Sunday, June 3, 2012

10 Questions With Lauren Conrad

1. Who's your celeb girl crush?
Conrad: Hmm, I don't have one. Maybe I need to work on this as I get asked this question a lot.
2. Must-have product?
Conrad: Moroccan oil. I love it for hair, but you can use it on just about anything from cuticles to your face.
3. Must-have attribute in a man?
Conrad: Sense of humor.
4. Best lesson your mom ever taught you?
Conrad: To take the high road.
5. Dream pet to own?
Conrad: I already have her, my dog Chloe.
6. Coolest item you have in your home?
Conrad: I have a blush-colored velvet-tufted couch in my room. I love it. It feels so old Hollywood to me.
7. One way you've gone green lately?
Conrad: Designing sustainable bags with Blue Avocado. They come out this summer and I am really excited.
8. Your weakness food?
Conrad: Pizza
9. Fitness/nutrition statement to live by?
Conrad: Always carry healthy snacks like nuts or an apple (I eat one almost every day). You cheat the most when you are hungry so snack throughout the day on healthier snacks.
10. Best chick-on-a-budget tip?
Conrad: Invest in timeless accessories like a designer bag that isn't overly trendy or a great pair of platforms and save the bargaining for the trendier pieces.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak