Monday, June 28, 2010

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne: Toy Shopping

Avril Lavigne picks out some remote control airplanes and a remote control monster truck with boyfriend Brody Jenner on Saturday (June 26) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.
The 25-year-old singer wore a pair of black shutter shades, denim shorts, and limited edition Adidas JS Wings trainers.
Although it is unclear who the remote control toys are for, it was Avril’s best friend and ex-guitarist Evan Taubenfeld’s 27th birthday on Sunday.

credit - Just Jared, thanks for the heads up portia! : )
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Whitney Port: The Rumors Are False!

Whitney blogged:
To my friends and fans,
I want to clear the air and let you all know that the rumors that have been circulating about The City being canceled are NOT true! When I checked my Twitter and Facebook pages this morning, I was overwhelmed with your kind words and support. I am 100% committed to the show and thank you all for being the best fans! Now, let's show our love for The City and rock this week!!! Tune in tomorrow night LIVE to MTV @10:30.

Also backing up Whitney's claims is Tony DiSanto, MTV’s president of programming and development, who told Gossip Cop exclusively that the show’s rumored demise is “Totally 100 percent not true.”


credit - Whitney's Official Website and Gossip Cop
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Rumor: The City Might Not Return for Another Season

Rumour has it that MTV has canceled (seemingly) successful scripted reality series The City. The current season, which airs on Tuesdays at 10.30pm EST, will be its last.
The City, a spin-off of the The Hills, which was a spin-off of Laguna Beach, documents the “life” of Whitney Port, a young designer trying to make it in New York. It mostly takes place at real-life fashion industry companies, including Kelly Cutrone’s public relations firm People’s Revolution and Elle magazine, where main characters Erin Kaplan and Olivia Palermo “work.” (Kaplan does indeed work full time at Elle, Palermo does not.)
In general, we’re a bit surprised by this news.
The City seems genuinely popular, and even if it doesn’t pull in ratings equivalent to those of The Hills (which is also ending this season), it’s much buzzier. For a brand like MTV, it seems like it’d be worth sacrificing some ratings for press.
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It's just a rumor so far but I am hoping this isn't true. 'The City' really found it's stride this season and for it to end it now would be such a loss for the cast and for us fans...
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Whitney Port: Show Magnifies Bad Times

Whitney Port admits it's hard to be on camera constantly, as she has to share all the bad things in her life with viewers as well as the good.
The 25-year-old was catapulted into superstardom after appearing alongside Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag in hit MTV reality series The Hills and then moved to New York to star in The City about her attempts to make it as a fashion designer.
Whitney admits: "It can be difficult, but I think because I actually love doing it, it's worth balancing. The problem is that, as many positive things get captured, there are as many failures and upsets so it's a double-edged sword and it can be difficult at times because the bad things can be magnified."
She continued: "For me, it's all turned out to be a great experience. I don't regret doing this and I think it's cool to show this to the viewers out there and it's great if I can inspire people to go after their goals and dreams and not be afraid to take the plunge and move out of their safety net."
But the budding designer reveals she has got used to living every bit of her life in the spotlight.
She said: "The best part is being able to share my clothing line with millions of people each week and the worst is the slip-ups you have to go through in life get magnified by having it filmed. I've gotten numb to a lot of things in a way and go with the flow these days."
credit - The Press Association
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Snooki’s Ex-BF Emilio Masella Is Living In Malibu… With Spencer Pratt!

Whoa! Talk about an unlikely pairing. has learned exclusively that Heidi Montag’s soon-to-be ex-husband Spencer Pratt and Snooki’s ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella are helping each other get over their recent break-ups by becoming roommates! “I’m in Malibu,” Emilio confirmed to us. “I live with Spencer Pratt!”
“Ahh … LA here I come babieeee,” Emilio tweeted at Spencer on June 23. “We’re gonna go pimpin in malibu now.”
More Twitter stalking reveals Emilio left home June 24 to move in with Spencer. “Ready for malibu ! @spencerpratt! On my way to airport ,” Emilio tweeted June 24. “Mmm 1st class in nice takin off bye ct!”
News of Emilio’s big move comes just days after we learned Heidi enlisted big shot divorce attorney Jodeane Farrell to handle her split from Spencer. The couple, formerly known as “Speidi,” will meet in about two weeks for a mediated settlement.
Emilio and Spencer met shortly after Emilio and Snooki split back in April. The two are allegedly working on a new dating show called Fist Pumping For Love which would feature Emilio on the search for his rebound guidette. Spencer and Heidi were originally going to produce it together, but something tells us Heidi won’t want to work with Spencer now that they’re headed for splitsville.
credit - Lindsey DiMattina @ Hollywood Life

The Speidi news gets more ridiculous by the minute. How coincidental that Heidi and Spencer are both shacking up with their reality TV partners?
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