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Lauren Conrad: My Studio Girl

A dressed-up Lauren Conrad arrived early to MyStudio in L.A. to support her friend Jilly Hendrix who was deejaying at the popular nightspot. The reality star and her friends took over a table by the deejay booth and immediately began chatting and giggling with each other. They also cheered when their favorite song – "California Gurls" by Katy Perry – was played. Conrad, who rarely hits the clubs anymore, said hi to friends after taking a lap around the room, and also requested songs from her pal at the turntables.
Lauren tweeted: "At MyStudio listening to @jillyhendrix on the ones and twos!!"
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Kristin Cavallari: TV Now Awards VIDEO

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Whitney Port: Beverly Hills Beauty

Spending time back home on the west coast, Whitney Port was looking in fine form while out in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday (July 27).
Busily chatting with her sisters, the MTV reality star popped into a local nail salon to polish up with a midday mani/pedi session.
Currently on hiatus following the recent conclusion of season 2 of "The City," Whitney took time during her leisurely day to tweet birthday love to her little sis.
She wrote, "happy happy birthday paigey! i hope you had the best day! sweet dreams my loves! xoxo"
Also tweeting her hopes for some much needed rest, Miss Port finished up the day by saying, "i hope the construction workers start later tomorrow so i can sleep until at least 8:30!!!!! pretttyyy pleaseee!!!"
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Audrina Patridge: London Hills Finale Party

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Audrina Patridge swapped the bright lights of Hollywood for London last night as she marked the end of The Hills on British television.
Audrina hosted a pool party for fans of the MTV show - which ended in the U.S. two weeks ago - at the Haymarket Hotel in London.
After a busy few days sightseeing and an appearance on Alan Carr's chat show, the 25-year-old made a mad dash to the party on a motorcycle.
Arriving in a pair of skinny jeans, bikier boots and a white blouse, it wasn't long before Patridge was red carpet ready in a tight-fitting white bandeau dress.
Fans of The Hills know Audrina is no stranger to motorbikes after regularly riding on them with ex-boyfriend Justin 'Bobby' Brescia.
Since arriving in the UK on Monday, Patridge has been hitting all the tourist sites, Audrina tweeted: "So far @JennShoucair and I have gone to buckingham palace, tower of london, big ben, westminster abbey, st paul's cathedral. I <3 london

"@alancarr just finished having an interview with him."
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Kristin Cavallari: My Beauty And Style Secrets

Kristin Cavallari has a very SoCal attitude about makeup. She prefers to keep it simple and let her natural beauty shine through. But sometimes she has fun with a bit of sparkle too! Here are her fave beauty products.
"I love neutral colors for eye shadows. My favorite is Nars, which also does bronzer and lipsticks that I love. My favorite [shade] is Belle de Jour. I use Armani foundation, which is very light but gives great coverage. Hair products I use are Kerastase."
Kristin's locks are always shiny and well-kept and she let us in on a little hair secret: "I love dry shampoo by Klorane," but there are many brands that will work differently with various hair types."
What's Kristin Cavallari's Must-Have Item for Fall?
The Hills star, who says she can't live without leggings, J Brand skinny jeans or her black leather jacket says this fall, she's planning to keep her look picture-perfect with a well-chosen investment piece.
"I want to get a great trenchcoat and will be wearing lots of bohemian pieces."
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Stephanie Pratt Isn’t Broken Up With Josh Hansen

Don’t listen to reports that say Stephanie Pratt and her boyfriend Josh Hansen are broken up! The Hills star tells OK! exclusively they’re “completely untrue.”
Reports hit the web on Monday that Stephanie broke up with Josh right before he performs in the X Games this week.
But, Stephanie tells OK! exclusively, “This is completely untrue.”
Josh and I are happy,” she adds to OK!. “And I am proud to be supporting him this week at the X Games.”
Expect to see Stephanie at the X Games on Thursday supporting her man!

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Jen Bunney is Moving Forward with Their Reality TV Show Minus Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag’s longtime friend Jennifer Bunney is moving forward with their reality TV show minus The Hills star. In an exclusive interview with, Bunney debunks feud rumors, reveals why she’s worried about Heidi, and highlights what to expect from the new show.
Originally, as was the first to report, Bunney and Montag were going to live together over the summer and film a reality show. Now, the show is going on without Heidi.
"She didn’t directly tell me she didn’t want to do the show anymore. I heard it through other people. She’s just going through so much with her divorce and she just doesn’t want to do reality television,” Bunney said. “We had a big production meeting that was scheduled for two months and I ended up having to go to the meeting alone. They decided to move forward without her. The producers called me and said they were moving forward with or without her.”
While there were rumors the Shannon twins -- who have been hanging out with Montag recently -- would be involved, Bunney says the talks are false. As for familiar faces from The Hills of MTV’s Laguna Beach, Bunney says: “I haven’t talked to any of them yet about doing it but they are my friends and the show is about my life so we’ll see.”
The new series will focus on Bunney’s life which includes going back to school, her recent terrible breakup with a boyfriend, and “being independent for the first time” in her life.
“We’re not in a fight, I’m not upset at her, she’s not mad at me,” Bunney added wanting to clarify whispers of a rift between the two pals. “I would love her to do the show. I’m hoping that once the show is rolling and a few episodes air, she’ll join in. I really want her to do it but I don’t want to push her into something she doesn’t want to do.”
Despite not having any hard feelings towards her friend, Bunney says she is “definitely” worried about Heidi. “This is kind of what she has to do- with the divorce and The Hills ending- a lot is new in her life and she’s not talking to anyone.”
Currently, Bunney is finalizing the contracts for the new show and hopes to start shooting the pilot soon.

Audrina Patridge: Hills Series Finale Questions Answered

Audrina blogged:
Hey guys, sorry it took me a couple weeks to write my last blog on hills. I'm sure most of you saw the finale. We didn't get to watch it beforehand, we all watched it together at the live after show. It still hasn't really hit me that it's really over. I thought I'd get real emotional at the finale, but instead I look at it like it's graduating and moving on in life. I'm excited for the unknown and what the future beholds!! Alrighty sooooo I have to say that I thought the end was very clever! Because it's poking fun at how everyone asks if the hills is fake. The little montage at the end of each of us were pretty cool. It shows how everyone has changed and matured. It's crazy to think that 6 years ago the hills was similar yet so different! I was the only original cast member on the hills for the entire series!!! At least Whit and Lauren were at the after show for a little reunion with us. And it was also a mini laguna beach reunion with Lo, Lauren and Kristin.
The final season of the hills ended with people moving, getting boyfriends, getting engaged, everyone maturing and choosing their next path in life. It's been a long 6 years filled with lots of change - experiencing LA life on national tv! One day I'll show my kids the DVDs but not until they are older! haha
Now I keep getting a bunch of questions regarding me living on the beach in Hermosa and also if I met Corey through Stephanie and Josh (lol) and also what I'm doing after the hills..... Well here it goes:
As far as me actually living in Hermosa... it was a gorgeous house, that hopefully one day I'll be able to afford!
Noo I did not meet Corey through Stephanie and Josh. I've known Corey for a very long time and for the hardcore fans out there you know he filmed with me during season 4. Josh actually knows Corey and my brother-in-law Kyle Loza. We have a lot of mutual friends, and no I did not set them up and I have not seen her since finale.
As far as what I'm doing after the hills..... I plan on continue going to auditions and yes my reality show with mark Burnett is still in talks. It would be about my life outside of The Hills bubble, and behind the scenes as far as balancing my Hollywood life with my family life and trying to pursue my dream, but also living life and dealing with realtionships, traveling, all along with the ups and downs. My family and a few real close friends would also be on it.
I hope that answers a lot of your questions! Feel free to ask me more, and I will try my best to answer them all! Either directly, through a blog like this, or in the Community!

I am so happy to hear that her show is still being shopped around - fingers crossed!! : )
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Whitney Port: What Would She Wear

We may have shed a tear or two during the finale of The City—so glad it's coming back for a third installment!— but we're making the best of this season's closer by paying homage to the drama-filled show's fashionable leading ladies. In addition to our Style Spotlight story on Olivia Palermo, we're rounding out our coverage by turning our attention to another fan favorite: Whitney Port. Now you might recall Port's first day at Teen Vogue (back in The Hills era), when she was rudely criticized for wearing an outfit that was "too matchy-matchy"—well, dear readers, times have changed. Today, the reality-star-turned-designer is well-known for taking risks and making clever style choices that include everything from girly mini dresses to shiny metallic items to printed pants. So in honor of this smartly dressed, always accessible muse, we have rounded up a few Port-inspired pieces that capture her adventurous sense of fashion. Enjoy!
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