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Olivia Palermo Makes '50 Most Stylish New Yorkers' List

Olivia is #14 on Stylecaster's '50 Most Stylish New Yorkers' List
Above Olivia wears: Port 1961 shirt; Topshop skirt; Elizabeth & James shoes; Mango belt; Calypso cuffs
Do you have a secret, off-the-beaten-path shopping spot in New York?
Not specifically. I think sometimes you find the best things when you least expect it. Just to go to small little boutiques that have one-of-a-kind pieces. And probably Nolita, I would say, is a great area.
Do you have a favorite date spot that you like to go to?
I really enjoy going to CafĂ© Gitane. Johannes and I really like going there. So when we’re home we go there for dinner—so every once in a while.
Do you have a favorite New York-based book, movie or television show?
Aside from Sex and the City? Well, I did appreciate that 24 did its last season in New York—that was great.

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Stephanie Pratt Visits Better TV and Bowlmor Lanes During NYFW

Stephanie kept herself super busy during New York fashion week. After taking in the a few shows, Stephanie Pratt filmed a segment for Better TV and then let loose with a few friends at the new Bowlmor Lanes in Times Square. At the 90,000 square-foot bowling alley, Stephanie Pratt and her pals enjoyed a few Grey Goose cocktails and noshed on food from celebrity chef, David Burke.
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Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne Arrive in Hong Kong

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne were swarmed by fans and the press as they arrived at the international airport in Hong Kong on February 21, 2011.
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Lauren Conrad Dishes On Her New Clothing Line and Her Biggest Hair Color Regrets

While at Coterie, the fashion trade show at New York City's Pier 94, mentally assembling our dream wardrobe this weekend (Theory pants, Elizabeth and James jacket...), we noticed a booth coming up on our left that had boutique buyers circling like sharks. It was Paper Crown, Lauren Conrad's new (non-Kohl's) fashion line. Conrad herself was there to explain the line, wearing high-waisted leather shorts from the collection and '60s winged liner. We chatted with her about her favorite Paper Crown look and her all-time beauty hits and hair color misses.
Why the name Paper Crown? W
hen I was little I used to go to my grandmother's and we would always play dress-up; but when I would go there, I wouldn't have my dress-up trunk with me, so we'd make these paper crowns. That was our way of creating our own glamour—and that's what we wanted the line to be like.
Do you have a favorite piece?
I love the tiered dresses. [Shown above]
How would you wear your hair and makeup with one?
Well, it depends on where I'm going and how I'm accessorizing it—but I would probably wear my hair down, because it's a chiffon dress and it's flowy, and I'd go for a more natural makeup look.
What's the one makeup item you have to wear everyday?
If I can only put one thing on, mascara. I bet that's everyone's answer! I wear Maybelline New York Full 'N Soft mascara.
You've been rocking darker hair recently
I usually change the color a little bit, every two and half months I go in [to Chris McMillan Salon]; it's always really subtle changes.
So you're never going extreme—no fire engine red for you?
No! Actually, my hairdresser is a redhead and she pulls it off amazingly. But no, I tried red hair in high school and it did not look good on me. It was more a maroon.

What made you go for that at the time?
Oh, when I was in high school, on Friday nights I used to dye my hair out of a box. It was something to do. I would just get bored, I guess.
And how long did the maroon hair last?
Not very long! It was a red-brown that had turned into a purple-y maroon. I remember I showed up at school and we had gotten our new soccer uniforms that day, and it was the exact color of our new jerseys. Everyone said, "Oh that's so cool." And I was like, "I have to change this immediately! This is not intentional!"
Any other hair color regrets?
I had bleached hair for awhile. It was pretty bad.
But did you like it at the time?
I mean, I'm from Orange County, so it was the norm. Everybody had badly bleached hair [then]. But yeah, it's so funny because I'll look back at pictures and think, "Oh my God, I thought I looked so great." It's hysterical.
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Olivia Palermo: More From London Fashion Week

Olivia Palermo sits front row at Matthew Williamson AW 2011 on Feb 20, 2011

Olivia Palermo hit up the Pringle of Scotland show on February 21, 2011 covering up her skinny jeans with a fur-festooned jacket.

Olivia Palermo outside London's Claridges hotel for Mulberry Autumn/Winter 2011 on Feb 20, 2011. Ispired by Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox, the English countryside and Turner landscapes, Mulberry’s Autumn/Winter 2011 LFW show saw the ballroom at Claridges transformed into a fairytale forest complete with foliage, log benches, giant toadstools, stuffed birds and dogs wearing Mulberry jackets.
I'm not a fan of this outfit but I LOVE Olivia's new Mulberry bag!!
credit - tlfan, zimbio, ladygodiva @ tfs, blog.mulberry.com, Carolinesmode.com, marieclaire.co.uk
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Whitney Port Never Wanted to Be Famous

By Rob Shuter
I had the pleasure of chatting with former 'The City' star Whitney Port about 'True Whit,' her fun, new advice book that is in stores now. However, we have some advice of our own to the young Miss Port: After an interview make sure you hang up the phone before expressing your true feeling towards your old 'Hills' co-star, Heidi Montag!
Tell me about the book.
Basically it's a lifestyle book for girls kind of going through that quarter-life crisis that is inevitable in all our lives where we all kind of move out of our houses and have to be on our own and become independent.
Did you screw up in any of those areas?
Of course! In all of them! In dating, choosing guys that weren't necessarily the best for me and job interviewing, not knowing everything I needed to know and not being as prepared as possible.
Not taking anything away from your success but you were very lucky to have a TV show to help you.
Right, of course I definitely had a great platform, they helped me with all the connections, definitely I'm the first one to admit that but I think still even before being on TV, I was working in fashion and worked my way up. Just from my experiences I could kind of see how you could do it without the cameras.
Do you ever get sick of the cameras?
Of course, yeah. I don't have the cameras around me right now, which is pretty refreshing. Yeah there were definitely times where I was like "I'm not in the mood for this today."
Did you actually want to be famous?
No, never I went to interview to be an intern at Teen Vogue and I found out MTV was going to be filming a show there and they wondered if I'd be interested in doing a casting tape so I kind of went along with it and I never knew it was going to turn into anything like this. I've just kind of been riding the wave I guess. It hasn't ever been like a goal of mine to be famous or to be on TV.
You were on 'The Hills' with Heidi Montag. Do you think it's sad what has happened to her?
Um (Publicist interrupts. 'Maybe we can stick a little bit more to the book.')
Sure. What else do you want to tell me about your book?
I think it's a really great guide and it shows me growing up from when I was like 5 to now. It's just a really fun book for girls who have all these questions.
When you go home are you like, 'I'm not clearing the table, I'm Whitney Port!'
Oh my gosh, no way could I get away with that. I know this sounds crazy but when I'm not in the realm of this job, this career, whether its press or filming or interviews I don't even think of myself in that light and my family would never allow me to either. I feel like I was raised in a really normal, loving family so I don't get caught up in all that stuff.
Thank you. Click. That's when things got really interesting. After the interview had finished we picked up the phone to make a call and Whitney Hadn't hung up properly. For a few seconds, okay minutes, we listened to Whitney express her true feelings about poor Heidi ... ouch!
credit - Rob Shuter @ popeater.com, thanks for the heads up Jill!
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