Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lo Bosworth: Author!

I remember Lo saying she wanted to write a children's book but it looks like it's finally official. The Lo-Down by Lauren "Lo" Bosworth will be released on January 04, 2011 in Trade Paperback by Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
Here's a brief description from the Simon & Schuster website: "A new book about dating do's and don'ts filled with real life stories from the star of "The Hills, Lo Bosworth! "

Woohoo - Congratulations Lo!!

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  1. How totally ironic that today I watched the deleted scenes of Season 3 of The Hills and Audrina and Lauren were at a bar discussing that they wanted to write a book on dating and Lo said "I'll only read it if I get it for free." Lo copped a serious attitude because Lauren and Audrina were clicking. Haha. I guess I'll say the same, I'll only read it if I get it for free. Touche.