Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kristin Cavallari and her diva behavior on the 'Lopez Tonight' set

How long does it take you to get picture perfect ready?
Well, Kristin Cavallari took 15 minutes more than she should have, according to George Lopez, who had to delay his show, Lopez Tonight, because of her diva-like antics. The reality TV star held up last night's taping — where Taylor Lautner was a guest and had to leave so he wouldn't overshadow her — because she was taking her sweet ol' time getting makeup done, a source reveals to us.
While her glamor team put on the finishing touches, production crew members were visibly upset and George even called Kristin out on air!
The funnyman managed to sneak in a few slams, which totally ticked her off. “She was being a legitimate b-tch during the whole interview!” says our insider.
And, surprise surprise, she basically admitted that The Hills is scripted (what a shocker…not!) while George confessed he’s never watched — nor does he plan to see — an episode of the MTV show.
Kristin, we know makeup and hair can take some time but this kind of behavior isn’t helping your reputation!
credit — Russ Weakland @ Hollywood Life

The City’s Erin Kaplan Talks Elle, Joe Zee, and Friendship

While reality TV stars Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo try to make their way to the top on MTV’s most fashionable show, The City, Elle magazine’s head of publicity, Erin Kaplan, is already sitting at the top! As Olivia’s no-nonsense co-worker, Erin is seemingly all business, all the time. But she lets in on her more personal side. From friends, to fun, to even a hint of romance, check out with this blond ambition exclusively shared with us!
Are you and Elle Magazine editor Joe Zee great friends in real life? What was it like when he hired Olivia?
You see us go back and forth a lot on the show, but we really are friends and rarely (if ever) disagree in real life. Joe and I get along really well and have worked closely together for a few years now. To say that I enjoy working with him would be an understatement.
When you watch yourself on The City is there anything about yourself that you don’t like?
I find it really hard to watch myself! I kind of skim the screener so that I can understand the storyline and then that’s it–I could never watch the episode in real time. I try not to take it too seriously and remember that it’s a television show that’s meant to entertain. I understand that it’s more interesting to see people feuding than getting along, so I just try to take it all with a grain of salt.
Will we see a romance in your story line any time soon?
I think filming can be awkward at times, and first dates in general can definitely be awkward so there’s huge potential for disaster there… I would like to say no, but we’ll see.
Are you friends with Whitney or Roxy or any other cast members behind the scenes?
It would be difficult not to be friends with Whitney and Roxy. We’ve really gotten along well since the get-go and I consider myself pretty lucky to work with them. I also really adore Kelly [Cutrone].
Who is your favorite designer and why? I just discovered Haute Hippie which I’m obsessed with. It’s a lot of sophisticated basics that fit really well.
Do you see a “life after Elle?” What is your dream job?
You don’t get to see a lot of what I really do on the show, but I have an amazing job and I’m really happy–so for now my focus is on the magazine.
What does it take to make it in the cut throat fashion industry and who on the show has the most potential to be big?
I think that in any industry you just have to love what you do and have a passion for it–that will keep you motivated and productive. MTV did an incredible job of casting four completely different personalities that are all trying to accomplish totally different things. I honestly think that each girl is going to be successful in her own way.
credit - Hollywood Life

Whitney Port leaving Voyeur nightclub in West Hollywood 11/25

credit - celeb city

Lo Bosworth and Frankie Delgado talk about their Thanksgiving Plans (video)

Tune in at 1:19 for Stephanie
(and again very briefly at the very end of the video)
Tune in at 2:10 for Frankie and Lo

Jayde Nicole Puts Brody Jenner on Probation

If you want to have Jayde Nicole over for dinner, you’d better not schedule it on a Tuesday because she’ll be glued to her TV watching The Hills — without Brody Jenner.
According to a source, Shrine restaurant and club at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas offered to have Jayde over for dinner, but she declined. Apparently, she wanted to stay in her room so she could watch The Hills.
“She was laughing hysterically at it and saying that they cut it to make her look like a total bitch,” a source tells OK!, adding, “Our intern was talking to her later and she said that Doug Reinhardt was a really good guy, but that he’d turned into a horrible human being since he started dating Paris.”
But Doug wasn’t the only one in the doghouse that night, Brody was put there as well.
“She said that Brody is on probation,” the source added. “He was texting and calling her the whole night, but she only replied once to say, ‘You’re on probation’.”
Wonder what he was on probation for and if he ever got off.
credit - OK Magazine

Stephanie Pratt - 5th Annual Thanksgiving Meal for the Homeless in Los Angeles 11/25

credit - celeb city

Kristin Cavallari filming a skit for 'Lopez Tonight'

credit - Celeb City

Kristin will be on TONIGHT!
Check your local guides for the time and channel.

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