Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lauren Conrad On Style Tips and A Typical Day In Her Life

By Louise Elsom
First of all, what drew you into the world of fashion?
I have always loved fashion even from the time I was a young girl designing clothes for my dolls.
Run us through a typical day for you?
Typically I get up and write in the morning when it is quiet and my head is clear. I then go to my Paper Crown offices to go over designs, sketches, patterns and take meetings. Depending on the day I may have outside meetings for my Kohl’s line or for my books.
What wardrobe pieces should every girl have in their closet this season?
For summer, something with colour or print.
Where is the best city in the world to shop?
I love shopping in any city and love the different style takes you see between LA, NY, Chicago, Paris etc. Every city brings its own style and flair.
Do you have any money-saving style tips for us?
You can never go wrong with basics and neutrals. Start with those key items and build on those with pops of colour and accessories.
Here are my top tips:
1. can’t afford a ton of new clothes? Accessories are cheap and can make an outfit.
2. Mix high-end with low-end, like a designer skirt with a tank top or a designer top with affordable jeans. I live in Urban Outfitters jeans.
3. Invest in four black basics: slacks, heels, a blazer, and a high-waisted skirt.
4. Use a tailor. You can find designer pieces for a steal that are off in size and spend £10 to get them altered so they fit right.
5. Don’t follow trends blindly. If you like a certain trend put your own twist on it.
6. Invest in a good pair of shoes and just get them resoled every once in a while.
I have just finished reading L.A Candy, I loved it! What made you decide to branch out into becoming a writer?
I have always loved reading and when the opportunity presented itself for me to author my own novels I wanted to take that challenge. It has been a wonderful experience.
Your new book, The Fame Game, is about a bad girl who loves to cause drama on her reality show. Does any of that draw on your time in Hollywood?
There are elements that I pull from everyday experiences in the reality world, but this book is very much fiction and not really based on one particular person or situation.
What was the inspiration behind your clothing lines?
My inspirations are translated in different ways throughout the process. I tried to make it similar to my personal style. I like dressing really comfortably, but I grew up at the beach in looser, flowing fabrics. Now that I live in the city I have to dress up more, so I tried to combine the two styles. You can dress it up, dress it down. I made it very simple and clean because I like to accessorize. It’s very diverse to wear.
Would you like to offer any advice to people wanting to go into fashion?
Research the field as much as possible and know the market and the consumer. Intern, work in retail, read magazines. Just immerse yourself in fashion!
Finally, what does the future hold for you – any exciting plans, developments?
Currently I continue to design for Paper Crown and LA Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. I have two more books coming out this October and I also continue to run my websites. There are other projects that I’m working on but I can’t talk about them right now!
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~Kelli at Hills Freak