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Lauren Conrad's Top 10 Style Secrets

Lauren Conrad’s style has been on an upswing for seven years now (ever since she first appeared on MTV’s The Hills in 2004!) and there are a few things we’ve learned from her fabulous feminine style. We sorted through thousands of images of LC to identify her signature fashion tricks, from eyeliner and belts to oversize bags and evening-ready shorts. Click through to see some of Lauren Conrad’s top style secrets—and learn how to make them work for your wardrobe, too.

Dress Up Your Shorts
Conrad chooses shorts that transform an otherwise casual item into a perfectly dressed-up look. Try a flat-front black pair, which can translate into a great evening look with a pair of pumps and loose blouse.

Add a Wave to Your Hair
Conrad's loose, flirty waves echo her casual, natural style.

Perfect Winged Eyeliner
Lauren Conrad rarely goes out without expertly lining her lids with black eyeliner for a perfect cat eye effect. Conrad's trick: Bring the edges to a point at the outer corners, which opens up the eye and makes them look larger.

Cinch Your Belts
Conrad loves to highlight her waist—she believes is there's no better ally than a great belt. Pair them with everything from draped dresses to minis to oversize tops to reign in voluminous fabric and create an hourglass shape.

Work Your Jackets!
The perfect layering piece that can give any look polish, blazers are a staple of Conrad's closet. Use a long, lean boyfriend cut to instantly update a traditionally feminine look

Go For Minimalist Oversized Bags
Conrad usually opts for neutral totes that are large enough to stash a little bit of everything. Look for bags with little embellishment or texture in rich hues like camel, caramel or sand to go with everything in your wardrobe.

Show Some Leg
Conrad loves to show off her legs with thigh-skimming minis. Choose either a looser, breezy silhouette or a slight A-line in a thicker material to keep the look chic and fashionable.

Keep Your Pumps Classic
Conrad—who loves to play with color and textures, solids and prints with her clothing—keeps her footwear timeless with simple silhouettes and neutral hues like black and nude

Vary Your Braids
Conrad's signature hairstyle is her braid. Take a cue from Conrad's assortment of styles and try a side braid with a half updo or casually twist one into your strands when you wear it down.

Skinny Pants + Loose Top = Perfect Combo
Conrad says skinnies are her go-to cut, pairing them with billowy blouses and lengthy tunics for the perfect balance of shape and proportion. Look for leather or dark-rinse denim styles for a slimming silhouette.
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