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MTV Australia interviews Brody Jenner

Currently in Oz taking a break from the pap-crazy world of LA, MTV rings up for a chat with Brody to talk Schoolies, crazy fans and delectable drama on ‘The Hills’!
MTV: Hey Brody! Welcome to Oz! How’s it going?
Brody: It’s going good! It’s so good to be back in Australia. I love this place! I spent a lot of time in Coolengatta back in the day, so it’s good to be back.
MTV: What have you been up to since you’ve been here?
Brody: We’ll right now I’m in the Goldy. I was in Sydney just for a night and did a club appearance, and then came over here and just been spending time catching up with old friends, going out and partying and enjoying myself – enjoying my holidays!
MTV: Been surfing yet?
Brody: No the surf hasn’t been too good, I was going to go out yesterday but I got fried by the sun! I’m not used to the sun out here so trying to stay in the shade - just one hour I was out there and it really fried me!
MTV: Have you been recognised much?
Brody: Yeah! Something they call Schoolies or something is going on here? So there’s lots of young girls around [laughs], so I’ve been recognised a bit. But I spend so much time in LA and don’t get out much because I’ve been working so hard and you get caught up, so it’s kinda cool to get to travel somewhere else and people know about you and your life.
I just went to London a little while ago for the first time, and it’s my first time back here in five years so to come here now and get recognized, it’s pretty funny! A few are really big Hills fans over here, they know more about the show than I do!
MTV: Does it ever surprise you at how far reaching your fan base is?
Brody: Yeah it’s crazy! We’re very fortunate to have the success we’ve had, and I want to try and get to all the places it airs and see my fans and share a little bit of it with them, so every chance I get now I like to book things around and go places. I want to go to Japan next. I hear The Hills over there is all subtitled, so I wanna go there and check that out!
MTV: And Japanese fans are crazy! Did you experience any crazy fans here, to the level that you experience at home?
Brody: Australia is pretty laid back, there have been a couple of crazy ones, but you guys have such a cool outlook on life, you guys are good shit! Australian’s aren’t really that crazy, in LA you get a little crazier. From my experience at least, Aussies don’t really care that much about celebrities or things like that.
I’ll never forget my first time out here. What I love so much about it is you don’t really see many Ferraris or Lamborghinis, and I feel like you guys have a very good sense of life. It’s not just about being rich and making money and showing off, you guys are really laid back and work day to day and make your money just to enjoy yourself. Not doing it to be excessive, and that’s one of my favourite things, how down-to-earth everyone here is, and don’t really care about things like that.
MTV: So, what do you think of the new season of The Hills?
Brody: This season’s been crazy! We’ve just finished the rest of Season five and just about to start filming season six, but I can tell you, you guys are in for a crazy one! With Kristen being on the show now, and there’s a lot of relationship drama in this one. Next season I wanna try and lighten it up, a little more funny moments not just be so much drama, because this one is just packed with it! People braking up, getting back together, it’s crazy.
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Stephanie Pratt - Maxim Photoshoot

Kristin Cavallari keeps it casual

Fun fact: Most celebs are about as down-to-earth as an in-flight Boeing 747. (Seriously, if we hear one more bold-facer brag about how they're "SO over the Hollywood scene"...) Still, there are a few Tinseltowners out there whose "Look how normal I am!" M.O. isn't just an act. You know, the types who actually dare to dress down (i.e. wear sweatpants in public), roll without an entourage and step outside without spending 3-4 hours in the makeup chair.

So, with that in mind, we'd like to present the Most Low-Maintenance Reality Star award to ... Miss Kristin Cavallari! Yep, she may bring the drama on the show, but in real life, this lippy Laguna native's as laid back as it gets.
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For Lo Bosworth, Pink Is The New Black!

Asymmetrical dresses aren't for everyone. On some women, they drape masterfully, instilling the wearer with an air of careless elegance, natural grace and youthful femininity. On others (like us), the one-sleeved wonders appear awkward and sling-like, giving one all the allure of a flightless bird -- or an out-of-work flamenco dancer.
Fortunately, The Hills' Lo Bosworth proved to be of the former camp when she stepped out Saturday night (at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City) in this frilly, off-the-shoulder frock. Oh, and that eye-popping shade of pink she's wearing? We've seen it on her at least twice before, proving that Lo Bos is officially fearless when it comes to fashion!
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Stephanie Pratt for NOH8

Stephanie blogged: "I’m so excited to unveil my picture for the fabulous No H8 campaign! I strongly believe in equality for all, and I hope one day EVERYONE will support our Gay and Lesbian community… God created us all equal. We should be able to love whoever we choose freely xoxo"


Lauren Conrad @ m.powerment by mark. event

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Audrina Patridge - Leaving a Medical Building in LA 12/15

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Audrina tweeted: "just left the dentist... my teeth r squeaky clean!"

Stephanie Pratt - Holiday Portraits Presented by Sovage Denim

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