Sunday, January 3, 2010

Whitney Port leaving Voyeur nightclub 1/2

Enjoying her time on the west coast before heading back to NYC for "The City" filming duties, Whitney Port was spotted at Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood on Saturday night (January 2).
Joined by a few gal pals, the MTV hottie laughed as the windy weather made a complete mess of her previously prettied-up hairdo.
The club outing followed an unsuccessful attempt to dine at Fabio's restaurant earlier in the night, as Whitney first tweeted, "Soooo excited to finally go to fabio's restaurant! I loved him on top chef!"
A short while later, Miss Port then wrote, "Just found out fabio no longer owns cafe firenze. Looks like we came all the way to moorpark for no reason! See you in hollywood fabio!"
credit - gossip center