Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lauren Conrad: Parties, Skates & Reunites with a Laguna Beach Pal

The latest twit pics from one of our favorite 'Hills' girls.
"High school reunion with @T_reyphillips"
awww Love this! Trey was my favorite guy from Laguna Beach : )

"Ice skating at Bryant Park :-) Ahhh!"

"Happy Happy Birthday to @Hannah_Taylr !!"
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credit - Lauren's twitter
~Kelli at Hills Freak

Kristin Cavallari to be a Bridesmaid in Stacie 'The Bartender' Hall's Wedding

By Matthew Scott Donnelly
In the weeks leading up to the "Hills" series finale, it seemed no man was man enough to tame the likes of Kristin Cavallari or her partner-in-crime, Stacie The Bartender. Now, not only are both engaged to be married, but K-Cav will actually act as a bridesmaid to the gal who once got hit on by (a very taken) Spencer Pratt.
StarCam recently caught up with Stacie Hall and asked the former reality sidekick to bring them up to speed on her life since "The Hills." Apparently, she's a recent New York transplant, still drinks to excess and maintains a less-than-favorable opinion of Heidi Montag (who once called her a "homewrecker"). She also pointed out the new bling on her ring finger and offered up a bit of dating advice for those who want to get hitched: "Come home every night, and don't black out."
Surprised to hear that K-Cav and Stace have kept their friendship alive all this time? Check in with one of L.A.'s few brunettes above, and tell us what you think of Stacie The Bartender in 2011!
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credit - remotecontrol.mtv.com
~Kelli at Hills Freak