Sunday, January 24, 2010

Does Roxy Olin have a new roommate?!

Does City dweller Roxy Olin have a new roommate? The word is that her boyfriend Alex Lobel who works as an assistant for Lizzie Grubman will now appear as a cast member on the show and has also moved in with the beautiful Ms. Olin.
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Well, they are dating but the roommates thing appears to be false
Roxy responded to my tweet by saying:
"Wow let's not jump the gun!"
and here's Alex's take:
"RT that's news to me! @LizzieGrubman: I just fd out my that my LA ass.@AlexLobel is moving to NY via

I guess I can't get them all right ;) But hey all PR is good PR right?

New York Real Housewife Alex McCord on Heidi Montag's slew of plastic surgeries

New York Real Housewife Alex McCord has spoken out about Heidi Montag's slew of plastic surgeries, insisting 'The Hill's star has let her fans down.
The blonde New Yorker refuses to go under the knife herself and thinks Heidi should have stayed away from the operating table herself.
"It does not set a good example to her fans," the reality star told in an exclusive interview. "One thing I have learned from doing this show is that people really do judge or commend you."
“And there are a lot of young impressionable women that watch her show. It is terrible to think that a young woman with body issues could be watching it, see her transformation and commend her thinking that having surgery is the answer."
"People don't go having ten procedures every day. It isn't the norm."
"Far be it for me to condemn anyone for surgically altering themselves. If you were born with a crooked nose or you grew up to be completely flat-chested, I can understand wanting to change that."
“But all those surgeries on someone that young is just 'wow'."
Heidi claims she had the surgeries to make her the 'best me'. But Alex fears there are underlying issues she is dealing with.
"I just hope she has done it to please herself and not to mask the pain of something else she is going through."
"The concern is that people who have lots of surgery often have an underlying notion that they are not good enough."
"I would hope people would try to change themselves through diet and exercise before opting for surgery."
And although she admits being on TV does alter the way she sees herself, she won't be having any plastic surgery herself.
"Its not something which I would chose to do. Just the thought of going under anesthetic and something going wrong isn't worth it."
"And with the amount of surgeries she had the risks had to be much higher."
"I admit when I watch back some episodes of the Real Housewives I do think, 'oh my forehead looks really scrunched up". Like I've said before, I probably need Botox but I'm not going to have it."
"The only thing I changed about myself since being on the show is I get more blow dries."
“It has to be hard being in the spotlight, especially in Los Angeles where perfection means so much. But honestly this is quite shocking."
“I thought she looked fine before. I just hope that she is happy.”
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17 yr old Spencer Pratt: "YM Magazine's" 'Hunks in Trunks' Aug 2000

For some unknown reason, a then 17-year-old Pratt was chosen as one of "YM Magazine's" 'Hunks in Trunks' way back in August of 2000.
Back then he was the one with body issues -- telling the mag "I hate my love handles ... I'd prefer a tight six-pack."
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How completely hilarious!

Audrina Patridge: twitter update

"filming w/my family for my show today!!:)"
"i cant wait to start filming my show full time!!! so much fun and completely different"

Yah - I'm so excited for Audrina's new show : )!! you too?

Stephanie Pratt having a blast at Sundance 1/22

2010 Park City - GenArt Lounge - Day 2

Stephanie trying on her new Chocolate Slouch Luxe Boots!

2010 Park City - The Sky Suite

Stephanie's twit pics:

"Um utah misses @lobosworth and @laurenconrad"

"Ear Muffs!"

"is this real?! Omggg"

Stephanie tweeted about her trip: "Having the best girls ski-trip with Brittany!! Yay for the cute snowboarders tho! ;)"

more tiny photos here