Friday, October 21, 2011

Kristin Cavallari: Fashionable at LAX

Kristin Cavallari makes her way through LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) in fashionable style, wearing a leopard print scarf and her Chinese Laundry shoes.
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credit - zimbio
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Whitney Port Dishes on Her Reality Show Days & Being Single

Whitney Port Recently did an interview with Rosaleen McMeel at Stellar magazine. Below is an excerpt.
So, first things first, what was it really like filming The City and The Hills, were they scripted?
They weren't scripted at all. I was never given a script and I'm not an actress so I wouldn't be able to pull off all that stuff at all. But things definitely got dramatised in the editing room.
Once The City wrapped did you find it hard to adjust to life without the cameras following your every move?
At the beginning it was a little weird to wake up and know that I didn't need to worry about putting on makeup or brushing my hair. But now it's really nice to not have to worry about everything that comes out of my mouth.
Do you still talk to Lauren, Heidi and Audrina?
I don't talk to them on a regular basis, but I still chat to them when I see them out - it's really easy to run into people in Los Angeles! I also still care about them because we experienced something that not a lot of people go through so I appreciate their friendship.
You recently had your hair colored a subtle red, are you enjoying the new color?
It was a lot more red when I did it at first, but I still love it. It's fun being a different shade because when I was filming I could never change my hair color, they always wanted us to keep it the same so we looked the same all through the season. When I finished I just realized I can do what I want now.

You had so much grace on camera, where did you get that from?
I think I get it from my upbringing. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a family of love, and I also grew up in Los Angeles so I wasn't as phased by all the fame. I was always around that so it didn't really impress me. I never did the shows for the fame.
You worked for Diane Von Furstenberg, did she give you any advice?
Yes, she basically taught me to design for the everyday woman. I can't just think about how the models are going to look going down the runway, it's about the girls on the street and what they're going to feel confident in. I think that's her overall message - to empower women.
You're recently single, are you embracing your new independence?
I'm trying to. Of course, I mean there are moments where you really don't want to embrace it, and then there are moments when you're like, "Oh my God, yes, it's so much fun", but I'm trying as much as I can. It helps traveling and meeting new people and knowing that there's so much else out there.
Any tips on how to recover from a breakup?
Honestly, I would take tips right now if you have any. I think all you need is time. In the moment, when it happens, its like nothing could be worse. It feels almost like a death - not to trivialize death - but it does. You're with someone and all of a sudden they're out of your life. But time does heal and each day gets better. I think those moments when you think about the person it hits you deeply, but those moments happen less often as time goes by. If that makes any sense.
Enjoy the photos below of Whitney & her sister Paige leaving a salon in Beverly Hills on October 18, 2011.

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credit - Stellar Magazine, zimbio
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Kristin Cavallari Arrives at L'Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kristin Cavallari gives a smile and a wave as she arrives at L'Ermitage Beverly Hills Hotel.
credit - zimbio
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