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Lauren Conrad And Her Dog Chloe Share The Same Taste In Designer Handbags

Lauren Conrad has spoken about a major fashion disaster – the moment her pet dog ate her Chanel handbags.
The reality TV star, author and designer told Women's Health that she was horrified when her two-year-old dog Chloe ran amok in her wardrobe.
She said: 'She ate two of my Chanel [handbags] and chewed the heel off a pair of boots right out of the box.”
But the former Hills star – who appears on the front cover of the latest issue of the US fitness magazine – said she sought the help of a 'fashion doctor' who repaired the damage.
The 24-year-old California-native didn't go into detail about the 'doctor', but said: 'He was like a magician. He brought everything back to life.'
The TV star, who is currently promoting her third book Lauren Conrad Style, also revealed that when she's not writing and designing clothes, she cooks for herself and her room-mates, including one-time co-star Lo Bosworth.
She said: 'I like to know exactly what's being put into my food. And it's nice to come home at the end of the day and cook with your friends.'
To work off the calories, she added that she likes to go kayaking, hiking and playing tennis with friends near her Los Angeles apartment.
She said: 'None of us are any good, but there's a lot of running around just trying to hit the ball… Anyway to make a work-out feel like playtime is great.
“The stress just melts away.'
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Audrina Patridge: DWTS Week 5 - The Rumba (Video)

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Whitney Port: The Waikiki EDITION Opening Weekend - Day 3

Spotted: Whitney and Ben at the The Waikiki EDITION Opening Weekend - Day 3 in Honolulu, Hawaii - October 16, 2010
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Lauren Conrad: The Craziness in My Life is Over

Reality darling Lauren Conrad starts shooting for her new show which means one thing--expect to see a lot of her!
Lauren's going to be busy doing the promotional rounds, and boy does she have a lot to promote! Between her new reality show, her new book and designing for Kohl's, Lauren has her plate full right now.
She's featured on the new cover of Women's Health magazine where she talks about post-TV life, she spills the beans about her many new projects and how she squeezes in staying in shape. Here are some highlights...
On her post-TV life:
“A lot of the craziness is over. It’s the calm after the storm.”
On balancing her hectic lifestyle:
“When you are working really hard and you’re really focused on your career, a lot of other things suffer. It takes a lot of effort to have a successful career, have great relationships in your life and have a healthy lifestyle. It’s just about compromise.”
On staying grounded:
“One way to stay grounded in the entertainment industry is to surround yourself with very good people that will constantly remind you how uncool you are. It helps that I have an amazing family and I have really great friends that I’ve had since I was a little kid and they’re all still around me, reminding me how lame I am.”
On producing:
“You know, the next thing I’m probably going to do is getting into producing. For me it’s more about finding the time that I really have to dedicate to the beginning stages because I want the first project I do to be something really special.”
On her other upcoming projects:
“Right now, I’m working on putting together my next book series; working on the Kohl’s line…which has taken up a lot of time and has been really, really fun to do.”
On her success as a writer:
“A little bizarre but really cool.”
On taking on a dozen different projects and squeezing in workouts with her beau:
“It helps if your friends and boyfriend like to work out because then you can kill two birds with one stone.”
On her kickboxing sessions:
“Any way to make a workout feel like playtime is great. The stress just melts away.”
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Heidi Montag: Bicycle Workout

Heading out for some exercise, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were spotted taking a bike ride near their home on Sunday (October 17).
And of course the former “Hills” stars made sure they were ready for plenty of paparazzi action, as they both donned stylish attire as they pedaled down the street looking more normal than ever following their crazy Costa Rican summer.
In related news, Heidi’s track “Blackout” was actually written by Taylor Momsen way back in the day. And the “Gossip Girl” actress isn’t impressed that Montag nabbed the song.
“I wrote a pop song [called Blackout when I was eight] and recorded it with a producer as a demo. Heidi Montag from The Hills just recently sang it and put it out as her single. I'm like, okay, dude, you're singing an eight-year-old's words, but that's cool. It's so funny because I didn't shop it or anything and I get this call going, 'Did you write a song for Heidi Montag'? And I'm like 'What?’''
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Audrina Patridge and Tony Dovolani's Rumba to Be 'Like Making Love'

By Audrina Patridge
This week my partner Tony Dovolani and I are doing the rumba. The dance is similar to the Argentine tango, except without the lifts and tricks. It's very passionate, sensual and sultry. Tony calls it the dance of love and says the emotion should be like making love on the dance floor – which is a little awkward and weird! I'm definitely still getting used to it. Thankfully, our Argentine tango last week was very up close and personal, so that kind of prepared me for this.
It's also TV-theme week, and the producers surprised us with the theme song to The Hills, "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. Every week is a new surprise! When Tony showed me which song we were assigned, I was really excited. "Unwritten" is a great song, and I love Natasha Bedingfield. Every time I hear that song, I automatically think of the intro to The Hills. It really brings back all those memories. Now I get to create a new memory, and I'll never forget this either.
Tony and I are going to bring everything that was on The Hills – the drama, flirtation and relationship ups and downs – into our dance. It's going to be very fun!
Because we were always at the pool, by the beach or on vacation on The Hills, I was always wearing bikinis. So my costume this week is going to be inspired by bathing suits. It's not exactly a bikini, but it's definitely inspired by them. My costume has a lot of chiffon and it's sparkly and hot pink, very girly and short. It's going to look really cute!
I have been so busy since we finished The Hills that I haven't really spoken with the other cast members. I try to keep up on Twitter with Stephanie and Lo and Justin texted me about a month ago to wish me luck and tell me that he's proud of me, but that's about it. I have gotten some awesome texts and well-wishes from the producers and crew. A few of the executive producers came to visit me last Tuesday while I was in hair and makeup on the set of DWTS. They said that I'm doing great and they're so happy for me. It was really, really nice to see them!
I've been super busy this week. I rarely get to see my family, so during my off time when I'm not dancing with Tony, I usually hang out with my boyfriend or visit my family. Saturday, I rehearsed from eight in the morning till one, and then I flew straight to Las Vegas to watch my boyfriend Corey Bohan compete in the Dew Tour. I came back first thing Sunday morning and went straight to rehearsal.
Corey has been in the Dancing With the Stars audience every Monday and Tuesday. He comes early and hangs out with me in my trailer, gives me a foot or back massage and then leaves to sit in the audience. Afterwards, we always go to dinner together. It was nice that this time I got to show him some support and sit in the audience watching HIM!
I hope everyone is enjoying the show and that I'm surprising people every week. I'm actually surprising myself! I didn't think that I could ever dance like this. I came into Dancing With the Stars with a clean slate. Everything I've learned, I've learned from Tony. He's such a great teacher. Hopefully this week all The Hills lovers will enjoy our dance – and vote!
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Whitney Port & Ben Nemtin: Loved Up in Hawaii

Making the most of her island vacation, Whitney Port was spotted out and about in Waikiki, Hawaii yesterday (October 17).
Joined by her boyfriend Ben Nemtin, Whit wore a one-shoulder strap bikini swimsuit as she relaxed in the sun.
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Audrina Patridge’s DWTS Workout

It’s week five of Dancing With The Stars and reality star Audrina Patridge has held on as one of the eight remaining contestants. While her svelte figure looks like it was made for the show’s revealing costumes, she had to work hard to increase her flexibility, stamina and strength six weeks before rehearsals began with Bodyline Pilates instructor Maria Leone. “We worked out for an hour, 2-3 times per week until rehearsals became all-encompassing, and now we try to fit it in whenever she can,” says Leone, who also works with celebrities like Kate Bosworth. “For all the exercise Audrina has done in the past, very little focus was placed on flexibility. The ability to lift your leg high or perform the splits looks great when you are on stage, so we spent a lot of time increasing hamstring flexibility and strengthening her core to support a strong dance posture.” Try Audrina’s core and flexibility exercises at home (after the jump) and tune into tonight at 8 p.m. EST on ABC to watch her and partner Tony Dovolani perform the rumba!
Pilates Hamstring Pull
Lie on your back, lift your head and shoulders off the floor and extend one leg straight to the ceiling. Keep the opposite leg straight, floating just above the floor and switch legs in a scissoring action. Make sure to keep your hips still and abdominals engaged. Repeat 8-15 times.
Pilates Roll-Up
Lie on your back, legs straight, arms extended overhead with your mid-back snug to the floor. Reach your hands to the ceiling and bring your spine off the floor slowly until your torso is folded over your legs and your fingers reach past your toes. Exhale on the way up, inhale at your toes and slowly exhale has you return to the start position. Repeat 5-8 times.
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Lauren Conrad Shares Her Fall Fashion Essentials

With a reality TV series, a clothing line for Kohls, and two New York Times best sellers under her belt, it doesn’t look like Lauren Conrad is slowing down anytime soon. But the busy starlet took a break from promoting her most recent book, Lauren Conrad Style, to play October guest editor for fashion site, revealing some of her chic fall must-haves. Top on the Laguna Beach local-turned-Hollywood Hills fashionista’s list? “I am obsessed with these jeggings,” she says of a pair of skinny jeans from Charley 5.0. “The fit is very flattering and they have a nice color selection.” Other go-to items for the season include a pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Dior that “have a retro feel, but still look modern” and a light brown leather belt, which she says make any outfit “feel more daytime.” But when the stylish reality star wants to dress up, she opts for a classic look. “I really love any feminine detailing on a dress. The bow on this one makes it sweet, but still chic,” she says of a white Paul & Joe one-shoulder dress.
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