Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kristin Cavillari loves The Neil George Salon 9/23

Out for an afternoon pampering session, Kristin Cavallari ventured over to a West Hollywood salon on Wednesday (September 23).
During the beauty outing,Kristin plopped down in a chair and picked up a celebrity magazine as she was tended to by a staffer - leaving the shop in a pair of yellow flip-flops upon finishing her pedi session.
Meanwhile, Miss Cavallari recently chatted with Dan Levy about her regrets of introducing Heidi and Spencer Pratt (aka Speidi).
She tells, "I want to apologize to everybody, I had no idea what it would turn into."
The publicity outing comes just ahead of the season six premiere of "The Hills" next Tuesday (September 29) at 10PM on MTV.
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Combined Promo for 'The Hills' and 'The City'

Whitney Port will be on Regis and Kelly Tommorow, Thursday 9/24

Thursday, September 24, 2009
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star Laurence Fishburne speaks with Regis and Kelly, and from MTVs reality show 'The City', Whitney Port visits.
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Audrina Patridge: "Filming 'The Hills' at Breadbar 9/23

Keeping up a busy schedule, Audrina Patridge was spotted making her way around town on Wednesday afternoon (September 23).
Dressed casually in a white top with jeans, the MTV beauty first grabbed up lunch at Breadbar in West Hollywood before hitting up a studio in Santa Monica.
As of late, Miss Patridge has been finishing up work on the sixth season of "The Hills," which premieres on MTV on September 29th.
Ready to start her very own show, Audrina previously told press: “I’m almost done with ‘The Hills’ - we’re in the middle of finishing these episodes, and I’ll be leaving then.”
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Whitney Port - twit pic

Whitney tweeted 45 minues ago: "confession... i am a compulsive Orbit gum chewer "

Kristin Cavallari leaving Boa 9/22

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'Hills' Parents Alert: Lauren Conrad with her Mom and Audrina Patridge posing with her Mom & Dad

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Olivia Palermo on Good Day NY (video)

Lo Bosworth - Black & White Close-up

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Erin Lucas: Walk Yourself Thinner

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Erin tweeted about the cover: "Please don't take this seriously- obviously I didn't! Just a bit of fun :)"

Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port all made Life & Style's '10 Best Dressed at the VMA's' List

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Spencer Pratt: 'I Already Set My TiVo' For 'The Hills'

Spencer Pratt cannot wait until September 29 for the debut of new episodes of "The Hills" — turns out he is eagerly anticipating the return of Kristin Cavallari to the world of reality TV. She's what he describes as "one of the most entertaining people to be put behind a camera lens."
"I am so ecstatic. Everyone knows she just outshines," he said recently of Cavallari. "I'm more of a team player than people. Everybody else likes to be self-center players. I like when there's a team — it makes me want to watch it. I already set my TiVo."
And what's with the cowboy hat Pratt is sporting recently? It seems wife Heidi's dad Cowboy Bill is to blame. "Well, it was because my new father-in-law gave it to me, and he gave it to me with such a serious speech connected to it [about] how much it truly meant to him and his life and everything," Pratt explained. "He even kind of hinted at how cool it would be to see it on the show for all his cowboy friends back in Colorado."
Pratt even got serious for a moment, saying, "For me it wasn't really more a fashion statement — it was more something for my father-in-law."
Spencer was careful when it came to commenting on Heidi's baby fever though. "It's just mind-boggling to me. I don't even like to give it air," he explained. "Everything I say I talk into reality, so I'm not trying to talk this into reality."
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Stephanie Pratt will be on 'The Tyra Show' this Friday, 9/25

Tune-in this Friday, September 25, to Tyra when Stephanie Pratt gets candid about her battle with bulimia.
In an exclusive interview with the talk-show host, the actress opens up about her struggle with bulimia including the pressure in Hollywood to stay thin, whether or not she engaged in the eating disorder while on the set of her hit MTV show, and how she finally decided to stop.
Stephanie will also be featured on the cover of this week’s Us magazine as she further addresses her eating disorder.
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Stating the Obvious: Stephanie Pratt Says Spencer Has ADHD

The countdown to The Hills Season Premiere next Tuesday is on as we are only a week away. Stephanie Pratt was just on The Wendy Williams Show today, doing a little PR for the show, and she had some things to say about Heidi and more about Spencer.
Apparently, we’ll find out that Heidi and Stephanie will get into a little tiff this season at some point, as Stephanie mentions that Heidi doesn’t invite her to her birthday. It’s always a birthday on that show, isn’t it? Anyway, generally speaking though, they still get along and she says that Heidi is the best thing that happened to Spencer…for one main reason. Spencer has really bad ADHD.
Stephanie goes on to explain that as they were growing up, Spencer would be like, “I’m a scuba diver, I’m a baseball player, I’m a soccer player…and it was always something.” Yeah, now he’s like, “I’m a reality star, I’m a rapper, I’m king of the jungle, I’m a superstar, I’m god…” I think he has ADHD and EGO!
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'The City's' - Olivia Palermo, Roxy Olin, Erin Kaplan and Samantha Swetra: bios and pics

Olivia Palermo is as cunning as she is beautiful. Not long after she got a promotion at Diane von Furstenberg, she connected with her old friend Joe Zee to score a job at ELLE Magazine in the accessories department.
Olivia was thrilled to leverage her social status and relationships for the position, but nothing could have prepared her for ELLE's Director of PR, Erin Kaplan.
She's got Joe Zee's vote of confidence, but under Erin's whip-smart, discerning eye, Olivia will have to prove that her verve for fashion goes deeper than loving to shop.

At 26, Erin is ELLE Magazine's youngest ever Director of Public Relations. She's done huge things for the magazine, and in the process has garnered Creative Director Joe Zee's highest esteem.
She's now faced with her biggest challenge to date: Olivia Palermo. To Erin, Olivia has the wrong experience and a bad attitude. But to Joe, she is a fashion maven with a strong eye and valuable relationships.
Tasked with working closely with Olivia, Erin's challenge is to prove to Joe Zee that Olivia is not a worthy employee, while he continues to believe in her abilities.

Samantha has emerged as Whitney's close friend and confidante. She is a real working girl, an Assistant Buyer for Bergdorf Goodman. Her other full time job? Partying. She's recently single and on a manhunt. But as with most things, Roxy has a thing or two to say about Samantha's taste in men and her partying ways.

Roxy and Whitney were friends in high school, as much as complete opposites can ever be friends. But while Whitney stuck to the straight & narrow, Roxy was a wild child. Now Roxy is making a big move toward a fresh start in NYC.
People have always called Roxy a bitch, but she thinks she's just a straight shooter, never afraid to say what's on her mind.
Thanks to Whitney, she's got a job at People's Revolution and a place to live. Roxy may have a knack for bringing Whitney out of her shell, but she can also be overbearing. Whether it's one-upping her at work with Kelly Cutrone, or throwing an out of control party at her apartment, Roxy is going to keep Whitney on her toes.

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