Saturday, March 24, 2012

Audrina Patridge Hits The Beach in a Floral Bikini

Audrina Patridge certainly made for an eye catching sight as she hit the Los Angeles beach earlier today.
The 26-year-old reality star looked in good spirits as she ran through the surf and soaked up some spring sunshine on the sands.
Audrina showed off her washboard stomach muscles and toned arms - the result of her impressive workout regime.
Despite minimal make-up and her long light brown hair pulled up in a loose ponytail, the effect was stunning.
The star last year revealed a few of her beauty secrets, telling Now magazine: ‘I always take a cold shower to wake me up and close my pores. Then I moisturise my face.'
Happily, the star says there is nothing she would change about the way she looks, but says she works hard to maintain her figure.
'LA is so competitive that you want to look your best, though, so I work hard at it. I exercise and eat healthily.'
She also gave Shape magazine advice on how to achieve her 'beachy hair' look, revealing she washes her long locks twice a week and using dry shampoo in between and uses Moroccan hair oil on the ends
'It smells really wonderful,' she told the magazine. 'And I have less breakage when I comb my hair.'
Audrina has a little time on her hands these days after her reality show Audrina ended last year after proving a ratings flop with audiences.
When it emerged the show was being canned she said: 'We finished in April and I kind of decided I wanted to take some time off from reality. I want to do something more like acting or hosting.'
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credit - tlfan, Daily Mail
~Kelli at Hills Freak