Friday, August 21, 2009

Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole - twit pic from the hospital

Brody tweeted 1 hour ago: "My lady and I chilling post op... she is the best nurse ever!! :) It's been a long 2 days. Nap time"

Lauren Conrad out & about in Hollywood 8/21

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Brody Jenner Has Appendix Removed on 26th Birthday

Talk about a birthday present.
Brody Jenner spent his 26th birthday in Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center having his appendix removed, a source tells
"This sucks," he posted on Twitter.
The source says he checked into the hospital around 3 a.m. Friday morning with a ruptured appendix and was in surgery by 7 a.m.
"He was surrounded by his mother, brother, girlfriend Jayde Nicole and manager," the source tells Us. Having them around "was his unexpected birthday gift," the source adds.
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Best Wishes for a speedy Recovery!!!

Jayde Nicole says her mom bought her first Playboy!

Jayde Nicole shot to fame last year when she was named Playmate of the Year, but it turns out that the Canadian native was very against baring her body, before she was wooed in by the men’s magazine mogul.
"I was very anti-nude modeling and Playboy. I had been asked to do it several times and I always said 'You cannot pay me a million dollars I am so against it!' I had this whole idea of Playboy being skanky and shady and I was always like 'no no no,'" she told Tarts at a recent Hollywood party. "I was doing a bikini catalog in Miami and the photographer was from LA and he asked me if I would do it and again I said no, but he kept telling me all this stuff about the company and how it's the best company ever and he told me to go home, buy a Playboy, look at the Playmate part of it and then decide. So my mom actually went out and bought me my very first Playboy. She was very supportive, and we looked at the centerfold and it was done very classy and it looked really pretty."
Nicole has since moved on to be a regular on "The Hills" thanks to her romantic relationship with Brody Jenner, who doesn’t seem to mind millions of other men eyeing his girlfriend’s naked body.
"He is pretty good about it," she said. "We trust each other to death, so he loves it, he's just like, 'Yeah! That's my girlfriend! You have a magazine? Good! Keep buying them!' and he comes up with me every Sunday to the Playboy Mansion so he loves it."
Speaking of love, could the couple be getting to ready to tie-the-knot sometime soon?
"We don't have any plans… right now. We've been together for a long time and we're very happy and we spend almost everyday together," Nicole said.
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Spencer Pratt is a big fan of Brad Pitt

Spencer Pratt has a hero other than himself, and it appears it's... Brad Pitt?!
In his new book, the reality TV villain says he's impressed with how Pitt handled his split with Jennifer Aniston in 2005.
In "How to Be Famous" he says, "There literally is not another situation in the history of Hollywood where a man left a woman as beloved as Jennifer Aniston for someone like Angelina Jolie (a home-wrecking head case) and still ended up the good guy." Pratt writes, "We salute you, Mr. Pitt!"
The 26-year-old Pratt is known for his feud with former "Hills" star Lauren Conrad. He states, "If I weren't me, I'd hate me." Spencer adds, "When you're the villain, you don't have to worry about how your enemy feels."
"How to Be Famous" is expected to hit bookshelves this November.
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Audrina Patridge & Lo Bosworth film scenes for "The Hills" 8/20

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Olivia Palermo - frugal style

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Audrina Patridge leaving Bardot 8/19

Audrina Patridge: filming 'The Hills' 8/20

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Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt get ready to fly to the Bahamas

Page 6 reports:
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt continue to wreak havoc on the entertainment industry. Montag, an aspiring singer, is scheduled to perform at the Miss Universe Pageant at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort in the Bahamas Sunday night, but an insider told Page Six, "They're a complete nightmare. Heidi has missed many rehearsals" while "Spencer tried to demand that the hotel pay him to lay by the pool" after he and Heidi were comped on the cabanas. "The Atlantis laughed in his face," our snitch reports. A rep for Montag denies she and Pratt have caused any problems. "It's absolutely untrue. She's been rehearsing in LA five days a week for the show, and Spencer hasn't spoken with the Atlantis."
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Brody Jenner is in the hospital

Brodt tweeted 5 minutes ago: Spending my bday in the hospital... This sucks
Jayde tweeted 3 minutes later: In the hospital with my poor little boy :(

I'm not sure what's going on but I sure hope everything is OK.

***update 1***
this message came 30 minutes after the first one. Brody tweeted: "Thank you all for the kind words... Got my lady with me so I will be OK.. She is taking good care of me :) love her"

***update 2***
Jayde tweeted 1:15pm on Friday :
Soooo tired.... No real sleep yet.... Waiting for my boy @BrodyJenner to get out of sugery!! Send him bday and get well wishes :) :)

***update 3***
Brody apparently checked into the hospital around 3 a.m. Friday morning with a ruptured appendix and was in surgery by 7am. The surgery went well and Brody is currently at the hospital recuperating.He is expected to have a quick and smooth recovery.
Jayde tweeted: "Just so you all know @BrodyJenner is out of surgery (Appendix) and is resting with me in the hospital tonight recovering....

Erin Lucas at the Charlotte Ronson and JCPenney' celebration of I Heart Ronson 8/20

Erin Lucas attends the Charlotte Ronson and JCPenney's celebration of I Heart Ronson at The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers on August 20, 2009 in New York City.

****update 8/24****
Apparently Erin has been getting a lot of flack about this outfit. She responded to her critics on twitter tonight: "oh, and hey, i LIKED my outfit at the 'i heart ronson' party! fashion + sense of humor = necessary. LIGHTEN UP, naysayers! can't please all."
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Twit Pic - behind the scenes at 'The City' season 2 cast photo shoot