Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lauren Conrad: twit pic

Lauren tweeted:
"Just another wednesday in the office..." and "On my way home from a photo shoot for my Kohls collection. In the middle of nowhere... Just drove past some lamas. Random."
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DVR Alert: Maxim Hot 100 2010 will be on E tonight!

Maxim Hot 100 2010 will be on E! tonight at 10pm EST. Kristin Stephanie and Audrina all made the list. I'm not sure how much each girl will be featured but I know Audrina filmed a beach volleyball segment for the show and I think Stephanie filmed a segment with them as well. Tune in or set those DVRs : )
Clich here for photos of Audrina after filming for Maxim

If you missed the show. check your local listings. It's repeating later tonight and probably in the next few days as well.
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Max Ritz Interview

What was it like to guest star on such a well known reality show?
It was fun, pretty relaxed actually. They film it all in live restaurants on normal nights, so that took a little getting used to.
Were you nervous?
I’ve never had aspirations of being in the industry nor do I watch/follow non-sports TV, so being around people who garner a lot of media attention in that way has never made me nervous. We had a big New Year’s Eve party in 08/09 at a restaurant in Hollywood where there were a lot of celebrities and media outlets, and the most jammed up I got all night was when Sean Morris and I literally bumped into Tony Parker. We opened the bathroom door right into him and he held his wrist like it was hurt. He was just messing with us but that would have been very serious…
Will there be a second date with Stephanie?
We’ve filmed a bunch of content, but I really don’t know what MTV will cut out or choose to include. We’re throwing a few LXM PRO beach parties this summer in LA which have been discussed for filming. But I wouldn’t exactly call those dates…
Don’t tell Scott we asked this but… does Lo actually like lacrosse?
Haha. Lo’s younger cousin plays lacrosse for a girls youth team in SoCal so she has known the sport for some time now; plus after being around all the LXM, Adrenaline and Starz fun I really don’t think you could dislike lacrosse.
Which dude from The Hills would make a good lax player? Who could embrace the culture the best?
Ha I’m not sure. Frankie used to talk a lot of trash about his lacrosse potential to Xander, Scott and me, so maybe he’d be OK. Culture is one thing, but I don’t think many guys in Hollywood can hang on the lacrosse field.
Quality point. Thanks for taking the time out, Max. We enjoyed watching the show last night. Best of luck with LXM!
Click here to read the interview in its entirety

For more on LXM PRO, check out their website and follow them on Twitter
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Olivia Palermo: Meat Packing Pretty

She’s always up for a swanky evening, and last night (May 25) Olivia Palermo was spotted out and about in New York City.
The “City” chick looked lovely as she posed for the paparazzi while strolling through the Meat Packing District of Mahnattan.
Olivia got all gussied up in a Mulberry dress, along with a pair of snazzy heels and a black purse as she made her way inside an industry event.
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Lo Bosworth: Long Hair vs Short Hair

We've long loved Lo Bosworth for her all-American girl look. Boasting sun-bleached hair, a subtle golden tan, and pearly white teeth; it's plain to see The Hills star has been living the good life out in LA.
Throught the show's six seasons we've seen Lo sport lovely long locks, which she often styled in both up and down 'dos'. But it seems the star felt in need of a change when this week she chopped her golden blonde hair to shoulder length.
What do you think - was it time for a change or do you prefer her long hair?
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Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby: Nothing Going On

Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby – the on-again off-again couple of The Hills – were definitely off recently while Patridge dated Ryan Cabrera.
Now, days after Patridge's split with the rocker, she was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport returning from a Costa Rican getaway with none other than Bobby.
So are these stormy exes ready for more motorcycle rides and another crack at things?
"Nothing is going on between Audrina and Justin," says a source. "She didn't even realize he would be in Costa Rica until she arrived."
Patridge, 25, instead spent the trip filming for The Hills and hanging with the girls. "She traveled and stayed with Stephanie Pratt during the trip and they had a great time surfing, hiking and enjoying the sounds of monkeys on the roof of their villa," says the source.
So can Justin Bobby work his way back into Patridge's newly single heart? Says the source: "He's just part of the show again now so she has to deal with him being where she is from time to time."
credit - People
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Kristin Cavallari: Out and About in West Hollywood

We spied Kristin Cavallari picking up bouquets of huge yellow sunflowers and pink and peach roses from Moe's Flowers in West Hollywood on Monday afternoon.
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Whitney Port Isn’t Quite Sure About Moving

At the Sex and the City 2 premiere last night, Whitney Port chided the Cut for
posting her apartment listing
earlier in the day. Well, the $7,000 per month rental was listed on Craigslist and picked up by other blogs before this one, after all. Is she not moving, then? “Uh, I’m possibly moving, so I guess, like, the Realtor put it up, and then you guys publicized it to everyone,” the star of The City said. But after Curbed linked to the listing, it was removed from Craigslist.
Port, who has been called the new Carrie Bradshaw, says she most identifies with that character of the Fab Four. "I think like most people, everyone has a little bit of all of them in them, but I feel like I can probably most characterize myself with Carrie. I don’t know exactly why, I just find our personalities to be the most similar," she said. "And I have a group of three other friends, and we’ve named ourselves, and I’m Carrie. I’ll be honest." Yet she was a late SATC bloomer. "I never was allowed to watch TV when it was on, so once I got to college and I had on-demand, I would have little marathons by myself. But I wasn’t actually allowed to watch it when it was on air," she explained. Was she wearing Whitney Eve last night? "No, I’m wearing Moschino tonight. I figured tonight was one of those nights I could wear something super special, and not something that I’ve been staring at in the making for the past year."
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Stephanie Pratt: heartbroken over strained relationship with Spencer

The Hills starlet says she’s heartbroken over her strained relationship with brother Spencer. Can you imagine not speaking to YOUR sibling?
The onscreen drama between Stephanie and Spencer Pratt (unlike most of The Hills) is 100% legit. The siblings are caught up in horrific family feud, and Stephanie tells us that losing her brother is the worst thing that’s ever happened to her!
“My brother not wanting me in his life [is the worst thing that’s happened to me in the past year],” the 24-year-old reality starlet told exclusively at E!’s 20th birthday bash in West Hollywood May 24. She added, “I don’t think it’s forever — it’s the brother/sister dynamic. You know, we get along, we don’t get along.”
As for whether she’s tried to make amends with Spencer, 26, who she has been feuding with after befriending his arch nemesis Lauren Conrad, Stephanie confided, “Oh, I’ve tried. I’m just going to be in my little waiting pod and let it happen.”
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The Hills - S6 | Ep. 5 | 'A New Bird'

For anyone outside the US, you will have to watch with a different browser.
I recommend: Hotspot Shield or Free VPN

Episode Summary:
Brody puts his friendship with Kristin on the line when he starts seeing another girl. Stephanie goes on a double date with Lo and her real life boyfriend Scott Hochstadt and Scott's lacrosse buddy Max Ritz. Ryan gives Audrina's friends another chance.

Check back - I'll post the episode as soon as it's available.
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The City - S2 | ‘Episode 5 | ‘The Belle Of Elle’

For anyone outside the US, you will have to watch with a different browser.
I recommend: Hotspot Shield or Free VPN

Episode Summary:
Whitney doesn't follow Kelly's advice and brings Roxy along to a Glamour magazine shoot, and it almost ends in disaster. Erin and Olivia compete to be featured in New York's biggest gossip column.

Check back - I'll post the episode as soon as it's available.
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