Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whitney Port Shares Her Makeup Secrets

It's hard not to notice that Whitney Port always looks effortlessly gorgeous—on and off the red-carpet. The StyleBistro gals are always itching to know the latest and best makeup beauty secrets, so we couldn't help ourselves when given the chance to ask Whitney herself how she always manages to look impeccaly radiant. We got her to spill the beans to us and we are exclusively sharing with you the top secret details of what is in her makeup bag!
For that perfect sun-kissed glow:
"There's a Tarte bronzer that I love and I use Nars Orgasm blush."
For the perfect smoky-eye look:
I use these CoverGirl smudge eye shadow pencils that are really easy to apply and really pretty. The pencil comes with 2 different colors on each end and you can play around with it. I choose the darker on the outer sides of my eyes and then a lighter color on the inside. I also use Fresh's supernova mascara.
Fashionable as she may be, it's comforting to know that this glamazon beauty also endured the growing pains of adolescence. She says,
"In high school I definitely had some acne…so I feel very lucky with my skin now."
So how does Whitney keep her skin looking naturally radiant? She lets us in on her secret:
"I use this line of products from The Finer Skin Institute in Santa Monica. I use everything from there; there is a cleanser, toner and moisturizer that I use religiously twice a day."
Whitney is a fan of the fresh-faced beauty look, preferring lighter products that are gentler on the skin. She advises against heavy foundation, saying
"I don't really use much foundation, but I use this foundation by Fresh called "High Noon Freshface Glow." It's like a tinted moisturizer and I mix that with one of my moisturizer and it gives me an even skin tone. Then I'll put on a little bit of Bare Minerals face powder that is really translucent and doesn't feel like you're caking on makeup."
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Kristin Cavallari: Out & About in Beverly Hills

Spotted: Kristin & a gal pal shopping in Beverly Hills on August 5th.
I have to say I think Kristin is handling things beautifully! By putting herself out there everyday the media is no longer gossiping about why her engagement ended, instead they're busy talking about how cute her latest dress is! I'm sure she's still having a tough time behind closed doors but kudos to her for keeping her head held high through it all. : )
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Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler Send Their Wedding Gifts Back

We think Countess LuAnn would be proud. This sounds like a very classy thing to do.
Since Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari will no longer be taking the big leap into marriage, all the gifts everyone sent them off their wedding registry have been taken back to the store. Yeah, some people would've kept them. Those people wouldn't have any more friends, but who needs friends when you've got a waffle iron from Crate and Barrel?
Anyway, the gifts were sent back and everyone who was gracious enough to buy something for the couple got a little note sent to them (above) explaining that they'll be getting their money back shortly.
Alls end that ends well - at least for their guests! Things are probably still a little a rough for Kristin and Jay though.
credit - Perez Hilton
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Whitney Port: "My personal style is pretty eclectic depending on my mood"

For most of us, the place we call home is part and parcel to defining our personal style. For Whitney Port, who spent the first 23 of her 26 years in Los Angeles, it's no big shock that SoCal's beachy vibe plays a key role both in Whitney's day-to-day sartorial choices and in her ready-to-wear designs for her line, Whitney Eve.
Famously, however, Whitney moved to New York in 2008 for her lead role in the reality series The City, which hinged on her highly coveted new job at that most New York of fashion houses: Diane von Furstenberg. Whitney says the city has become very much a part of her aesthetic, giving her a unique bicoastal look. She says,
My personal style is pretty eclectic depending on my mood. I think when I was living in New York, it was a bit more sophisticated and businesswoman-ish. Once I moved back to LA, it became more easygoing and comfortable. For the most part these days, it's all about comfort. When I have to get dressed up, I do. I feel like a pretty good mix of New York and LA.
To achieve just the right balance, Whitney mixes high-end pieces like her Burberry leather jacket, urban daywear by Alexander Wang and feminine styles from the likes of Rebecca Taylor and Philip Lim. She's also head-over-heels for her Genetic skinny jeans and Toga ankle boots which, she says, "I wear with everything."
Want to dress like Whitney Port? Then go get your shop on at Whitney's favorites, including Reformation and Shareen's in Los Angeles and Opening Ceremony in New York.
The photos are from August 5th - Whit was spotted leaving a nail salon with her sister Paige and another girlfriend.

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