Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stephanie Pratt for Peta and NOH8Campaign - twit pics

Stepanie tweeted earlier: "So happy I finally got to show my support to our gay and lesbian community! Equal rights for everyone! @noh8campaign
"I'm excited to team up w PETA and on friday my website will update you guys on my new project + have info on how you can help too. XOXO

It's great to see her get so involved - love the NOH8Campaign!

Audrina Patridge: I am Coming Back for Season 6!

Audrina blogged:
I know it seemed like I wasn't coming back for a sixth season of The Hills ... But I am! Most if not everyone from the fifth season are returning too! So it'll be me, Heidi, Spencer and yes -- Kristin and Justin. Filming starts early next year! Everything goes by so quick! I felt like we just finished filming the last season a couple of weeks ago!
What about my spinoff, the Audrina Show with Mark Burnett? Still doing it! That's right I'm doing both! And we start filming for that next week!! The holidays, filming, new years and more filming! It's going to be so crazy but I’m up for it!
Stay tuned for the next season of The Hills and for my new show! I will keep you guys updated!
xoxo Audrina

Audrina Patridge "Day in the Life"

Audrina blogged:
Hey guys! I am featured in this month's issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine!! It covers the day in the life of … me! Here’s a snippet:
Alarm blares. I hit the snooze button - twice.
Alarm blares. This time I roll out of bed. Music from my favorite new band, Devil Doll, gets me going as I head to the kitchen to make myself blueberry/vanilla tea, scramble some eggs and pop a waffle in the toaster. I have a few minutes to spare before my workday begins, so I return some personal e-mails and texts.
Notice my house could use some love before the crew from MTV arrives. We’re filming in the living room and kitchen this afternoon so I put away dishes, fluff the pillows on the couch and stash the rest in my closet (shhh… don’t tell). I need to remember to pick up fresh flowers, snacks and a bottle of wine.
Conference call with my website guys. I update them on my upcoming projects, and we discuss the next steps for my music section. Note to self: Send them new photos! After my call, I answer e-mails from fans on love, beauty and health. I get a lot of questions about my workout routine. (For the record, I hate the gym but love to do anything active outside.)
Time to make myself presentable. It’s going to be a long day so I aim for my go-to outfit of my favorite ripped-up skinny jeans, a soft white top by Kain Label, my black leather jacket and the boots I can’t live without – my black Lanvin pair. Put on a little tinted moisturizer, mascara and lip gloss, and I’m out the door.
I begin an hour-long session with my amazing acting coach, Chad McCord. His energy is contagious. He makes me feel comfortable, yet challenges me at the same time.
Off to an audition. My agent and manager sent me a script for a really fun role in a romantic comedy. I worked with Chad to break down and memorize the scene. Fingers crossed!
I have an appointment with my stylist, Joey Tierney, to try on a dress for an upcoming holiday party. As usual, Joey picks the perfect dress but now I have to make time to head to Sherman Oaks for alterations.
I'm starving, and just around the corner from Fred Segal, so it's the perfect time for a quick lunch. I order the turkey panini and a lemonade. Of course I have to make a round through the store before I leave, but I choose to be a good girl.
Run into Whole Foods Market, grab some flowers -- an assortment of colored roses (they're my fave) -- and snacks, and get back to my place in time to let The Hills crew in. Lo, Stephanie and I are filming a recap of the night before...
To read about the rest of my day pick one up at your local newsstand or take a peak through it online at their website! LA Confidential mag is a really fabulous publication! Check them out!
xoxo Audrina

Stephanie Pratt talks about 'The Hills' and her upcoming Maxim Spread

***click here to see photos from Stephanie's Maxim spread***

As she deals with an impending DUI trial, 'The Hills' Stephanie Pratt is staying out of her fellow castmates' never-ending drama ... for the time being.
"I am so out of the loop because of my legal issues that I have been dealing with," Pratt told Inside TV at Tuesday's 'Decade Event' party in Hollywood, honoring Travis Barker's Famous Stars and Straps 10th anniversary and Snoop Dogg's 10th album, 'Malice in Wonderland.' "I haven't even been on the Internet and seen the last four or five episodes."
She continued, "Yeah, I actually miss it. I was out of town for the last four episodes, so I wasn't on them. Then I had lunch with Lauren [Conrad] the other day and I was saying how much I miss the crew, and stuff like that. It's weird because it's so hectic and dramatic when it's on, and then when you're not there, you really miss everyone because they're like family."
Regarding her friend Audrina Patridge's announcement this week that she will remain with 'The Hills' for its sixth season despite having announced a separate TV deal with Mark Burnett, Pratt said, "I am ready for anything and I'm excited for both shows."
Pratt, who was arrested for DUI in November, recently told Extra she has stopped drinking.
At Tuesday's party, which had live performances from Snoop Dogg, Pharrell Williams and The Game, Pratt said she'd just shot a feature photo spread for Maxim magazine.
"I did a lot of workouts, I just watched what I ate," Pratt says. "I didn't eat anything white. Definitely stay away from sushi, anything that bloats you. And sugar. I only drank water. It was only a few days before, I wasn't crazy about it. And then the magic of airbrushing and spray tan."
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Olivia Palermo: Street Chic - NY

Olivia Palermo rocks two of the season’s hottest trends—
the strong shoulder and shorts with tights.
credit - Elle magazine

Stephanie Pratt @ Stars and Straps 10th Anniversary 12/8

Stephanie Pratt attends the Famous Stars and Straps 10th Anniversary and Snoop Dogg's 10th album release "Malice N Wonderland" party at Vanguard on December 8, 2009 in Hollywood, California.
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Whitney Port: Some Of My Favourite Places In NY

Leaving Los Angeles for NYC is paying off for Whitney Port. Her fashion line — Whitney Eve — debuted under the tents at New York Fashion Week this year, and The City is returning for a third season.
Whitney recently blogged what her favorite NYC haunts are, and I wasn't surprised to find out that almost half of her picks reflected a healthy lifestyle. I'm pretty sure those lean legs of hers don't come easy!
To find out where Whitney goes to stay fit in NYC, read more.
•Village Natural. Whitney loves going here for a "scrumptious, healthy meal and really yummy soups." The vegetarian menu is filled with all sorts of light and healthy options like tofu and shiitake mushroom with brown rice and spaghetti and wheat balls.
•Equinox gym. Whitney hits up Equinox for its "fun aerobics classes." I wonder if she's tried a Nia or Zumba class yet?
•Whole Foods. The Whole Foods on Houston St. is the second largest in the country, and the budding fashion designer frequents it for "freshly-churned peanut butter and the make your own granola station."
•Westville Restaurant. Eat here if you want an "amazing breakfast, lunch or dinner (with tons of different veggie specials every day)." The food is fresh, organic, and prepared in a simple, uncomplicated manner.
The next time you're in the Big Apple, give Whitney's picks a try and tell us what you think!
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Love this photo of Whitney. It's from the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party back in Nov.

Stephanie Pratt: "Pepsi's Like The New Alcohol For Me"

Stephanie Pratt is turning it around, following an October DUI charge and subsequent rehab stint: The Hills star exclusively told us Tuesday night that she woke up to “great news” concerning her legal issues, and was perfectly satisfied with her new drink of choice: Pepsi.
"Pepsi's like the new alcohol for me," she said. "I won't drink any soda and its like, then when I go out, its like 'Yeah, Pepsi!'"
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watch the video here

Steph at the PRVCY Premium Denim Celebration for The Launch Of Lives Inspired Book & CD at Beso last night 12/8

More Photos of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth at Playhouse 12/5

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