Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stephanie Pratt: Season 6 Photoshoot (twit pic)

Stephanie tweeted: "Just wrapped the 2nd day of our season 6 Hills photo shoot!! Thanks traci + christopher! Xx"ste

Lo Bosworth: Author!

I remember Lo saying she wanted to write a children's book but it looks like it's finally official. The Lo-Down by Lauren "Lo" Bosworth will be released on January 04, 2011 in Trade Paperback by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Here's a brief description from the Simon & Schuster website: "A new book about dating do's and don'ts filled with real life stories from the star of "The Hills, Lo Bosworth! "

Woohoo - Congratulations Lo!!

Lauren Conrad: Fairless Hills, PA Book Signing

Lauren Conrad was spotted out at Barnes & Noble in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania on Sunday (March 28).
Lauren greeted patiently waiting fans and signed copies of "Sweet Little Lies" as she continues to find success with her writing endeavors.
Having made the trip out east on Saturday morning, Miss Conrad spent the previous evening hitting up a local bookstore in Fairfax, Virginia.
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Lauren Conrad: More Photos from Fairfax 'Sweet Little Lies" Book Signing

Now this is a reality TV personality who was smart about her career. Who would've ever thought, when Lauren Conrad was starring on 'The Hills,' that she'd go on to become a fashion designer and a New York Times best-selling author?
She even manages to keep her private life pretty low-profile now that she's no longer on 'The Hills.' Lauren should write a how-to book about how to turn a stint on reality TV into a career as a personality. And she looks great, as usual.
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Kristin Cavallari - Season 6 Promo shoot (twit pic)

Lo tweeted: "so excited to fly today (on a harness, ha)...ill twitpic a picture"
and Kristin added: "I'm flying!!!"

Audrina Patridge: Perez Hilton's "Carn-Evil" birthday

Audrina recently blogged:
I've gotten a lot of questions about my hair. So I'd like to address some of those questions here! I feel my hair is usually my biggest flaw! So thank you so much for all your sweet compliments! Brightens up my day! I can do my own makeup but when it comes to my hair, I usually put a wave in it, put it up in a pony tail or clip it half way back! I don't own a hair straightener. My hair is actually naturally super straight! I wish I had wavy hair!
I'm also naturally a dirty blonde. My eyes are hazel, but at times look brown, amber or green. So when it comes to coloring my hair, I sometimes go dark which brings out the green. But I tend to not ask for a specific color – I like honey tones. If you're looking to change your hair color, but don't know what to pick, tell your colorist to go with a hue that compliments your skin tone.
One of my favorite hair products is Moroccan oil! Moroccan Oil is a miracle product for all hair types especially for anyone who overstyles their hair – like myself. It tames frizzes, keeps hair soft and draws out the natural shine. Leaving no greasy feeling and a nice light scent.
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Lauren Conrad: Fairfax Book Signing

Having touched down in Washington DC earlier in the day, Lauren Conrad was hot on the promotional trail on Saturday evening (March 27).
Looking adorable, Lauren cheerfully signed copies of her book Sweet Little Lies at a local Borders bookstore.
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Lo Boworth: Getting Her Brows Shaped

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Audrina Patridge: twit pics

Audrina tweeted: "Getting ready for tonight!!.... Should I wear a cute white dress or a sparkly black dress...These pix r so cheesy haha"

"Ended up wearing white, saving the black for another night:). Stopping by perez's bday!!... I'm so excited to see leona lewis perform and eve!:) ill take pix

Lauren Conrad: At Dulles Airport

Lauren Conrad was spotted landing at Dulles Airport in Washington DC on Saturday (March 27).
In the nation's capital for a book meet-and-greet for "Sweet Little Lies", the 2nd book in her L.A. Candy series, Lauren deboarded the plane with her face covered - explaining to photogs that she "didn't want her picture taken until she went through hair and makeup for the book signing."
Cheering up Miss Conrad was an awaiting fan, as a young gentleman caught the 24-year-old's attention as he handed her a bouquet of yellow flowers inside the terminal.
Lauren looked a bit surprised, but proceeded to take a photo with her admirer as she proudly held onto the floral gift while being escorted out to an awaiting car.
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