Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kristin Cavallari Leaving Boa Nightclub

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari outside Boa in Beverly Hills on Dec 11th.
What she wore:
Clutch: Kara Ross Mia Clutch
Shoes: Sergio Rossi
credit - tlfan, the vogue diaries, thanks for the heads up Ariana!
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Lo Bosworth Dishes On Life After 'The Hills' and Why She'll Never Do Another Reality Show

Here's an excerpt from a terrific interview The NYLA Report did with Lo Bosworth.
So, life after The Hills. How is it and have you stayed in touch with everyone?
Well, life after ‘The Hills’ is good, but definitely different in terms of my schedule and sort of how my weeks go, because obviously I went from filming all the time to not. It’s just like…not having that job anymore, which is how I viewed my role on the show. I live with Lauren [Conrad], so we are still very close, and I’m really close with Stephanie Pratt also, so those are the two girls I see many times a week and have continued with after the show.
Could you ever see yourself getting involved in another show?
You know, for me, it’s not so much about reality television. I’m not thinking about doing a show like that ever again, and that’s why I am transitioning into hosting. For me, my life long goal is to do some sort of talk show format, so that is what I’m kind of moving towards right now, but reality – never again! I don’t think I’m very good at reality TV honestly. I’ve never been that comfortable with putting myself out there on such a grand scale. You know what I mean?
So, I think I learned my lesson, and that lesson was the never do that sort of show again. [laughs]
I totally get it. Now, I think you are transitioning really well from being “that girl from The Hills” to a successful woman who is taking on some pretty cool projects. How does that feel?
You know, for me it’s really cool. Ever since graduation all of my friends went out and got jobs–you know the Monday to Friday ones–and for me, I felt a little bit left behind almost. Obviously, I am very very fortunate to be in the position that I am in, but its not at all about the fame – if anything, that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable – its more about the business side of it that is most exciting and most fulfilling to me. It’s closing deals and doing these projects that keep me moving every day. I realized that being on that show, [The Hills] I really had an amazing opportunity to do something bigger and better, and something that was on my terms. So, I wrote a book, I launched a lifestyle website, you know. I’m moving forward into some television stuff – I do have a new television project, but I can’t reveal to it to you what exactly it is yet, I’m hoping the network I am working will make the announcement by the end of the year [2010]. Basically, I am three for three on all of the things I wanted to accomplish after The Hills.
Your lifestyle site, The Lo Down , is amazing!
Oh, thank you!
You’re welcome! What inspired you to launch it, and how did the opportunity work out?
It was an idea that I came up with on my own. You know I have my book coming out in January, and in terms of timing I thought, well I better let people know that I have something to say before that G*d damn book comes out [laughs]. For me, I kind of wanted to give fans something that was Lo related after The Hills ended. I’m pretty proud of myself that I’ve been able to continue to this connection with fans of the show, and I also noticed that I have gained a whole new set of fans. I think people who initially thought the show was dumb, or whatever, have come across my site and realized that I’m normal, I have something to say, I have a personality – they view me as somebody that they might actually like.
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credit - Justin @ The NYLA Report
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Lauren Conrad: Leaving The Kate Somerville Spa

Spotted: Lauren Conrad leaving the Kate Somerville Spa in West Hollywood
credit - zimbio
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