Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lauren Conrad Leaving A Nail Salon in West Hollywood

I love that we're getting so many new candids of Lauren. The photos above were taken when she was leaving a nail salon in West Hollywood on Thursday, and the video below was from Wednesday night.

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credit - tlfan, thanks for the heads up Matt! : )
~Kelli at Hills Freak

Audrina Patridge Dishes on Her Cancelled Reality Show & How She Deals With Critics

The lovely Veronika from Veronika's Blushing did a terrific interview with Audrina while she was in Houston. Here's an excerpt:
Audrina's best advice? “You’re never going to be perfect and you just have to accept that and be happy with who you are.” Words to live by, especially when you’re a reality star who has had her fair share of critics — especially online.
“You have to remember all the nice things people say [online] but then it’s those one or two mean things that stand out. Now I just block and delete all of the mean people [on Twitter] — it becomes fun — you’re blocked!” she laughed.
Audrina's feeling on her now defunct VH1 show: "“The show was supposed to focus on my career, my life, my friends…but things blew up with my family and that was more interesting, so they filmed that more,” she said. “You are always being pushed to your limits and that’s what can be frustrating — and with editing, sometimes you’re not happy with how it comes out, but you just have to keep moving along.”
And moving along, she is. The reality star is currently reading scripts and looking into more hosting opportunities. “I don’t plan on doing reality [TV] again, I want my life back!”
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credit - Veronika Javor Romeis @, photos by Craig H. Hartley
~Kelli at Hills Freak