Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Whitney Port Never Wanted to Be Famous

By Rob Shuter
I had the pleasure of chatting with former 'The City' star Whitney Port about 'True Whit,' her fun, new advice book that is in stores now. However, we have some advice of our own to the young Miss Port: After an interview make sure you hang up the phone before expressing your true feeling towards your old 'Hills' co-star, Heidi Montag!
Tell me about the book.
Basically it's a lifestyle book for girls kind of going through that quarter-life crisis that is inevitable in all our lives where we all kind of move out of our houses and have to be on our own and become independent.
Did you screw up in any of those areas?
Of course! In all of them! In dating, choosing guys that weren't necessarily the best for me and job interviewing, not knowing everything I needed to know and not being as prepared as possible.
Not taking anything away from your success but you were very lucky to have a TV show to help you.
Right, of course I definitely had a great platform, they helped me with all the connections, definitely I'm the first one to admit that but I think still even before being on TV, I was working in fashion and worked my way up. Just from my experiences I could kind of see how you could do it without the cameras.
Do you ever get sick of the cameras?
Of course, yeah. I don't have the cameras around me right now, which is pretty refreshing. Yeah there were definitely times where I was like "I'm not in the mood for this today."
Did you actually want to be famous?
No, never I went to interview to be an intern at Teen Vogue and I found out MTV was going to be filming a show there and they wondered if I'd be interested in doing a casting tape so I kind of went along with it and I never knew it was going to turn into anything like this. I've just kind of been riding the wave I guess. It hasn't ever been like a goal of mine to be famous or to be on TV.
You were on 'The Hills' with Heidi Montag. Do you think it's sad what has happened to her?
Um (Publicist interrupts. 'Maybe we can stick a little bit more to the book.')
Sure. What else do you want to tell me about your book?
I think it's a really great guide and it shows me growing up from when I was like 5 to now. It's just a really fun book for girls who have all these questions.
When you go home are you like, 'I'm not clearing the table, I'm Whitney Port!'
Oh my gosh, no way could I get away with that. I know this sounds crazy but when I'm not in the realm of this job, this career, whether its press or filming or interviews I don't even think of myself in that light and my family would never allow me to either. I feel like I was raised in a really normal, loving family so I don't get caught up in all that stuff.
Thank you. Click. That's when things got really interesting. After the interview had finished we picked up the phone to make a call and Whitney Hadn't hung up properly. For a few seconds, okay minutes, we listened to Whitney express her true feelings about poor Heidi ... ouch!
credit - Rob Shuter @ popeater.com, thanks for the heads up Jill!
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I thought the exact same thing Paul. Why did he bother mentioning Heidi at all if he didn't plan on disclosing what was said about her!

  2. I was expecting a big juicy reveal at the end of that. Damn. I hope it leaks somehow.