Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Fan's Vlog of 'The Hills' The Hills Aftershow

Before you get too excited the interviews are not shown but it is fun to watch from a behind the scenes perspective.
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Adam Senn to appear in a movie?

Rumour: Adam will appear in the movie Magic City Memoirs due to be released in 2010. Click on his IMDB page.
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Lauren Conrad - 2 pics from an unidentified photoshoot

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Love these pics - she looks great!

Whitney Port at the Whitney Eve Afterparty 9/11

Whitney is pictured with Freddie Fackelmayer in the 4th photo. It was recently confirmed by Liz Gately that they ended their relationship. I wonder if Freddie was there to root her on or if there's a little more to the story? Jay Lyons also attended her show so that must have made for an interesting mix ;)
In the group shots Whitney is pictured with designer Mara Hoffman, and design duo Nicole and Christopher Kunz of Nicholas K.
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Erin Lucas at the Charlotte Ronson After Party 9/11

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Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt - moving from 'The Hills'?

They’re infamous for tipping off the paparazzi, so it’s no wonder Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted out yesterday (September 11) in Pacific Palisades, CA.
The hubby and wife stopped by a local café to grab lunch, and perhaps discuss their plans of a future home outside The Hills.
In Mr Pratt’s hand was a property listing for a ranch in Carpinteria at a listed price of $5,350,000. The most-hated reality TV couple must be doing well!
In other news, Heidi took to her Twitter page after hearing a freakish boom yesterday, saying, “wow did anyone else feel that blast? I just thought my house was going to collapse!!! my heart is still beating so fast!! Whooo.”
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Kristin Cavallari And Lo Bosworth at the After Show at MTV studios in Toront 9/11

On-screen pals Lo Bosworth and Kristin Cavallari were all smiles as they attended The Hills’ After Show program at the MTV studios in Toronto, ON last night (September 11).
For her part, Lo claims she’s a mediator, and counts Kristin as a friend. “I find myself kind of acting as a mediator between two different groups of people,” she told E! Online about her role on this season’s Hills. “I’ve known Kristin for years and she’s my friend. And then I have [Stephanie Pratt and Audrina] who are like, ‘Who is this girl? Why is she here?’”
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Olivia Palermo Olivia Palermo attends a celebration of 'The Rachel Zoe Project' hosted by Bing at The Standard 9/11

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I don't think this dress is doing her any favours!

Audrina Patridge's Real-Life Horror Show

Big week for Audrina Patridge—Sorority Row premiere, Maxim cover, live-tweeting with E! Online...a stalker scare?
In documents filed today in Los Angeles Superior Court, Patridge's lawyers requested an order of protection on behalf of the reality starlet and her roommate-brother, Mark, against a guy named Zachary Loering.
"I can confirm that Audrina Patridge filed a restraining order against an overzealous fan," her rep confirms to E! News. "Audrina and her family have no relationship with this person."
Court docs state that on Aug. 26, Patridge and her makeup artist sibling answered a knock at her front door to find Loring with a stack of poems, pictures and cards he had made for her—including one drawing of a woman being strangled, ominously scrawled with the future date, Sept. 15, 2009.
And it gets creepier.
Loring, 24, proceeded to offer Patridge a beer, telling her it was from his family's brewery and asking her to drink it in front of him. Patridge declined and shut the door, but three days later her surveillance cameras captured Loring camped out on her porch from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m., talking to himself throughout the footage, according to the court docs.
The following day, per the Patridges, the new scream-queen found Loring sitting on a wall on the side of her house, dressed to the nines in a suit and tie.
This time Audrina reported the incident, with police officers arresting Loring for outstanding warrants and trespassing. Loring, who was arrested in July on a switchblade-possession count, was released from jail a day later.
The 24-year-old Patridge "is in fear for her physical safety and emotional well being" and is so frightened, she hasn't been staying at her home or in Los Angeles County, the petition states.
The court granted a temporary order of protection, barring Loring from contacting, harassing, or trying to locate Patridge. He must be a minimum of 100 yards away at all times.
A hearing is scheduled on Sept. 30.
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