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The City | Ep. 17 | 'Meet the Fackelmayers' - Recap and Photos

Whitney and Sam meet to go shoe shopping and Sam reveals that Bergdorf Goodman is hosting a party for lifeguards that evening.
She invites Whitney to come with her but admits that she would rather Roxy didn't attend after Whitney wonders whether they should ask her.

Before leaving, the girls throw a penny in the store's water fountain and wish for some cute boys at the event.
Over at Elle magazine, Erin meets Joe to discuss a party that is happening that night. He is impressed that it has been mentioned in Page Six and says that he wants to invite Olivia. Erin is unsure but Joe insists that he "really wants her there".

He calls Olivia to his office and explains that Carol Smith, the chief brand officer at Elle, is having an intimate party at her apartment. He thinks it would be a good opportunity to introduce Olivia as a member of the team and for her and Erin to get to know each other outside the office.

At the Bergdorf Goodman event, Whitney tells Sam that she has been invited to a barbecue at Adam and Jay's and, although Jay won't be there, she feels awkward about going. Sam thinks she should go and agrees to accompany her for moral support. She also asks if Roxy was angry about not coming, but Whitney says she was fine because she is on a date with Zac.

Elsewhere, Roxy and Zac arrive at STK in the Meatpacking District. Roxy fills him in on her work life and admits that she doesn't understand why she was not invited to the Bergdorf party. "I just feel like Sammy didn't want me to go and I don't know why," she says.
"It's weird. I feel like she excludes me on purpose. She invites Whitney to all these events knowing I live there and I'm going to hear about and she doesn't ever invite me."

Back at the Bergdorf event, Whitney and Sam spot some "prospects" at the next table who later come over. One guy introduces himself as Harry Fackelmayer and Sam soon realises that she knows his brother Freddie and invites them both to the barbecue.

The next day at People's Revolution, Whitney tells Roxy she feels weird about bringing another man to her ex-boyfriend's apartment. Roxy tells her she shouldn't feel bad, saying: "You need to meet cute boys, it's good, who cares." Kelly arrives and Roxy fills her in on the details. Kelly advises Whitney: "At least make sure you tell him to go pee in the bathroom so a new territory has been marked!"

At the Elle party, Olivia begins networking while Erin looks on. She introduces herself to Robbie Myers, the editor-in-chief, and Philippe Guelton, the EVP of Hachette Filipacchi Media US. Joe is impressed and jokes: "You know everybody, so you have to introduce me!" Erin decides to leave early while Olivia is introduced to yet more designers and editors.

Across town, Whitney and Sam arrive for the barbecue, shortly followed by Harry and Freddie. Whitney and Freddie begin chatting and she later admits to Sam that he is cute, while Freddie separately tells his brother that he thinks Whitney is "cute".

The next day at People's Revolution, Whitney tells Roxy about her evening. They agree that Freddie seems "picture perfect" and Whitney confesses that she thinks Harry is better looking but a bit too young.

She also worries that Sam has a crush on Freddie, but Roxy advises her to forget about Sam and go on a date: "We're not in third grade, if she likes him she should say something, if she doesn't, then sorry!"

At Elle, Erin asks Olivia how she found the party. Olivia says that she had a great time and already knew all the designers that were there. Erin questions why Olivia hasn't proposed any exclusives if she is so well-connected and Olivia replies that she has to follow up with the designers.

"Joe asked me to help you out and guide you and I'm trying to make the best of it," says Erin. "I've been here for four years and I can help you more than I can hurt you. I'm not trying to do this just to put you to task. I would really like you to not have such an attitude with me."

Later that evening, Whitney meets Freddie for a drink in Greenvich Village. They make small talk about their work and families before Whitney asks if there is anything going on between him and Sam. Freddie assures her that he is not interested in Sam and the new couple later leave the bar arm in arm.
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Lauren Conrad: 'I Never Intended for LA Candy To Hit The Big Screen'

Lauren Conrad, 23, talked with Tuesday at Lucky magazine and Madewell's Fall 2009 Denim Tour in Hollywood about the movie adaptation of her best-selling novel L.A. Candy .
She told Us she is "excited" to be an executive producer. "It's my new hat," she said. "I like hats, and I get to wear lots of them!"
She said she never intended for her book to hit the big screen.
"I was just hoping that the book did well," she said. "It's a little surreal, but it's cool!"
Life off The Hills "is nice," she said. "I'm a different kind of busy. I have more stress and deadlines at work than I do in my personal life."
At work on her third book, she said she hasn't had time to watch the current season of The Hills with Kristin Cavallari.
"I barely watched it when I was on it. I have commitment issues with shows," she said.
Conrad - who is dating My Boys actor Kyle Howard - added that she'll never star in another show about her personal life.
"I closed that door," she said. "We have been talking about some different stuff that's more fashion-related, so we'll see."
As for Stephanie Pratt (who was busted for DUI Oct. 18)?
"I just sent her well wishes," Conrad told Us. "She is doing fine."
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Joe Francis Case Formally Presented To D.A.'s Office

The investigation into Joe Francis’ vicious attack against Jayde Nicole has been formally presented to the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, has learned exclusively.
Francis has been accused of attacking the Hills beauty at Hollywood’s Guys And Dolls club on August 28th. The attack was caught on video surveillance tape that was exclusively obtained by
The case was turned over Tuesday morning by the West Hollywood Sheriff's Department, sources in the D.A.'s office tell
It's now up to prosecutors to determine if Francis will face any charges. Francis could be charged with either felony or misdemeanor charges, or the case could be rejected all together. The case is now in the hands of Los Angeles County D.A. and out of the Beverly Hills courthouse.
Jayde Nicole’s attorney Ron Richards told, “I am confident that the DA will see that beating that occurred while Mr. Francis was out on bail and bring justice to Ms. Nicole.”
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Rep: Heidi & Spencer Didn’t Skip Sister’s Birthday Due To Lack Of Cash

On Tuesday, FOX News claimed that Heidi and Spencer were no-shows at Holly’s 26th birthday bash on Saturday at Empire Hollywood in LA.
“Holly was really wishing that her sister could just be a sister and stop by her birthday party, but Heidi only goes places if she is getting paid,” a FOX News source claimed. “I mean, this is her sister and she wouldn’t even show up without a fee. That’s disgusting.”
But on Wednesday, a rep for the couple told Access that the FOX News report “is absolutely not true,” explaining that they were not present as Holly had more than one birthday event.
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The Hills (Season 5) | Ep. 14 | 'Old Habits Die Hard' - Recap, Aftershow and 19 Photos

Kristin meets Lo and admits that she was "a little upset" that Justin never showed up at Brody's birthday party.
She insists that she still sees "a good, sweet guy" in him despite what everybody else has been telling her, but claims that she won't let him push her around.
"Clearly Audrina was chasing him for years. I'm not going to do that," she says. "It's like, 'Fine. If you want to play this game, let's go!'"

Over at Audrina's house, Stephanie arrives and Audrina reveals that she has been on a date with Derek and is planning to meet him on Saturday night. However, she confesses that Justin is still texting her. She reads his latest message which says, "Is it really over? I can't believe it".
Kristin returns to her parents' home in Laguna Beach and chats with her dad and stepmom about her life in LA. She says she has been seeing a lot of Brody and also admits that she has been dating Justin. She explains his previous relationship with Audrina and reveals she has been out on his motorcycle.

"He's cool but he's kind of a flake. He has a lot of baggage with the whole Audrina thing," she explains. "He's not someone you would take home to dad, I guess."
Elsewhere, at a Bolthouse event, Spencer warns Heidi that Holly is already drunk. Heidi and Stephanie tell Holly that she needs to stop drinking and calm down but she ignores them.

The next day, the pair meet to talk about Holly. Heidi defends her sister, insisting she just had too much to drink, but Stephanie warns her that there could be a bigger problem.
"Holly was out of control," she says. "That was like some other problem is going on in her life that she needed to get so drunk that she would black out." Heidi is hesitant about getting involved but Stephanie says she needs to say something.

Kristin arrives home to Malibu to find Justin is cooking her dinner. He apologises for missing the party and Kristin says that she told her dad about him. He jokes that it is a big step but she insists that she isn't looking for a boyfriend. Justin retaliates by saying that he has doubts about her too, explaining: "You're a little bit of a wildcard which is good for a guy like me."

Meanwhile, Audrina and Derek are having drinks at a pub. She asks if Justin knows they are out together and Derek says that he called him but never got an answer. He says that Justin "just disappears" sometimes and questions whether Audrina is over him. She insists that she is and that Kristin will have to learn about Justin's behaviour on her own.

The next day, Heidi tells Spencer that she is not sure how to approach the subject of drinking with Holly, who is late for their lunch.
When she finally arrives, Heidi says that she is a "little bit scared" that Holly doesn't think she has a problem. Holly says that last night was normal for her which worries Heidi. Spencer adds that she should have been impressing the crowd at the party but she might not be taken seriously if she drinks heavily.

Holly realises she needs to make a change, saying: "It's true. I need to make moves and alcohol should not be the number one love in my life. But we have had many great years together and I think it's time to break up for good."

Over at Brody's condo, Kristin arrives and asks where Jayde is. Brody says they never actually split up, just threaten it. Kristin goes on to question him about Justin. He says that he is a "good friend" but warns her that Audrina will be coming after her. Kristin insists that she is not trying to be spiteful and she never thought she would end up liking Justin. Brody jokes that it is a "match made in heaven".

Later that night, Justin and Audrina meet at a hotel to chat about their situation. Audrina says that she wants to stop the awkwardness between them but admits it was hard seeing him and Kristin together. Justin insists that he isn't dating Kristin and the pair are just hanging out.
"A big part of me will always have feelings for you and be that guy for you," he said. "I don't know what to do or feel or say. I would never be able to say anything was better than Audrina Patridge ever in my life."

Justin also says that he is unhappy about Audrina's relationship with Derek and wonders how she would react if their roles were reversed, leading Audrina to agree to stop seeing Derek.
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