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Lauren Conrad's 'Fame Game' Book Signing at Barnes & Noble in Southlake, TX

Lauren Conrad promoted her new bestseller 'The Fame Game' at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in Southlake, TX on Friday (April 20). She was wearing a white blouse with studded collar, a white short & matched it with a white headband.
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Olivia Palermo at the Charming Charlie Pop-Up Store in Soho

On Wednesday April 18, contemporary fashion accessories retailer Charming Charlie hosted a special pop-up preview of their first collection in Soho.
Olivia Palermo was amongst the famous fashionistas who popped in to view the fashion accessory collection and try on some of the brand’s stylish baubles. She ended up wearing two layered charming Charlie necklaces and mentioned that her go-to jewelry is a statement necklace, cuff and a cocktail ring.
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Lauren Conrad's 'Fame Game' Book Signing at BookPeople in Austin, Texas

Lauren Conrad signed copies of her new book, “The Fame Game,” at BookPeople on Thursday night, April 19. Miss Conrad sat down with The Daily Texan to discuss the book, a spin-off from her first trilogy, “L.A. Candy.”
The Daily Texan: I feel like you’re definitely perceived as one of Hollywood’s good girls, and in your new book, “The Fame Game,” you switch gears from the first trilogy and write from the bad girl’s point of view. What was that like?
Lauren Conrad: It was really fun actually. I think it’s like playing dress-up, you get to kind of be someone else for a little bit and you get to sort of imagine what it’s like to see things from an absolutely different perspective.
DT: What lessons did you learn from the first trilogy, “L.A. Candy,” “Sugar and Spice” and “Sweet Little Lies,” that you used with writing the next trilogy for “The Fame Game”?
Conrad: The entire “L.A. Candy” series was a learning experience for me, everything from just going through the whole writing process to sticking to a schedule to book touring. Just learning the whole deal was new for me, so I sort of feel like I know what to expect with the new books.

DT: Did you have to set certain deadlines for chapters to get it all done?
Conrad: Going into this, I had no idea how to do it, so the first book was definitely a struggle to schedule because I think a lot of times it wasn’t as much of a priority. It would be like I would have to write in my spare time, but now we learned that I have to schedule whole days dedicated to writing.
DT: Where do you get most of your writing done?
Conrad: (laughs) In bed.
DT: Like as you’re drinking coffee?
Conrad: No, usually just at night with a glass of wine. Oh, I’m worthless in the mornings.
DT: It seems like you’re always working on something new, but where do you find the motivation to work on so many things at one time?
Conrad: I think it’s so exciting to start something new and I’ve been lucky to work on so many things that I enjoy.

photo above: During the Q-&-A portion of Lauren’s book signing, a man proposed to her after having his question drawn randomly from a basket. And no, she did not say yes. ;)

DT: You’ve gone from being an intern to creating your own brands. What lessons did you learn as an intern that you carried with you to the top?
Conrad: I’ve had so many internships, gosh, I’ve worked in a showroom, at a magazine, in a PR office, but I think that you just learn so much about your industry. While the tasks I was doing as an intern weren’t necessarily important, I was being exposed to every aspect of the industry. I think I’m also much kinder to interns now.
DT: So your beauty blog, The Beauty Department, turned a year old today. Congratulations! How did that project start?
Conrad: I’ve been working with my hairstylist and makeup artist for probably five years now, and we’ve talked about starting it for a while. Both of them are so good at what they do and they just love beauty, so I think when you really love something you just want to share all of the things you’re learning. We wanted to create a community to discuss trends we love but also to teach people how to get looks.
DT: Do you have any upcoming projects that you’re working on?
Conrad: Right now I’m really focused on the second book of “The Fame Game.”

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Audrina Patridge Visits The Grove

Audrina Patridge was spotted at The Grove yesterday, April 19, filming a segment for “Extra” TV. Ms Patridge looked gorgeous in shorts and a black sleeveless top as she chatted with Mario Lopez about Bremenn Labs Beauty Products.
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