Monday, October 19, 2009

Stephanie Pratt: Over The Legal Limit

As we all know Spencer Pratt's sister Stephanie was arrested on Sunday morning in Hollywood for a DUI.
Stephanie had a BAC just .01 over California's legal limit of .08 at .09.
Hey, a DUI is a DUI!
Maybe Stephanie should attend church with Spencer and Heidi. We're sure they can help her find God.
And a sober driver.
And a lawyer.
credit - Perez Hilton

Whitney Port Leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood 10/16 (video)

A Little Q & A With Whitney Port

J-14: So what is going to be new and different about the new episodes of The City?
Whitney: I'm moving into a new place, I switch my job, I have some new people coming in and out of my life! I realized that what I came to New York to do was to design my clothing line and I felt like I wasn't being true to myself and proactively going for it. So I went to Kelly and we discussed a game plan: she told me I could work freelance at People's Revolution and design my line on the side using one of her showrooms as a studio space. This season shows me on that whole journey doing what I came here to do. Also, now I'm dating, which is different because last season I had a full on relationship!

J-14: Will ex-boyfriend Jay be on this season at all?
Whitney: You see a little bit of him. I like to keep in touch with my exes and I've been fortunate enough to end on a good note with them. It's always been important to me because it's crazy how you can love someone so much one second and hate them the next. I just find it really bizarre!

J-14: We've been introduced to some new friends this season, but do you still keep in touch with Lauren Conrad?
Whitney: Yes, we do. We talk quite a lot. Recently, she was in New York for the VMAS and presenting at the VH1 Diva's Event!

J-14: How is it having your parents watch you go on dates on television?
Whitney: It's very, very strange but the good thing about it is that I'm really close with my parents and I would probably tell them every detail anyways so I'm not really that afraid about how they're going to judge it. I think the key is to be honest with your parents. They're not the enemy, you know?

J-14: What have you learned about yourself from doing the show?
Whitney: I think I've learned that if I really set my mind to something and really motivate myself in that direction I can get anything done. I grew up with a family that kind of always took care of me. They were always doting over me and I was always like a helpless little child. I think it's been a really big learning experience to be on my own and realize I can conquer things without having someone rescue me.
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Lauren Conrad out in Los Angeles 10/15

credit - celeb city
You can spot Kyle off to the left in some of the pics
I'm coveting Lauren's Givenchy Chain Link Gladiators! LOVE them!
Roberta Freymann makes an appearance on The City while Olivia searches for 26 items for A to Zee, one of my favorite Elle features.

Roberta Freymann Necklace: $220

Olivia Palermo in Roberta Freymann

Olivia Palermo in Roberta Freymann

Don’t live in New York but love the Roberta Freymann look? Don’t worry!

White House | Black Market - Mega Crystal Necklace: $34.99

Express Beadead Bib and Ribbon Necklaces: $44.50

Free People Topaz Bib Necklace: $198
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Kristin Cavallari: Sporty in Beverly Hills

Taking advantage of a beautiful day in LA, Kristin Cavallari was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon (October 18).
The “Laguna Beach” babe looked sporty and sexy in a grey t-shirt with black stretch shorts and black sneakers as she spent time with her gal pal, who also brought along her baby.
As for her arrival on the new season of “The Hills,” costar Brody Jenner told press he’s glad to have his old pal (and ex-girlfriend) around again.
Jenner explained, “It’s been fun. Me and Kristin have always gotten along. We used to date way in the past, but we've always kept a good friendship and it's fun. Obviously, I love Lauren. But Kristin adds something different and new. She doesn't take anything from anybody, and so it puts a different spin on 'The Hills.' It's a good little twist every week."
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Heidi Montag's New Puppy Coco was Purchased at a Bowling Alley!!

Seems like Spencer Pratt's found a way to halt Heidi's baby talk! The Hills stars were bowling at Strike Orange County next to a dog breeder with a Pomeranian puppy that Heidi fell in love with. "This is my baby!" she exclaimed to her hubby, who bought the dog on the spot for $1,500. Despite being a male pup, Heidi named her new "baby" Coco.
Credit - People