Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Audrina Patridge at NylonMagazineTV: Interview and behind the scenes photoshoot (video)

This is the outfit Audrina called her "biggest fashion faux moment."
She looks gorgeous in the video. I think this is my favourite photo shoot of hers.
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Kristin Cavallari will be on Bonnie Hunt and Jimmy Kimmel Thursday 10/15

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Get the Look: Lauren Conrad in Leather

Lauren Conrad paired soft chiffon with a leather mini and studded bag at an event recently. Steal her style without breaking the bank with picks from Marciano, Urban Outfitters, Club Pashmina, Sephora, Baghaus, and Shoe Warehouse.
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The City | Ep. 16 | 'It's All Who You Know' recap and photos

Elle PR director Erin meets with creative director Joe to discuss the upcoming Fall A-Z project and admits that she is worried about working with Olivia again.
She says that every time Olivia messes up she has to pick up the pieces on top of her real job.
Joe suggests that she "doesn't bail her out in the future" but Erin says she has to because people are relying on her.

He says that he appreciates her concerns but insists that he is confident Olivia will succeed in her next challenge. However, he concedes that if she fails again it might mean that "her future is not at Elle".
Erin takes Olivia to the Badgley Mischka showroom to look at accessories. She explains that the Fall A-Z issue will have a different accessory for every letter of the alphabet and that Olivia is basically on her own at finding the 26 pieces.

Over at People's Revolution, Whitney plucks up the courage to show her clothes sketches to boss Kelly, who is impressed by the quality of the drawings. However, she makes some suggestions about how she can improve. She adds that a Spring 2010 collection should have 26 to 31 good pieces, which worries Whitney because she only has 15 designs.
Whitney later meets Roxy and Samantha for lunch to tell them about her meeting with Kelly. Roxy suggests that Samantha, an assistant buyer, organize a meeting between her boss at Bergdorf Goodman and Whitney to discuss the sketches.

Whitney admits that she is scared of rejection but Roxy insists that it is a good idea and that the worse case scenario is Samantha's boss won't like her designs.
Elsewhere, Olivia continues to visit showrooms to scout accessories for the Fall A-Z segment. At the Rachel Roy Showroom, the designer asks how she is fitting in at the magazine and Olivia admits that it has its "ups and downs".

"I'm a believer in always helping people when they are new," she explains. "To opening up and giving them a chance to adjust, but that isn't always the case in my life."
Whitney arrives at Bergdorf Goodman for her meeting with Samantha's boss Sunni. Sunni says that she receives lots of calls from designers and usually prefers that they submit photos or a lookbook instead of drawings. She tells Whitney she has potential but there is "still a lot of work to do".
The next day, Kelly calls Whitney into her office and says that she got a call from Bergdorf Goodman. Whitney explains that she wasn't trying to go behind her back and she only went to meeting because Roxy had suggested it might be a good idea.

Kelly replies: "It's always really good to take advice from a chick from California that has been in New York for three weeks and knows f**k all. That's always a great way to start your fashion career."
Whitney thinks that she had nothing to lose but Kelly says that "nobody in their right mind" would ever take unfinished drawings to Bergdorf Goodman. She adds that it's not a smart idea to listen to Roxy because she doesn't seem to always have Whitney's best interests in mind.

Back at Elle, Joe and Erin look at the photographs for the Victoria Beckham cover issue. Erin again voices doubts about Olivia and Joe agrees that she must produce some "incredible" ideas for the Fall A-Z segment. He adds: "I'm not going to pussyfoot this with her at all... if she comes in here with nothing, there will be a major problem."

Olivia arrives for the meeting with examples from various designers. She recounts the pieces that she saw and suggests a tribal theme could be big in the future. Erin is unsure about the pricing of one of the items but Joe is impressed by what she has done. He later tells Erin: "The girl's a star, I told you that."
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Brody Jenner Vs The Kardashians!

Resentment Is Bubbling at Chez Jenner According To His GF...
Last month Brody Jenner told MTV the reason he didn’t make his stepsister Khloe Kardashian’s wedding was because of prior ‘Hills’ promo commitments.
However, it’s emerged that the 26-year-old wasn’t at the church in his best hat, throwing fistfuls of confetti for a different reason – there’s currently a massive rift between him and the curvy Kardashian sisters.
According to Brody’s pneumatic Playboy missus, Jayde Nicole, ‘The Hills’ lad is supremely pissed off with the girls for remaining friends with Girls Gone Wild creator - and Jayde Nicole beater - Joe Francis.
Jayde told "Brody was at the very beginning pretty upset that his family was still hanging out with him…But it's not his mom or his blood, they're stepsisters and he can't really fight what’s going on.
“So he's just upset by it. He's dealing with it. But I’m upset for him.”
So Khloe can forget about that toaster on the wedding list she wanted – seems Brody won’t be going anywhere near her and new hubby Lamar Odom for a while.
Meanwhile, the fallout from Francis’s assault on Jayde Nicole is still bubbling.
New video footage of the incident, which broke out in an LA nightclub in August, shows Jayde tipping a drink over Francis’s head and him responding by grabbing her hair and dragging her across the floor. Nice.
The case is now in the hand of lawyers...
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Olivia Palermo at the Blumarine Bellissima perfume launch 10/13

Does Olivia Palermo ever get it wrong? This outfit is not only bang on-trend but it also looks really original and effortlessly put together. We love her striped jumper dress teamed with her nude boyfriend blazer and neon oversized clutch for a statement-making contrast.
The blazer is Top Shop's Premium Satin Longline Blazer
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Lauren Lo Bosworth @ Star Magazine 5th Anniversary Party 10/13

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Lo tweeted this afternoon: "just saw pics from party last night. what the F is wrong with my hair? my outfit? dont you hate it when the look u love looks like poo haha"

Would Lauren Conrad Come back to 'The Hills?': "No! No, no, no! Done!”

Though there may be rumors swirling about regarding a possible return to “The Hills” for Lauren Conrad, she insists it will never happen.
When asked if she would ever consider reprising her reality TV role, LC emphatically replied, “No! No, no, no! Done!”
If it were up to Brody Jenner, Miss Conrad would be back on the show in no time. "I love Lauren to death. She's been on 'The Hills' forever. Of course, you love to film with old castmates, especially Lauren. She's a great person. I'd love to see her back on it."
And though Lauren vows never to return, she said she hopes the best for the show. "To be honest, I hope it does really well, because MTV did so much for me. I always want [MTV and 'The Hills'] to do well, but personally, it's hard to watch it and be entertained when you were involved with it for so long. Because you're kind of ... all in your head [about what's happening]."
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The Hills (Season 5) | Ep. 13 'Strike One' recap and photos from the episode

Everyone is preparing for Brody's 26th birthday. Kristin goes to the sex shop and picks out some whips and chains. She tells her friend that Brody was "vanilla in bed".
Later, Kristin watches Justin surf on the beach and tells him he's "looking good". She flirts and offers him a glass of wine. He says it's a bit early. She says she wants two more star tattoos on her foot. Justin responds: "What, do you think you're a galaxy?" (hilarious!) She asks him to go to Brody's party with her.

At Reece's, Audrina says she's ready to go out again after breaking up with Justin. She mentions Justin's friend Derek, who "is so hot". Audrina says she wants to go on a lunch date with him - but is it just revenge?
At Brody's birthday party, Brody's mom Lynda greets the guests. Jayde asks if Justin's coming, prompting rumours that Justin and Kristin have started dating. Brody's arrival calms everyone. He gets out of his car in shock. Referring to Jayde, he says: "I told her no surprises! Are you kidding me?! I'm in shock."

The party continues with water games until Frankie hits Kristin in the face with a water balloon, bringing the water fight to an abrupt end. Kristin's gutted because Justin still hasn't arrived. Jayde and Brody discuss sex toys, and he puts on the collar and gets out the whip Kristin bought for him. Jayde gets annoyed because Brody wants to carry on partying and storms off.
At Audrina's house, Derek arrives and drives her to lunch. Audrina tells Derek that Justin always thought that something was going on between them. After a brief chat about her ex, she says she doesn't want to talk about Justin because she'd rather have lunch with Derek.

Spencer confides in Charlie over a game of gold, telling him that Heidi wants kids, but he's not sure. "I never would have got married if I thought straight away afterwards we'd have kids. I never thought I'd have a wife and a wife who wants to have kids before they're 30. Most girls want to keep their tight bodies."
The after party at Kristin's gets under way, and Brody admits that he and Jayde have fallen out. "I'd love her to come here but she got upset. She didn't wanna come here. I love her to death. Love is a horrible, horrible thing when it goes wrong. This is the kind of thing that ends a relationship."

Heidi and Spencer have dinner and she presses him to talk about having kids. "At my age, my mom had a kid and one on the way." He responds, "I never want to have kids", but she informs him, "Yes you do, you just don't know it yet".
Audrina tells Stephanie about her date with Derek. "He's funny and good looking. He's really nice", and she's happy when she hears Justin blew Kristin out at Brody's party.

Kristin nurses a hangover at her house and says she thinks Jayde hates her because she's close to Brody's mom. She also reckons that she won't put up with Justin's crap the same way that Audrina did.
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Click here to watch Jayde Nicole discuss this week's episode on 'The After Show'