Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nothing Will Stop Lauren Conrad From Getting a Manicure

"Had to wear a head lamp to give myself a manicure last night… #SafariProblems"

Lauren Conrad demonstrated a serious can-do attitude toward grooming when she gave herself a manicure—at night—while on safari in Tanzania. No electricity? No problem.
On Wednesday the stylish celeb tweeted, "Had to wear a head lamp to give myself a manicure last night." She also included an adorable picture of herself wearing the contraption as proof of her dedication to having perfectly polished nails.
This kind of discipline doesn't surprise us. Lauren continually appears in photos looking put together in her own effortlessly chic way and her tweet inspired us with her obvious commitment to looking good even when a red carpet appearance isn't on the agenda. Now it's really time we did something about these ragged cuticles and chipped lacquer.
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credit - By Heather Gunderman at Style Bistro
~Kelli at Hills Freak

Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Shows off her Baby Bump

Kristin Cavallari was seen hitting up the Cheesecake Factory in Beverly Hills last night (March 14).
Joined by some gal pals, KCav looked to be having a marvelous time as she showed off her pregnant belly in a slim-fitting grey tank top.
And it sounds like Kristin has been going through the dairy phase of her preggers cravings as she prepares to become a mother.
Cavallari told press, “[I'm craving] Ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, like anything dairy I had to have it and I am out of that now. I have been eating a lot of Twix which I don’t typically eat but that is it.”
She really looks terrific! : )
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credit -, tlfan, thanks for the heads up portia! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak

10 Questions With Lauren Conrad

By Kai
Meet Lauren Conrad, television personality, fashion designer, author and business woman.
You may think you know everything there is to know about her from that popular reality show, but Lauren embodies the kind of character that keeps you surprised. She’s in my opinion, rather unpredictable; her drive to succeed is one that’s very admirable.
Lauren herself has stated that in looking back, she’ll want to be seen as someone who was a good role model to young girls. Well, don’t worry Ms. Conrad, I’m sure we all agree that you are the motivation to many. Check out her ’10′ quick responses given during such a hectic time for her. How does she do it?
1.) What is your one-line positive thinking mantra?
If you do something you love you will never work a day in your life.
2.) Describe your personality?
Laid back.
3.) What practices have you adopted that have led to a healthier lifestyle
Water and clean eating.
4.) The world is going green, have you embraced the trend?
5.) Provide us with a few tips and tricks for holistic living?
6.) Describe your fashion style?
California chic!
7.) How do you unwind after a long week?
Read and relax, or watch a good chick flick with friends.
8.) What empowers you?
Strong women like my mom and grandma.
9.) What is your favorite cuisine?
10.) How do you creatively express yourself?
Through my designs!
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credit - EY
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Stephanie Pratt at the Grand Opening Of Peta's New Bob Barker Building in LA

On Thursday (March 8th) Stephnie Pratt attended the grand opening of the Bob Barker Building, PETA's new West Coast headquarters, located in L.A.'s Echo Park.
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credit -, tlfan
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