Thursday, January 28, 2010

Who Wore It Better: Kristin Cavallari vs. Monique Coleman

This hot pink minidress by Naven Los Angeles is beyond adorable, so it's unsurprising that two stars have already been spotted out in it (with more to come, most likely).
High School Musical star Monique Coleman was first to wear the $420 silk party dress, donning it for the opening night of "STOMP" in Hollywood, California. She paired the bubble-hemmed dress with black pumps, glittering bangles, and a big smile.
On Wednesday, Kristin Cavallari rocked the dress with a pair of nude peep-toe platform pumps. She pulled her blonde hair back into a bun, which helped to show off the dress' structured shoulders (it comes with removable shoulder pads).
What do you think: who really worked this dress?
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Lauren Conrad switches thing up with new trainer Shaun Horner

Although we're not sure if Lauren Conrad has ditched trainer Jarret Del Bene for good, she is spending time with someone new. With the help of ModelBody trainer, Shaun Horner, Lauren's been changing up her fitness routine. Shaun has worked with other Hollywood notables like Jesse Metcalfe, using personal training sessions, supplements, seminars, and retreats to give his clients a complete body makeover.
When it comes to workouts, Lauren isn't getting off easy — "ouch" is the word she used to describe a recent two hour training session. As for the details, Shaun says he's taking Lauren's "body to the next level by incorporating customized superset resistance routines with high intensity interval training." The pair has been spotted lunging together at the swanky Sofitel LA gym and spa.
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Kristin Cavallari at the When in Rome Premiere in Hollywood 1/27

She’s always up for a good flick, and last night (January 27) Kristin Cavallari was spotted at the premiere of “When In Rome” in Los Angeles, California. The “Hills” babe looked super-hot as she pranced around outside the El Capitan Theatre in a hot pink dress teamed with a pair of beige and pink heels.
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Audrina Patridge & Brody Jenner Leaving Wonderland nightclub 1/27

Filming scenes for an upcoming episode of their hit MTV Reality show, Audrina Patridge and Brody Jenner were spotted at Wonderland nightclub last night (January 27).
The “Hills” hotties looked to be enjoying themselves as they made their exit, only to find a swarm of shutterbugs waiting for them.
In related news, Audrina recently offered up some pointers on how to buy a gift for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday.
She explained, “ “It’s all about the person you’re buying for. Some people really appreciate creativity, some people love brand-names and labels, others are looking for something sentimental.”
Adding that “you can never go wrong when you give us jewelry for Valentine’s Day,” the brunette beauty says that her perfect Cupid’s Day agenda includes a home-cooked meal, some cuddling and a good movie.
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Preview of Kell on Earth (2 videos)

Stephanie Pratt Leaving Anat B. 1/27

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Kristin Cavallari Reacts to Heidi Montag's Plastic Surgery (video)

Kristin Cavallari came out for the 'When in Rome' premiere and ET's Kevin Frazier got her talking about "The Hills" co-star Heidi Montag's 10 plastic surgery procedures. Read on to get her insight…
Though Kristin will see her in person for the first time post-surgery on Sunday, she admitted, "I've seen the pictures. Who are we to say what she can and can't do? We're not the ones that have to live in that body. If it makes her happy, then go ahead. It's not my body."
Both young women are 23 years of age and Kristin thinks "it's very young to be getting work done period; that amount of work. It's a lot."
Regardless of their differences in opinion, Kristin will continue to be a supportive friend. She said, "I've known Heidi since she was 18 and I've always thought she was beautiful, so it's hard for me to see this transformation that's taken place, but I love Heidi and she still has the same bubbly, sweet personality that I see."
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Lauren Conrad - New Ad for Mark

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What Would Audrina Patridge And Ryan Cabrera's Lovechild Look Like?!

You can't always believe what you read but Audrina's been rumored to be dating someone new: rocker (and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz ex) Ryan Cabrera.
We're waiting for Camp Audrina to confirm before we start coming up with Audrina's and Ryan's celebrity couple name (Cabrina!) or picturing what their babies would look like. 'Course, it never hurts to be prepared ...
Check out this just-in-case mock-up of Cabrina's lovechild! Congratulations, it's a ... mullet!
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Now that is just scary!
Am I the only one completely creeped out by Ryan? Ugh! I really hope none of these rumous are true...