Friday, July 23, 2010

Audrina Patridge: Garnier Beach House Girl

Stop the presses!
Audrina Patridge admits she never actually moved to the beach, despite what we saw in the series finale.
But she was frolicking by the surf yesterday at the Garnier Beach House, where she was laughing at the fact that fans come up to her and ask how she likes living in Hermosa Beach, the supposed location of the new house we saw in the show...
"She doesn't live at the beach and just thinks it's so funny how much people believed the reality in the show," a source says.
Anyhow, Audrina is staying busy now that she's done living her life on the small screen, since her reality show spin off didn't get picked up.
She's heading to London soon before a trip to Tahiti with her on-again boyfriend Corey Bohan.
Sounds like life's still a beach for her even though she isn't really living there.

Pictured Audrina, her sister Samantha and Juliana Patridge
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Kristin Cavallari: Now Awards

Kristin tweeted:
" NOW awards. My dad is my date ☺ About to get my award for "trend setter of the year"
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Lauren Conrad: Leaving Lemonade Restaurant

Lauren Conrad leaving Lemonade Restaurant in west Hollywood
credit - tlfan, thanks for the heads up anon!
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Lauren Conrad Reveals A New Clothing Line is In The Works!

If you are anything like us, you have been a big fan of Lauren Conrad, once known as "LC" on Laguna Beach and you sported TEAM LAUREN tees from Hollister. But now, our Lauren is all grown up and has so many amazing things going on in her life --- from life after The Hills to her new collection, Kohl's line and latest books --- Lauren Conrad is a name you just can't forget.
How has life been since The Hills?
It's been great! It's always a little scary to make a big change like I did when I decide to leave the show, but I don't regret it one bit. Since I've left I've discovered a new love... writing! I have had such an amazing experience writing my novels and touring the country for signings. It's been an exciting year and I've learned so much.
Also, I have been having such great time working on my Kohl's line and have been blown away by the support I have received. Fashion has always been what I have loved to do and I feel so fortunate to be working with such a great partner. Aside from that, I have really enjoyed having a personal life and the opportunity to do a little traveling. All and all, I'd say it's been a great year.
We just finished reading your second book, (HarperCollins) and of course, it kept us wanting more -- How did the idea of your LA Candy Series come about? Was writing something you have always been interested in?
The concept of the LA Candy series was more of a compromise than an original thought. I was interested in writing a dating book (sort of a what-not-to-do for someone who's made all of the mistakes) and HarperCollins wanted me to write a tell-all about The Hills. Since I wasn't comfortable revealing the secrets of others we began talking about a fictional series. This way I could tell the story of a journey similar to the my own without calling anyone out...but still include insider knowledge from someone who's lived it.
How are the books [related] to your personal life - was that the inspiration?
I wrote from experiences and I also based characters on a compilation of people I had met in my life but the books aren't real life. I had a ton of fun playing make-believe.
I have to say, you have always been a great decorator -- your house on television and apartment was very chic. Is a decorating or lifestyle book something you may do in the future?
It's funny that you say that because I have always struggled with decorating. I can throw an outfit together in 30 seconds flat but show me an empty room or blank wall and I'm stumped. I have learned a few things along the way like...the color you paint your walls will reflect off your skin (example: green wall make u look sick), flowers are a great way to add a pop color to any room (peonies are the best), and flea markets are great for finding deals and original pieces. I would love to write a book about decorating because I would learn so much in the process and then get to share it with others.
A few seasons ago we saw your collection during LA Fashion Week. Do you plan
on showing again at some point?

I am currently starting up a new clothing line with one of my best friends. It's a contemporary line similar to my original but with a different look. The first season we are designing is Fall 2011.
You always seem to have a lot going on - never a dull moment! What is up next for you?
I have a book tour coming up in the beginning of October. Actually it's a double tour for my third novel, Sugar & Spice, and a Style guide that I wrote (LaurenConradStyle). Besides that I have the clothing lines to keep me busy, but I am also looking for the perfect project to produce. I've always loved the production side of entertainment and would love to be a part of it. I just want to be careful to select a show that I'll love. I want my first one to be great!
credit - Cupcake Mag
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Olivia Palermo: Style Icon

Olivia Palermo is a style icon, New York socialite, star of “The City”.
What I love about her style is that she never seems to go for the obvious and she’s always supports up-and-coming designers.
Her current favourite is Bensoni.
The design duo – Benjamin Channing Clyburn and Sonia Yoon – create flirty, feminine statement pieces which suit Olivia’s style so it’s no wonder she’s head-over-heels in love.
Back in February she wore a sky blue Bensoni dress contrasting it with black tights and a black patent belt.
Her hooded Paddington Bear-esqe Bensoni coat was the perfect winter warm-up look to keep the cold weather at bay during London Fashion Week.
Olivia caused a bit of a ruckus wearing a Bensoni Spring 2010 ensemble to the “Guess By Marciano & ELLE Event” which you would’ve seen on “The City”.
I love the combination of colours, patterns and texture with this look. It may seem like a lot is going on, but it all works well together.
Finally my favourite Bensoni look was the leopard print silk dress she wore to the Elie Saab Fall 2010 Couture show.
I met her at this show, and she’s was such a sweetie. That show really gives her a bad rep.
I loved her accessories with this look. The leopard print belt is particularly interesting. It could’ve been overkill, but for me it’s perfection.

Audrina Patridge: Airport Beauty

Audrina tweeted:
"Long productive day today!!:) meeting this am got me super excited for a new project I can't stop thinking about! ready to dream xo"
Yay - can't wait to hear what's in the works for her!
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