Friday, April 15, 2011

Audrina Patridge & Family Attend Ok Magazine's Hollywood's Sexiest Singles Event

Audrina Patridge and family attend the Ok! Magazine Toasts Hollywood's Sexiest Singles event at the Lexington Social House on April 14, 2011 in Hollywood, California.
In other Audrina news, according to Audrina is now admitting that Lauren and Justin Bobby really did hook-up during filming of 'The Hills'!
Unbelievable but true, according to Audrina, who vividly recalls all the turmoil involved with co-starring on MTV's watershed reality show. "They did! You don't even know... There's so much more that no one really knows about," she says. (Of course, Patridge told reporters at the time that she came around, that she really believed nothing happened between her friend and boyfriend — after all, there was a hit series to continue.)
With those days behind her, she's a lot less censored. "They really did! I wouldn't have overreacted," she says, pausing for lunch in the middle of a whirwind media tour to promote her new VH1 series Audrina. "I'm not going to get into it now because it's old news and I really don't care. But that was the biggest 'friend' drama I'd ever went through." Such was life on The Hills, the reality phenomenon that she says became more manipulated as it went along.
It wasn't all fun but Patridge, who turns 26 next month, has gained perspective. Since The Hills premiered, she's worked consistently as a model, shot two movies (the horror film Sorority Row and Into the Blue 2) and competed on ABC's massively popular Dancing With the Stars — all of which she says would never have come along without the show.
For her own series Patridge set some ground rules: Everything would be fair game.
"I really wanted the show to be whatever was going on in my life at that moment. I don't want the show to be something I need to make up or make interesting. I didn't want to create scenes," she says. "I wanted it to work like, 'Here's what's going on, let's bring the cameras and film and see what happens' — and that's what it was."
In many ways, Patridge is just grateful Audrina made it on air. Before landing at VH1, the project was developed for sister network MTV two years ago, while the Hills was still important to the network (aka pre-Jersey Shore.) "It was fifth season, and I was done. I was out of my contract! Click here to continue reading.
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From The Hills to the African desert: Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler take a charitable trip to Kenya

The Hills' Kristin Cavallari has swapped her glamorous L.A lifestyle to lend her hand to charity.
Using her star power, the 24-year-old reality star travelled to Africa last month with her NFL boyfriend Jay Cutler, 27, for her charity, One Kid World.
Her trip to Kenya was to rebuild two different schools, bring school supplies,
In recently released pictures of the philanthropic trip, Jay and Kristin are seen connecting with African children at the school.
The touching images show the couple interacting with the youths and working hard at the important task at hand.
Kristin spent most of the time distributing specially made packs with supplies in the classrooms at the school.

She handed out envelopes and letter writing materials, so the African children could write to other kids at a Los Angeles school.
She also stopped to chat with the youths who happily smiled and posed with the reality star.
The stunning images showed a gentle side to the reality star, who is known for her boisterous persona.
Dressed in a grey 'Charity One World' t-shirt, a simple pair of cargo pants and a pair of sneakers, Kristin was beaming throughout the day.
Before she left for the trip, Kristin tweeted to her fans about how excited she was to help.

'So excited for kenya with my charity @onekidworld@' she wrote.
Since becoming a more well-known name, Kristin has been using her star power to help a number of causes.
Her other charitable deeds include appearing in the 'Until There's a Cure' public service advertising campaign to raise awareness and funds for AIDS and HIV research and vaccine development.
She also appeared in campaigns for PETA, and as a celebrity spokesperson for 'We Are Ellis Island', a campaign for the restoration of historic buildings on Ellis Island.

In February 2009, she posed for the NOH8 Campaign in support of gay marriage.
Throughout most of her time at the African school, Kristin had her Chicago Bears quarterback beau Jay at her side, who was also busy chatting with the children.
Kristin and Jay were later given tokens of appreciation by members of a Kenyan tribe.
The charitable overseas jaunt is just another sign that the couple's relationship is going from strength to strength.

Based in Los Angeles, Kristin spends an increasing amount of time in the windy city to be close to Jay.
They met in August last year and became inseparable almost instantly.
Back in January, while celebrating her birthday, Kristin revealed that the pair are very much in love.
'I'm just enjoying my personal life and taking a little time away from the public eye, which is why Chicago is great for me,' she told People Magazine at the time.
'My mom and that whole side of the family is there. And Jay is there. It's nice to be able to hang out with my mom, and, you know, I'm in love and it's been great.'

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Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner: PDA in Full Display In Malibu

Spotted: Avril & Brody shopping in Malibu on Wednesday afternoon. It's cute to see them a bit more relaxed now in front of the cameras.
And in other Avril related news, Oprah aired a special episode on Wednesday dedicated to the Rock Goddesses of the '70s and '80s. Avril sang "Love is a Battlefield" with Pat Benatar. She looked super nervous but I thought she did a great job. Check out the video below:

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