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'Hills' Stars React To Trailer For Show's Final Season

"The Hills" stars were treated to a sneak peek of a trailer for the final season of the show recently in Los Angeles. As Kristin Cavallari, Stephanie Pratt, Brody Jenner, Lo Bosworth and Audrina Patridge sat down to see just what was in store for fans when the show kicks off on April 27, they were surprised by some of the footage themselves.
The trailer not only reviews everything that has happened to the crew — including the show's former star Lauren Conrad — over the last five seasons, but also previews all the drama set to go down this season, including Heidi Montag's numerous plastic surgery procedures and Cavallari being confronted about her rumored drug problem. The trailer also leaves many fans wondering how the crew will find closure with each other before the show finally ends.
Once the trailer wrapped up Cavallari said, "It looks so good!," then adding to Bosworth, "You have the best one-liners."
Bosworth seemed to get a little teary-eyed watching the trailer, saying, "That was really good. I'm excited for this season."
Jenner seemed pleased, doling out high-fives to his friends with Patridge adding, "That was a lot of information!"
And Pratt, now Heidi's sister-in-law, reacted to some of the issues Heidi was dealing with in the trailer, including marital woes with her brother Spencer. "That was sad! I feel bad for Heidi!"
The cast recently discussed their feelings about the show wrapping for good. "It's sad! We've been together for so long," Patridge said. "I'm going to be 25 this year, so that's been my life for the last five years. And it's sad to let go of that, because it's something that I've become so used to, and it's so easy and natural. But at the same time, it's nice to graduate, and I'm ready to move on and do the next big thing."
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Lauren Conrad: Glamour May 2010 cover

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Kristin Cavallari and Sam Nazarian: Dunzo!

Sam Nazarian, Kristin Cavallari’s boyfriend, is getting kicked to the curb with some overpriced stilettos. Find out why here.
Just in the time for the final season of The Hills, the show’s new bad-girl is apparently on the outs with her boyfriend after reportedly finding out that he isn’t a one-woman man——what a convenient coincidence!
Rumors hit the web today that the reality star got a nasty surprise when she made an unplanned visit to her BF’s house last week. According to multiple outlets, Kristin was stopping by to pick up a ring she left at his place. She knew he was at work, but used her own key to let herself in.
A source claims that even though good ‘ole Sammy wasn’t there, a “striking brunette” was. So, did an epic fight to the death ensue? Not quite. Actually the same source says that they “bonded immediately.” Wha?!
Let me get this straight. She walked into her boyfriend’s house, found another chick there, then proceeded to have tea and scones with her?
Don’t get me wrong, it’s just as much his fault as it is the other girl’s, but that doesn’t sound like the Kristin Cavallari we’ve gotten to know on the show.
Anyway, according to reports the girls cooked up a plan to out Sam Nazarian and his cheating ways:
“…She called Sam from her phone but then she had the other girl talk to him, so he was so freaked out. He was expecting Kristin’s voice and then he got the voice of the girl he was cheating on her with!”
Now we’re made to believe that these two are officially done. The timing has me feeling a tad suspicious. After learning a while back that the show is mostly contrived, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that this is more of the same.
What do you think about the reports about the Sam Nazarian, Kristin Cavallari break-up? Publicity stunt or reality?
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The Hills Season 6 Trailer!!!!

If you are outside the US and having trouble viewing the video - try downloading the hotspot shield it will hide your location and you should be able to view it - fingers crossed.

Is Audrina Still Pining For Justin?

Audrina Patridge may have a new guy – singer Ryan Cabrera – but she was staring at her ex Justin Bobby during a recent night at L.A. nightspot Voyeur. "She was trying to act like she didn't care," an onlooker says. Patridge also busied herself with her phone, texting as she danced. Justin Bobby, meanwhile, was snuggling in a corner with Lindsay Lohan – and the two were doing some major flirting, the onlooker says.
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: We're Not Splitting Up

Don't believe the hype. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt tell PEOPLE they're happy together and that rumors of Montag leaving the couple's Pacific Palisades home are untrue.
"I'm not moving out," Montag, 23, says. "I love Spencer with all my heart." Adds Pratt, 26: "I love my wife more now than I ever thought I could."
Not that it's been totally smooth sailing of late. The couple's renowned ups and downs will continue to be chronicled in the sixth and final season of MTV's The Hills, premiering April 27.
Montag, who recently fired Pratt as her manager, even says the idea of divorcing came up, but now says, "I was being dramatic."
She adds: "All that we've been through has only made us work harder at our relationship and making it better. We've worked through things and will continue to work on our relationship so we're the best couple we can be. We want to fall more in love with each other every day."
The end of The Hills might help in that regard. "I'm so excited The Hills are finally over so I won't be edited by anyone," Montag says. "This will be the first time people can truly see us for who we are."
It's finally time to move on, says Montag. "The Hills has told the story of struggle and of finding myself in L.A., so it's time for me to hang up all the drama like fighting and divorce talk with Spencer and become the mogul I am," she says.
For now, Montag is continuing filming Just Go With It, alongside Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. "I'm so excited to be working with Jen," she says. "I've looked up to her my entire life – she's so sexy and funny and such an amazing business woman. I've always been 'Team Jen.'
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Lauren Conrad: Interview (video)

Lauren Conrad talks about her second book in the L.A. Candy Series, "Sweet Little Lies," her line for Kohls and her upcoming LA Candy movie

Heidi Montag Moves Out!

It seems that there’s trouble in the fairytale romance of
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: OK! has learned that the reality starlet has walked out on her husband after fewer than 18 months of marriage.
Things have been rocky between the pair recently, and Heidi even fired Spencer briefly as her manager two weeks ago.
But, according to sources, now it’s their personal relationship that’s breaking down.
It’s not yet clear what caused the split. But according to an insider, Heidi hates having to admit that her Spencer-loathing former best friend, Lauren Conrad, had a point about her blonde beau.
But adds the pal: “She was right, he is a selfish jerk.”
Another source close to the couple confirmed: “She’s moving out of her house and away from Spencer.”
Spencer is said to be living at the L.A. home alone, while Heidi is staying with friends.
MTV has not responded to OK!’s request for comment at this time.
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Audrina Patridge On ‘The Hills’ Final Season: ‘I Was Shocked’ To Hear The Show Was Ending (Video)

Audrina Patridge reacts at “The Hills” final season photo shoot to the news that Season 6 of the show is going to be its last. What can she reveal about what happens? Will Lauren Conrad come back? Plus, what does she think of Heidi Montag’s makeover?

Brody Jenner On ‘The Hills’ Final Season : ‘It’s Sad, But Time For Us To All Move On’ (video)

Brody Jenner talks with Access at “The Hills” final season photo shoot about when he found out that Season 6 was going to be the show’s last season. What are his plans after the show wraps? Plus, what did he think of Heidi Montag’s extreme makeover?
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Kristin Cavallari: On ‘The Hills’’ Final Season - ‘It’s Not Over Yet!’ (video)

Kristin Cavallari talks with Access about why she thinks MTV has decided to pull the plug on “The Hills.” What will she miss most about the show? Plus, how has she been dealing with the negative tabloid headlines?
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