Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whitney Port and Roxy Olin shop at Opening Ceremony in NY

Not sure how I missed this but it is definitely a few months old. The ivory dress Whitney tries on is the one she wound up wearing to the London premiere of 'The City.' Click here for photos.

Erin Kaplan & Roxy Olin make their hot holiday picks at Express

Elle: backstage at the Hills and the City finale - interviews w/ the cast (video)

Whitney Port 'Not Looking For Love'

Whitney Port has reportedly insisted that she is happy to wait for love, rather than to actively search for it.
The City star, told OK that she was happy being single and having fun in New York.
"It's one of those things where as soon as you start looking for someone you're not going to find them," she explained.
"I feel like right now I don't really have a formula. I'm kind of just trying to enjoy myself and enjoy my time here."
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Stephanie Pratt's DUI Drama May Be Real Trying Time

Reality stars may have a penchant for making highly promoted public appearances, but this probably isn't what Stephanie Pratt had in mind.
Regardless, she can rest assured the cameras will be ready and waiting when—or at this point, if—the Hills star's DUI trial kicks off as planned Jan. 21.
As per usual, the 23-year-old didn't appear for a hearing in her case yesterday, but her attorney did, and succeeded in his bid to buy a little more time to gather evidence in advance of launching Pratt's defense.
Which hopefully means he'll come to court with something a little more solid than "the heels made me do it."
"On Jan. 21, three things may happen," attorney Jon Bryant Artz told E! News. "The trial may start as planned, it may continue to another date, or we may reach a settlement."
Artz is apparently hoping for the last of the three options to occur, but not necessarily any time soon.
"What's going to happen is we will show up at court and I will ask the judge for a trial. As we're waiting for a courtroom to become available, the D.A. and I will talk and we may reach a deal."
If not, Pratt will just have to be prepared for cameras to capture some of her genuinely unscripted reality, as Artz confirmed that the reality diva would be present for her next court date.
"When the jurors are there, it's a general rule of thumb to have my clients present," he said.
It's also a general rule of thumb to try not to get busted for misdemeanor driving under the influence, but you know what they say about hindsight. If convicted, she faces up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.
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Roxy Olin Tells Us, “I’m A Good Girl!"

If you’ve been watching The City each week as obsessively as we have, you know Roxy Olin comes off as a major mean girl and total diva! But backstage at the Dec. 1 finale of The City at MTV studios in NYC, Roxy wanted to set the record straight.
“I am a good girl. I don’t party at all,” confesses Roxy. Really? Because we have seen at nightclubs on the show! She also says, “At night, I pray before I go to bed!” Did Heidi Montag give you talking points?
As Whitney Port’s co-star, Roxy is always the one with the attitude — at work, and in life. But she says, “I think that on the show there are certain things that are perceived. You guys don’t get to see me and Whitney’s real relationship — we have a lot of fun!
Still, Roxy, you’re on TV! You may need to tone it down if you’re not happy with your mean girl image. ”I guess I need to work on being a little bit nicer. But I speak my mind and I will always speak my mind,” she says. OK, that is something we can get behind.
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I don't think she comes off as mean. I think she says what she feels which is pretty refreshing. I love Whit but she is very quiet and diplomatic and Roxy is always upbeat and well, ballsy (for lack of a better word.) I think she rounds out the cast perfectly.

Erin Kaplan's Reaction To “The City” Finale!

Even if you watched last weeks’s finale, you still have no idea what’s in store for the stars of MTV’s “The City” Erin Kaplan and Olivia Palermo. What a cliff-hanger! Both girls say they would “never quit” Elle magazine … but Erin throws down the law, giving editor Joe Zee the ultimatum, “it’s her or me.” So which will it be?
Erin wouldn’t say … but she e-mailed her reaction to us after the show’s finale, saying, “It was interesting.” And — ever the publicist! — she does want to clear one thing up about Joe’s near-mishap on the Today Show, after Olivia wasn’t prepared with information on the styles he was showing.
“I have to say (and they don’t show this obviously) that I came back into the studio and Joe and I went over EVERYTHING before he went on-air. The prices, brands, etc. He did a great job and a great segment.”
And what about the collection of Erin’s eye rolls that MTV played during the pre-show? Erin has a sense of humor about it. “The eye roll montage was awesome! I watched it about 30 seconds before going on and loved it. The show was so much fun.”
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Stephanie Pratt @ the 100 Women in Entertainment' cocktail party 12/3

credit - celebrity paradise via tfs

Stephanie tweeted about her hair: "I didn't dye it, I just put brown lo-lights in it so its like a mousy brown/dirty blonde combo"

Love the change. The color is perfect on her.

Steph comes on at 4:50