Sunday, August 8, 2010

Audrina Patridge: Bayfront Magazine Girl

Audrina will be featured in the premiere September issue of Bayfront Magazine, South Florida’s new source for fashion, current events, relationship advice, entertainment news, and beauty tips from experts in the industry. She covers the new issue in a sexy black cap sleeve dress.
Bayfront Magazine launches their inaugural Fall issue on September 10th, 2010.
Check out this except from their exclusive interview with Audrina:
BM: In regards to your career who would you consider to be a role model to you?
AP: I really love Mila Kunis-She is funny, beautiful and she takes on a variety of roles
BM: What’s your favorite vacation spot?
AP: I love Cabo San Lucas! When I’m there it’s the perfect mixture of rest, relaxation and fun!
BM: What do you carry in your make up bag?
AP: I used to have a HUGE purse, and I could never find what I needed in there. I switched to a tiny chain wallet from Chanel, and now the only things I can fit in there are my BlackBerry, lipgloss, cash and credit cards, and maybe my camera.

Olivia Palermo: "The Big C" Screening

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl attend the Showtime with The Cinema Society screening of "The Big C" at the private home of Donna Karan on August 7, 2010 in East Hampton, New York.

credit - zimbio, Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty
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Brody Jenner Shaves an A on the side of his Head! A for Avril!

Spotted: Brody and Avril arriving at La Brea Studios and then out to lunch at the Sunset Marquis Hotel with Brody's Mom, Linda Thompson.

I thought the mohawk looked ridiculous but this takes the cake!
What do you think of Brody's new do?
credit - zimbio, tlfan
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Lauren Conrad: Hurley Girl

Few more photos of Lauren at Hurley's Walk the Walk Fashion show
credit - Lauren Brown flickr,
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Jayde Nicole Dishes on Her New E! Show, 'The Hills' Drama, and Dating Brody Jenner

Hugh Hefner's Playboy reality show franchise is set to grow again in August, with the debut of a 'The Girls Next Door' spin-off called 'The Girls Next Door: Bunny House.' Among the cast-members will be Jayde Nicole, a familiar face to anyone who has been following the soap opera of contemporary L.A. life as it has played out on the small screen.
Nicole, who was named Playboy's Playmate of the Year in 2008, has appeared on 'The Girls Next Door,' 'The Hills' and her then-boyfriend Brody Jenner's reality series, 'Bromance.' She also received some unwanted attention in the gossip press over a bizarre incident last summer, when she was roughed up at a nightclub by 'Girls Gone Wild' impresario Joe Francis. Nicole spoke to PopEater about clothes, guys, and the pressures of living her life on reality TV.
"Being on 'The Hills' was really stressful," says Nicole over the telephone from Los Angeles, with her longhair teacup chihuahua, Pumpkin, audible in the background.
On our new show, 'Bunny House,' they let you be your true personality and it's a lot more fun. 'The Hills' was a lot more drama, they were always trying to create drama and there was a lot more guidance on where you were supposed to go and what you were supposed to say," she said.
Nicole will share the screen with fellow-bunnies Crystal Harris, Hope Dworaczyk, Jamie Edmondson, Crustal McCahill and one aspiring Playmate, Claire Sinclair. She promises lots of bikini parties and of course, the bunnies' inimitable wardrobe.
"A Playmate's style is a very sexy look, of course, but it's also very classy and girly and kind of cutesie," Nicole says. " A jeans cut-off short with a bight-colored tank-top is something that I always do. I wear a ton of Bebe, Bebe is like my go-to for fun, summer white dresses and anything cute. And Marciano I wear a lot of, but my favorite store is Forever 21. I'm wearing it right now! You can get shorts, a top and shoes for like 20 bucks."
But life in front of the lens is not the non-stop party that it might appear to be. Even Nicole's much-publicized relationship with quintessential reality hunk Brody Jenner also had a down-side, she says.
"We're really good friends now--surprisingly enough," Nicole says with a giggle. "I definitely thought at the beginning that we would have turned out to be enemies. But we still keep in touch, and things are good."
So what was it like dating such a heart-throb?
"Looks are not everything, and he definitely is a sweetheart but it's a lot to take on to date someone like that," she says. "When someone's life has been on reality television for the majority of their life, it's a whole different type of relationship than you're used to [such as] dating a normal guy from your high school. It's a really big learning experience and it's not as fun and dreamy as people think it is."
Her current boyfriend, nightclub entrepreneur Jesse Waits, is slated to appear in the pilot--edits permitting--along with Pumpkin.
"Jesse is awesome, he's really sweet, and he treats me like a princess," she said over the phone. "In fact he's sitting next to me now."
Waits declined to speak with PopEater because, Nicole explained, "he's shy." Something tells us he might not know what he's getting into.
"The Girls Next Door: Bunny House" will premiere on E! August 8.
credit - Ben Widdicombe @ PopEater
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Stephanie Pratt's Kitchen

credit - Heather Weiss
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Bruce Jenner On Brody and Avril

Bruce Jenner doesn’t always understand why his family members make the decisions they do, but no matter what, he tries to support them! So when his son Brody Jenner decided to get his girlfriend Avril Lavigne’s named tattooed on him, Bruce tells OK!, “I’m going okay, whatever.”
Now that Brody is done with The Hills, Bruce has been able to spend more time with him and his new girl, Avril.
“Yes, I have gotten to meet her. Brody seems to be very happy,” he tells OK!. “Brody, actually, interestingly enough, over the last month I’ve seen him more than I have over the last year because he got into golf. Yes! I took him out about a month ago. I said, ‘Come on Brody you’ve got to play golf.’”
“And now he’s got a little more time now that The Hills is over and he’s looking for other things to do,” Bruce explains to OK!. “He got out there that day and he absolutely stunk. His brother Brandon beat him badly. He was just struggling with it. And he said, ‘I’ve got to learn this game.’ So he went out and bought himself a set of clubs and we played again three weeks later and he was a hundred times better.”
And while the boys are bonding over golf, Bruce still has a hard time understanding why his family members keep tattooing their girlfriend’s names on them.
“He does have an Avril tattoo,” Bruce confirmed to OK!. “Yeah, like Robert [Kardashian] had a, what’s her name? Adrienne Bailon.”
“I guess that’s what these kids do. I’m going, okay, whatever. It’s very thin,” he laughed. “He seems to be very happy. She seems to be a very nice girl. They seem to be very happy together.
“Where it goes?” Bruce added. “I don’t know, but they seem happy.”
credit - OK!
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