Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: 6th Season Photoshoot (twit pic)

Audrina tweeted: "At photoshoot for 6th season of the hill's!! Its a gorgeous day!!! We are shooting by the pool and I'm so tempted to go swimming"
Kristin chimed in
"Getting touchups with @officialaudrina woohoo havin a great shoot"

CarleneKMakeup: tweeted "@KristinCav @JackKetsoyan, Marcus and Me today at the promo shoot for The Hills!!"
Kristin added: "Going to bed...have to be up at 5:45 to shoot The Hills promo in front of a green screen on a harness on..woot woot!!! Gonna be fun!!"

The City Cast attends The Party for Elie Tahari’s Spring 2010 Collection

Upon entering the party for Elie Tahari’s spring collection at Bergdorf Goodman last night, we had to dodge several large video cameras and squeeze past herds of headset-wearing producers before we realized what all the fuss was about: Nearly the entire cast of The City was milling around, pretending to act natural while other guests pretended not to stare. We had been there for barely five minutes when a woman tapped us on the shoulder, presented us with a release form, and informed us that we were in some of the shots. Randomly, Emmy Rossum popped by for a few minutes and chatted with the designer, who looked adorably baffled by all of the cameras. When asked if he watched The City, Tahari nodded loyally. “Yes! Yes, I watch it. I love it,” he answered. Really? “Well, I haven’t watched all of the episodes. I’ve only watched a few.”
Meanwhile, producers cleared away a large chunk of party attendees so that they could get uninterrupted shots of Whitney pecking Tahari on the cheek and Zee talking with Olivia Palermo. But they did have to make the set — er, the party — look realistic, so they took turns walking in front of the cameras themselves. When they had each taken several laps, producers began drawing “extras” from the guests. “Excuse me,” said one, “would you mind walking over to that rack over there [he indicated a rack on the other side of the room] and then back to me?” We obliged, trying not to look as ridiculous as we felt.
credit - guest of a guest, Charlotte Cowles @

Brody Jenner: Out & About in Malibu

credit - Laguna Lovers

Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo Necklace Collection Launch

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Whitney Port Turns 25!

Credit - OK magazine via Whitney's web site

Jason Wahler: "I Am Ashamed of Everything"

Former Hills star Jason Wahler says he felt incredible "shame" when he made headlines again last weekend for his sixth alcohol-related arrest in recent years. A week prior, online video footage also surfaced of Wahler, 23, being cuffed by Mexican police in Cabo San Lucas March 11 after he allegedly got into a club brawl.
"I am very, very ashamed of everything," he tells "I am very sorry for everything that's happened."
So what went wrong for Wahler, who claimed in 2007 that he had cleaned up his act and even did a stint with inpatient rehab?
About six months ago, he tells Us he moved back to Orange County from L.A. and enrolled in the University of Phoenix in Fountain Valley, Calif., hoping to earn a business degree.
He even began going to AA up to five times a week. "I had a sponsor and stuff," says Wahler. "You know, the whole thing."
While traveling to L.A. "doing the whole movie stuff," he says he "got distracted" and "started falling out of the program ... I lost contact with my sponsor."
He slowly began drinking again. "It was one drink or a few," he says. "It wasn’t a binge or anything."
On March 19, he was taken into custody at 10:54 p.m. for DUI while driving a 2008 Chevy Tahoe. He likely will face jail time.
He declined to talk about the incident, but he tells Us, "I think everything happens for a reason. God did that to me, so maybe I would be at [rock] bottom and want to climb my way to the top."
With the help of his new girlfriend and friends and family, he returned to AA this past Wednesday. "It's all about getting back on track," Wahler tells Us. "My girlfriend, my parents, my brothers, my sisters and a handful of my best friends are willing to do everything to keep me out of trouble.
"I never want to drink again," he adds.
He says he'll also avoid L.A. "unless it’s crucial for work. If I do go, I will go with my father or somebody who is a sober support. But I definitely won't be going out!
"If I don’t stay sober," he tells Us, "I am not going to have a life."
credit - Us Weekly

I love how he says "God did that to me." No moron, you did all this to yourself!