Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olivia Palermo: Burberry Prorsum LFW

Olivia wore a jecket from the Tibi A/W 2010 collection to the London Fashion Week presentation of Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter collection.

Spencer Pratt Addicted To Crystal!

It seems Spencer Pratt is taking his new lifestyle very seriously in trying to find enlightenment and become a better person spiritually.
In fact, he's even been spotted around with his favorite little rock.
Spencer claims he's addicted to crystal. Seriously. Says Pratt:
“I am so addicted to crystals, it’s like a sickness. I’ve spent $500,000 on crystals this year. I checked my bank account last night, and I have $203 left.” Looks like someone needs to go to crystal rehab?
He goes on to reveal that during Valentine's Day, he and Heidi "hung out with our puppies and cuddled with our crystal. It’s supposed to bring love. There’s a whole science to this — I’m not crazy.”
And yes, while many believe in the power of crystals to heal and relax, spending a supposed half a million on one is a bit crazy.
One informed insider reveals:
“Certain crystals are associated with different types of energy. Just by holding them, you’re taking in that energy of that particular crystal."
And as for spending $500k, he adds:
“That doesn’t sound right to me. Most of our crystals range from $1 to $100.”
Sounds like Spencer either got ripped off or he's got one magical crystal.
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Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt: Personal Photos from Floria

Audrina blogged:
Here's the second half of the photos we took from my weekend in Florida... wow! It feels like that was ages ago! Time flies when you're having fun!! Has that ever happened to you? I feel like it happens to me all the time! Everything just goes by like a flash! I need to take more pictures to remember it all! I have a few friends that take pics all the time! That's a good habit to pick up.
In your group of friends are you the photographer? Or are you forgetful like me ;)
xoxo Audrina

Heidi Montag Designing Clothing For Her New Body

Continuing her aesthetic overhaul, Heidi Montag, who famously underwent ten plastic surgery procedures in one day to become what she calls “the new me,” has also tapped into her inner-fashion designer. The reality star packed four dresses of her own creation for her trip to Las Vegas last weekend, where she co-hosted Pure nightclub’s Valentine’s Day bash with husband Spencer Pratt. On the red carpet, the 23 year-old opted for a body-hugging, fuchsia dress. “Pink is a color full of love and it’s so vibrant and beautiful–and it was, of course, very festive,” she tells PEOPLE. “It was exactly what I wanted to wear for my new body. I’ve never felt sexier or more confident in my life. It was revealing but still kept something to the imagination. It hugged all my curves perfectly.” As for where she finds inspiration, Montag says, “Most of my inspiration comes from old movies and I have tons of books on old Hollywood. I just love the magnificence of that time–the sequins, the sexiness. I want to capture the true luster of Hollywood in all my designs.” Montag also professes her admiration for designers like Coco Chanel (“so classic and timeless”) and Dolce & Gabbana (“They have such a sexy shape and have women looking their best in every silhouette,” she says). Expect more Montag-made clothing to surface: “This is just the beginning. I’d really love to eventually wear mostly my only designs. And I really would love to do a low end line [for my] fans and it can be really accessible and then a one of a kind couture line to really showcase my creativity.” But just around the corner? “Look out for my bikini line this summer!”

Lisa Rinna apologizes to Heidi Montag over surgery comments

Actress Lisa Rinna has apologized to Heidi Montag after insisting she wouldn't allow her young daughters to look at images of the cosmetically overhauled "The Hills" star.
Montag shocked fans after unveiling a completely new look following a string of surgical procedures, including work on her nose, chin, ears, eyebrows, cheeks and breasts.
When former "Melrose Place" actress Rinna was asked her opinion on the reality TV star's transformation, she admitted ripping up Montag's People magazine cover because she didn't want her daughters to see it.
She told FanCast.com, "We have two girls. I don't think it is something you want to bring in the house and say, 'Oh, look.'"
But the 46 year old, who has undergone surgery herself, has cleared up her comments with a post on Twitter.com.
She writes, "I apologize to Miss Montag if my words were taken and used against her in the press. I did not slam her or her surgeries for the record."

Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrara: Sushi with the Parents

Never ones to turn down a photo-op, Audrina Patridge and new boyfriend Ryan Cabrera were all smiles as they posed for photogs after having dinner at a local sushi restuarant called Oishi Sushi in Los Angeles on Monday night (February 22).
The hot new couple had just finished eating dinner with members of Audrina’s family, including her mother and father.
Meeting the parents? Sounds like it’s getting serious!
Meanwhile, Audrina had much to celebrate after a man accused of stalking her was arrested for allegedly violating a restraining order.
Zachary Loring, 24, was taken into custody on Friday after he was seen knocking on the door of The Hills star’s home, according to LAPD’s Sgt Kyle Kirkman.
He is being held on $150 000 bail on suspicion of stalking and violating a court order.
Her publicist Jennifer Shoucair Weaver says: “‘Audrina is safe and unharmed and she is going about her day as usual.”
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Lauren Conrad Says L.A. Candy Is 'Three Books, One Movie'

Lauren Conrad and her team — including the same producers behind the blockbuster "Twilight" franchise — are hard at work trying to make sure they get the film adaptation of her "L.A. Candy" book trilogy just right. However, Conrad said that each book will not get its own accompanying film.
"Actually, the movie is meant to be based on the story that's told over the three books that I'm writing — three books, one movie," she told MTV News while promoting her latest tome, "Sweet Little Lies." "It's a trilogy. It's one story being told over the three, so I think it's one overall story."
Conrad is still focused on the big-screen story line of fictional reality star Jane Roberts and admits that she has yet to attach any A-list actors to the role. "No, we're still working with writers," she said about casting decisions. "And in the early stages."

Olivia Palermo: in Matthew Williamson

Nicest Celeb Award
Olivia Palermo was the sweetest celebrity I met at the 2010 Elle Style Awards last night.
She was only too happy for me to take a closer look at her straight-off-the-runway Matthew Williamson Fall 2010 dress, which she paired with black heels and tights.
I loved how the eggplant dress sparkled and that cute pom pom on the shoulder.
One thing I noticed about Olivia was she’s nothing like we see her on “The City”.
She was chatty and genuinely nice, which tells me I’ve got to kick my reality TV habit.
She was very excited about her dress, being in London and the Burberry Fall 2010 presentation which she will be attending later on today.
credit - www.redcarpet-fashionawards.com