Thursday, July 9, 2009

Heidi Montag and Stephanie Pratt filming the Hills 7/9

It was just another day at the office as Heidi Montag and Stephanie Pratt filmed a segment of The Hills at the SBE Group headquarters in Beverly Hills today (July 9).

Heidi was all smiles as she showed off her new Porsche Cayenne GTS.
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Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party

Olivia Palermo attends the annual Summer Party at the Serpentine Gallery with her uber hot bf Johannes Huebl on July 9, 2009 in London, England.
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The Hills S5 bonus episodes and S2 of the City to air in Sept

*****************updated 9/2*****************
you can watch the new trailer/preview for the bonus episodes of 'The Hills' here.

'The Hills' Season 5 Bonus episodes Premiere Sept. 29th at 10 PM
'The City Season 2 premieres September 29th at 10:30 PM

Bruno wants to be like Heidi Montag

BRÜNO VS. HEIDI - who wore it best?
Brüno sported a racy zebra-striped top and black short-shorts during a TV appearance in Spain in June that is nearly identical to the look that the Hills star chose for the unveiling of her Heidiwood line for Anchor Blue last year. Coincidence or do they just share that same trashtastic style? ;)

Watch Matt Lauer's interview w/ Bruno, he mentions Heidi about 1 min and 50 seconds in.

Heidi Montag Pratt's New Role: Fitness Guru

Heidi Pratt is definitely proud of her figure, flaunting it in string bikinis at the beach and even doing "some nudity," for September's Playboy cover. Now, The Hills star has plans to share her fitness secrets in The Heidi Workout.

"Staying fit is something I'm really passionate about," Pratt, who changed her last name from Montag after marrying Spencer Pratt, tells PEOPLE. "I work out with a strength-and-conditioning coach 90 minutes a day, five days a week"

Now she's planning to share the specifics of her routine of "full-body, intense resistance exercises" in a new downloadable workout series developed with trainer Chad Waterbury.

The series features full-body conditioning exercises executed as rapidly as possible, "so you burn fat faster," says Waterbury, who does both light and heavy weights (think 75-lb. kettlebells!) with Pratt to give her body "a hard look with a feminine shape."
The Heidi Workout will also offer nutritional advice based on guidelines Waterbury gave to the 22-year-old TV star. She avoids all "white" foods like carbs, but fills up instead on lean meats including grass-fed beef – ("Heidi loves steak!" Waterbury says) – and green vegetables, apples and berries. "Heidi has a really healthy appetite," Waterbury adds. "There's no way she is going to deprive herself."

Not that Pratt wanted to lose weight in the first place. Instead, the 5'1", 100-lb. reality star wanted to put on curves. "When she came to me her butt was really flat and she wanted to make it bigger," says Waterbury. "Now, it's nice, shapely and round."

And a major confidence-booster. "She loves showing off her body now," says Waterbury. "She called me from her Playboy shoot and was so excited. The photographers were raving about her."
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Beauty Q&A with Jayde Nicole!

It's easy to look at Jayde and know she's doing something right in the beauty department. What is she doing exactly? She's here to share her secrets and tips, guaranteed to make us look like her. Ok, not exactly like her, but these tips are sure to help you turn some heads!

What is your daily beauty regimen? It depends on the day..I normally wake up around 10..use my cleanser, toner, moisturizer then sun screen 60spf.. If I don't have to go to work I spray in some leave in conditioner. At the end of the day I do the same but instead of sunscreen I put on a night serum of Vitamin C one night and the next night I use a gentle night peel/exfoliant. I also apply an eye cream to under my eyes and lips.

Did you ever go through an awkward phase?
YES absolutely... I had thick bangs, wore awful glasses and was super skinny for several years while I was a kid...I cringe just thinking about it lol.

What are your favorite products and brands?
I always like to switch up my beauty products every couple of months because there is so many great ones out there, right now my favourites are:
To drink: Go-Yin health drink
Cleanser and toner:Yon-Ka from Paris for all skin types
Moisturizer: Murad Skin Perfecting lotion
Night Serum:Kiehl's Over Night Biological Peel
Sun Screen: La Roche-Posay Anthelios xl 60 spf
Healing and scar prevention: La Roche-posay Cicaplast
Hair leave in conditioner and sun protection: John Amico Biominoil
Body: Jergens self tanner with shimmer and firming

Finish this sentence. Someone is beautiful when...
they are comfortable with their body and confident!

Do you ever wake up some mornings and just don't feel beautiful? If so, what do you do to make yourself feel better?
Yes of course.. I get up, hop in a cool shower, drink some GoYin with cell water and then hit the gym!!

How do you stay in shape?
I have been a vegetarian since I was 4 and I really focus on eating lots of fruits and vegetables and NO fast food or junk..just some dark chocolate. I also try to only drink Green tea, water and GoYin. I think people drink a lot of their daily calories and that ads to their weigh gain.

What do you use on your hair?
Again, I always like to switch it up but I always love K-Pax by Joyco, and anything by Enjoy, I am constantly spraying my hair with leave in conditioners and spf protection. People always remember to protect their skin from the sun, but it burns and destroys your hair as cover up!

How has your style changed throughout the years?
Wow.. I have gone from goth, to bell bottoms to baggy jeans, and everywhere in between. I think it takes years and lots of mistakes to find your style and I am very confident and happy with where I am now. You never know with fashion though.. it's always changing.

Best beauty advice you've ever received?
To protect and take care of your skin because you only get one chance and one face.

What's the worst beauty advice you've ever taken?
To put olive oil in my hair to moisturize!! Only do that if you're hair really needs moisture and you have a couple days to let it set in and wash out lol

If you weren't modeling, what would you want to be doing?
I want to finish my book on health beauty and fitness and open my own high-end spa.
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View Audrina Patridge's 944 July Issue

You can view July's issue of 944 with Audrina here.
Once there, make sure to click on California/San Diego

Stephanie Pratt - Living the Good Life!

At Fred Segals

San Diego Beach Babe

Enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, Stephanie Pratt showed off her curves in a stylish yellow swimsuit while out in San Diego on Wednesday (July 8).

The "Hills" hottie went boogie boarding and played around with a beach ball with a friend before heading back to a private beach house to get ready for the night's affairs.
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