Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Max Ritz Interview

What was it like to guest star on such a well known reality show?
It was fun, pretty relaxed actually. They film it all in live restaurants on normal nights, so that took a little getting used to.
Were you nervous?
I’ve never had aspirations of being in the industry nor do I watch/follow non-sports TV, so being around people who garner a lot of media attention in that way has never made me nervous. We had a big New Year’s Eve party in 08/09 at a restaurant in Hollywood where there were a lot of celebrities and media outlets, and the most jammed up I got all night was when Sean Morris and I literally bumped into Tony Parker. We opened the bathroom door right into him and he held his wrist like it was hurt. He was just messing with us but that would have been very serious…
Will there be a second date with Stephanie?
We’ve filmed a bunch of content, but I really don’t know what MTV will cut out or choose to include. We’re throwing a few LXM PRO beach parties this summer in LA which have been discussed for filming. But I wouldn’t exactly call those dates…
Don’t tell Scott we asked this but… does Lo actually like lacrosse?
Haha. Lo’s younger cousin plays lacrosse for a girls youth team in SoCal so she has known the sport for some time now; plus after being around all the LXM, Adrenaline and Starz fun I really don’t think you could dislike lacrosse.
Which dude from The Hills would make a good lax player? Who could embrace the culture the best?
Ha I’m not sure. Frankie used to talk a lot of trash about his lacrosse potential to Xander, Scott and me, so maybe he’d be OK. Culture is one thing, but I don’t think many guys in Hollywood can hang on the lacrosse field.
Quality point. Thanks for taking the time out, Max. We enjoyed watching the show last night. Best of luck with LXM!
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credit - Lacrosse All Stars
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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