Monday, February 27, 2012

Lauren Conrad: 3 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Lauren blogged:
Seeing as a chunk of my life was broadcast on television, you would think that most people know all there is to know about me. But you would be wrong. Today, I thought it would be fun to share three small things your don’t know about me… Or as the old MTV show Diary would say: “You think you know, but you have no idea.” Enjoy!
1.I have a small chip on one of my front teeth.
2.When I’m in my car alone, I love to sing…loudly.
3.I haven’t checked my voicemail in over 4 years.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

Just in case you'd forgotten how stylish and beautiful Olivia Palermo is...

By Rachael Wheeler
Olivia Palermo celebrates London Fashion Week by posing in (another) stunning photoshoot for Grazia magazine.
If you weren’t intimidated enough by all the gorgeous women strutting about during London Fashion Week, the most stylish and beautiful fashionista of them all has taken it upon herself to do a bit of posing in her favourite British designs.
She may be a New Yorker through and through, but Olivia Palermo has been busy hitting the shows in our capital this week and reckons she’s a massive fan of British fashion.
Posing in these striking shots for Grazia, Olivia says that she even changes her style on the streets of London. She told the magazine: “In London, I go laid-back and cooler, in Brit labels like Mulberry or Erdem.
“And in New York I do the working-mom look of pencil skirts and blouses.”
Has Olivia Palermo ever seen a working mum? She must be basing all of her knowledge on Victoria Beckham, there.
The style queen has also launched her own website – – that we’re fast getting addicted to, particularly because we get a sneak peek of the labels she’s wearing before she heads off to swan about on the front row.
Have a stare at the pictures (above) and then watch a special behind the scenes video of Olivia’s shoot with Grazia magazine
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~Kelli at Hills Freak