality series, slated to air on VH1. "They started shooting this past weekend."
On the show, the cast will be tasked with opening a restaurant in just 28 days.
The stars, who filmed Tuesday at Café Med in West Hollywood, have remained tight-lipped, with Staub announcing on Twitter: "I'm working on a project. Let you know soon what and with whom!! Xxoo."
Pavelka also tweeted Tuesday, "Crazy fun day of shooting!"

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Heidi Montag Filming a New Reality Show with Jake Pavelka & Danielle Staub

Spotted: Heidi Montag having lunch and filming some sort of reality show at Cafe Med. With her was the motley crew of Jake “The Bachelor” Pavelka, Danielle "Real Housewives" Staub, Vincent "The Sopranos" Pastore, Ashlee Dupree (former call girl in the Eliot Spizer scandal) and DJ Paul. The Rumours are running rampant that this is the cast of Celebrity Rehab 5 but that seems unlikely to me, especially considering that Heidi was just playing peek a boo with Spencer and the Paparazzi yesterday. There has also been some speculation that they're filming a celebrity cooking show. I'm loathe to admit it but I'm curious to see how Heidi does on her own in whatever format.
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Kristin Cavallari: Leaving Lemon Tree Bungalow in Santa Monica

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari at Lemon Tree Bungalow in Santa Monica on April 4, 2011
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Lauren Conrad Signs Three Book Deal for LA Candy Spin-off called The Fame Game

Lauren Conrad -- whose debut teen novel, L.A. Candy, hit No. 1 on a New York Times bestseller list -- just scored another three-book deal with HarperCollins, she tells exclusively.
Called The Fame Game, the Hills alum's upcoming trilogy is set in the reality TV universe, and features Madison Parker, an ambitious, ruthless character from the L.A. Candy series who's ready to become a star in her own right. In her way? Backstabbing family friends, dogged paparazzi and one media scandal after the next!
"We took the mean girl of the [L.A. Candy books], spinning her off," Conrad, 25, tells Us of The Fame Game's tough protagonist Madison.
"This series is about a girl who loves everything that fame is, and that's all she's ever really wanted," Conrad explains. "[Madison] has fun with the press, she enjoys the attention, she welcomes scandal!"
If Madison sounds familiar (Heidi Montag, perhaps?), Conrad assures Us her characters aren't based on anyone real. "No. We have fun with it! We kind of take [Hollywood] stereotypes.

With a clothing empire to run as well (her third line debuts this fall), when does Conrad write?
"Between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.," Conrad tells Us. "My phone doesn't ring, and there's nothing on TV!"
Is Conrad's longtime beau, actor Kyle Howard, an L.A. Candy devotee? "He read my first book, which was very sweet," Conrad says, laughing. "I told him he didn't have to read the rest. "I don't think he's the target market!"
The paperback edition of Conrad's third L.A. Candy book, Sugar and Spice, went on sale yesterday, April 5th.
Speidi must be dying - I love it! I'm so happy for Lauren. Living well and being successful really is the best revenge. :)
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