Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jayde Nicole visits' That Morning Show' on E!

Stephanie Pratt in Hot Chelle Rae's video 'I Like To Dance'

Whitney Port out and about in West Hollywood 11/5

Enjoying time off from her MTV filming duties, Whitney Port was spotted out shopping in West Hollywood on Thursday (November 5).
Looking her usual stylish self, the reality TV beauty dropped into Milk and Hilary Rush - picking up a few bagfuls of purchases along the way.
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Audrina Patridge: Halloween at Dusk

Audrina blogged about her Halloween: "I hope everyone had an amazing and safe Halloween! Mine was great! This Halloween, I hosted a party at the DUSK in Atlantic City, NJ. Here are some photos of me and my besties partying at the casino and my costume -- I went as Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie! There were so many outrageous costumes! People are so creative!"

Brody Jenner at the Europe Music Awards 2009 11/5

Brody arriving at the Europe Music Awards and having fun backstage
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Brody tweeted about the event: "I feel like I am dreaming.. I just walked by Jay-Z then the foo fighters AND then green day!!! Best night ever!!"

Audrina Patridge & Lo Bosworth leaving Solar de Cahuenga restaurant in Hollywood 11/4

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Roxy Olin on season 2 of 'The City' and setting the record straight on her tattoo (it's not on her crotch)

Roxy Olin told us last night at QVC's Isaac Mizrahi Live! celebration at Stage 37 that she will star on another season of The City. Though Kelly Cutrone's best advice to her has been to "think before you talk," she didn't hold back when we begged to know why Whitney is attracted to someone as tan, shiny, and seemingly douchey as Freddie Fackelmeyer. The answers may not surprise you.
What is Freddie Fackelmeyer like in real life?
I'm not a huge fan. He's like a socialite. I can't really read him. Like, he's a nice guy. But I don't trust him. I mean, I think it's one of those things that once you find out that someone's been shady, you can't really look at them any other way.
Why is he so shiny and tan?
You know what, that's such a good question. I don't know. That's what I asked him when I first met him. Like, "Have you been in a booth for a while?" I don't know. I think he's been in a booth.
Does he have tan lines?
He has his tan pretty down. Like he's pretty clean. But it's a little orange-ish.
What did he say when you asked him about his tan?
I think he was used to girls being like "Oh, you're so cute," and I was like "Dammmn, you got really tan. Were you just in a booth or something?" And he was like, "No!"
Why do you think Whitney goes after those kinds of guys?
I think her being new in New York — he definitely has the scene going on. Like, he knows the cool, New York socialite scene. So I think being new here, she got wrapped up in it.
But you didn't get wrapped up in it, and you're new here.
No. I mean, I think it was different because I'm definitely more verbal about it. I think Whitney started to get a weird feeling about him, but she's so sweet, and loves to look at only the good. And she was missing out — to me — on an obvious negative.
Are you going to do another season?
Yes! It's almost 100 percent. Once we start filming, I'll be able to say 100 percent, you know? But as of right now, it's 100 percent.
When will they start filming for next season?
A couple weeks. It's crazy. But it's good. I'm bored. I want to get started again.
Do you really have a tattoo on your crotch?
I have a tattoo on my hip bone, but I was joking and they didn't show the humor in it at all in the editing room. But I'm glad you asked. It's not on, it's like right above. But I do. It's angel wings.
Were you upset with the way that part was edited?
I felt really bad for my grandparents. They liked last night's episode a lot. But afterward, I was like, "I'm so sorry about the crotch comment." But they didn't write me back yet.
What do you want to do with your life?
Can I think big here? I would die to be in a Quentin Tarantino film one day. That would be my lifelong dream. But I would also love to direct. I also want to work for someone in the jewelry industry. I love jewelry and I'm curious about that. And maybe one day do something with a restaurant — own a restaurant or something. I have a lot of things going on.
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Audrina Patridge on Justin Bobby: "he's such a parasitic life force"

Audrina blogged about this week's episode on her webpage:
"Oh The Hills...what to say about this week's episode, Heidi has been my friend for a long time and her birthday presented an unavoidable situation - I wouldn't ditch a friend's birthday due to drama. I can't even begin to express how hard it was to explain to someone who I don't truly know and who I could care less about that I simply wish they weren't in my life...without sounding rude...but I tried, and then I left. Justin and his gimmicks! I've tried so hard to get him out of my life and I was doing awesome for a while but he's such a parasitic life force."
"How many times have you had to tell someone you are through with their shady ways yet they've managed to slither their way back into your life one way or another???"

Kristin Cavallari Leaving earthbar in West Hollywood 11/3

Why Heidi and Spencer's New Book is Both Likable and Self-Loathing

I’m reluctant to admit that Spencer Pratt could be an authority on anything besides growing a daffodil-colored chinstrap, but he’s onto something with his new book How to be Famous. Co-authored by wife and The Hills co-star Heidi Montag, the book uses a bunch of pictures, splashy headlines, and even some text to guide amateurs into a life of baiting paparazzi and achieving that elusive sixteenth minute of fame. Their quest isn’t exactly noble, but their instructions are direct, truthful, and oddly self-effacing.
The best quotes from How to be Famous (out November 15) level with the “reader” (I’m using the term loosely here), spew with inner-fishbowl commentaries on fame, and evince strange threads of self-loathing. Finally, a barely ironic dissertation on the disconnect between self-promotion and self-esteem.
Prologue: “You probably walked by this in the bookstore and said, ‘Wait, those #$@^$# have a BOOK now?’ But here you are reading it. Don’t hate yourself.”
Chapter 2, “Spencer Pratt’s Guide to Playing the Villain”: “When I was watching pro wrestling growing up I always rooted for the bad guys. You know why? Because it was really boring watching Hulk Hogan go through the same routine of getting his ass whipped but then somehow finding the strength to pull it out in the end with a body slam and a leg drop. Just like it’s really boring watching some blond chick be nice to people, get trampled on by every guy she dates, and end up finding solace in the arms of her friends. Yawn.”
Chapter 2, “Spencer Pratt’s Guide to Playing the Villain”: “If I weren’t me, I’d HATE me.”
Chapter 6, “Tell Your Story”: “Never lose sight of the fact that there are always people who legitimately want you to go away.”
Chapter 9, “Getting Work Done is Your Job, by Heidi; Section: Boobs”: “There’s a reason [Pamela Anderson] is one of the most recognizable women in the world, and it’s not because of her fine work in Barb Wire.”
Chapter 9, “Getting Work Done is Your Job, by Heidi; Section: Nose”: “Repeat after me: deviated septum.”
Epilogue: “Isn’t bringing fun, laughter and feuds into someone’s life the best thing people could possibly do for others? Maybe celebrities ARE important! Take this newfound responsibility as an honor.”
I haven’t seen an examination of self-worth this in-depth and projected since Madonna’s Truth or Dare. And we don’t even need Warren Beatty to acknowledge that Heidi Montag has no reason to live off camera. Poignant stuff.
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Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth Filming The Hills 11/3

To see photos of Audrina and Lo filming 'The Hills' on the same day - click here

Style Profile: Lauren Conrad

While Lauren might have quit her job on the Hills she is still one stylish lady to look out for. Whether it is to a red carpet event- or just in her daily life, Lauren always looks put together and chic.
Key Pieces in Laurens Wardrobe: Black pumps, Chanel handbags, High waisted skirts, and Mini dresses.
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'The City' Boss Kelly Cutrone Plays Guess The Stars' Clothing Line

I can't wait for her show to debut. I think Kelly is hilarious.

Brody Jenner arrives in Berlin 11/4

Spending a little time overseas, Brody Jenner was spotted arriving at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Berlin on Wednesday (November 4).
Not ready for the climate change, the “Hills” hunk was wearing flip flops and a t-shirt despite temperatures dropping to 39 degrees in the German city.
As for the reason behind the trip, Brody will be among the stars attending tomorrow night’s MTV Europe Music Awards.
Sure to be a great show, performers at the annual event include the likes of Leona Lewis, Green Day, Jay Z, Tokio Hotel, Shakira and U2.
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