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Video: Behind The Scenes of Lauren Conrad's Photoshoot For 'Lucky' Magazine

Go behind Lauren's cover shoot with Lucky magazine in this behind the scenes video. Lauren discusses how she stays fit and her summer style.
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Lauren Conrad's Colorist Kristin Ess Is Opening Her Own Salon In West Hollywood

Of all Lauren Conrad's California girl assets—glowy skin, effortless style, beachy waves—her sunny hair color might be the most envied. And for that, LC owes celebrity colorist Kristin Ess, who has been creating her perfect blonde shades for the past five years. Recently, Ess teamed up with Lauren on a beauty tutorial website called, where you can find hairstyling how-to videos, beauty trends, and skin-care tips (as well as pics of Lauren makeup-free—of course, still looking totally gorg). And now Ess tells us she's leaving her post at the Chris McMillan salon to open her own place in West Hollywood—and that she's enlisted Lauren's help. "I just got off the phone with Lauren—she's helping me brainstorm names for the salon.... It never made sense to me when salons closed at 6 PM. My clients are working women and need their hair done after work, so I'm opening a space that caters to those women, with hours from noon to 9 PM," she says.
The salon—which Ess describes as very intimate, with just three chairs and a vintage look with a modern flair—will open in late June , and you can look forward to seeing plenty of beautiful people there (Ess also works with Whitney Port and Nikki Reed). I of course couldn't let her off the phone without prodding for some of the secrets she uses on LC's amazing hair: "She's busy—she's writing three more books; she has two clothing lines—she doesn't have time to be in the salon a lot," Ess says. "So no matter how light or dark we go, I never stray too far from her natural color along two to three inches of her hairline, so she never has roots. So whether it's six days or six weeks after I color her, it looks good." Her technique of choice: "I never limit myself to one. I use balayage, foils, painting, and a bunch of other things that I customize." And her summer color advice: "Brighten up. Everyone wants to be a little lighter in the summer, but instead of the ombré look, which was fun in 2010, try using a surfer girl look as your inspiration—it's a little softer."
Credit: Allure
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Corey Bohan (Audrina Patridge's Boyfriend) Threatens Nic Roldan on Twitter

Audrina Patridge’s love life is definitely a little dramatic these days and now her boyfriend is threatening another guy she was once linked to.
Corey Bohan, who has been on and off with Patridge for two years, decided to start a battle over Twitter with Nic Roldan, who was linked to the reality star while the two were split, states A recent episode of Patridge’s show showed her getting close with Roldan, something that did not please Bohan.
Corey tweeted: "@NicRoldan if I ever see u **** I'm gonna rip your fu**in head off. Take this as a friendly warning."
This is not the first time Corey has taken to twitter to vent his anger, he ranted at the 26-year-old former 'Hills' beauty on the micro-blogging site after the pair broke up in March.
Corey wrote in the twitter post, which was later removed: "A girl that's told yes by everyone surrounding them grows up to be a heartless closed off insecure individual. Time 2 pick up the pieces & stop being so sad! Some woman will always be empty & rotten from the inside out. U cant love a heartless woman
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Video And Behind The Scenes Photos Of 'Audrina' Episode 8 - 'Nic of Time'

This week on Audrina, the end is nigh for Audrina and Corey. Or as these horses would say, the end is neiiigh!
Audrina has been invited to the International Polo Club in Palm Beach.

Since she and her obsessive boyfriend Corey have been on the rocks, she decides to take her brother Mark and her stylist/friend Joey with her and leave Corey back in L.A. Thank goodness for friends like Joey, because she doesn’t let Audrina take s— from Corey. Every girl needs a friend like that.

Audrina is using this time away from Corey to reflect on their relationship, but it’s hard to reflect on Corey when he literally calls her 86 times in one day. It’s also hard to side with Corey, who feels entitled to know what Audrina is doing at every second, when he himself has traded naughty texts with naked girls himself and doesn’t see the irony of his behavior.

All Audrina wants to do though is sow her oats with Nic the Polo Player who is adorable. Nic does not blow up Audrina’s phone with jealous texts, AND he has no trouble saddle snuggling with her (that’s what we’re calling it)…

Nic and his fellow polo-player Neil give Audrina and Joey a polo lesson while Marky watches, and did we mention the saddle snuggling?
The paparazzi manage to catch Audrina and Nic mid-snuggle and, of course since Corey had Audrina’s name set on a Google Alert (seriously?) he sees the pics and spends the rest of the day perfecting his manipulative, fake cry for when they speak later and he claims he’s been hurt.

Joey can see through Corey and tells Drina to fight back, and maybe for the first time that we’ve seen, she tells Corey who’s boss. Meanwhile Mark, who is hungover looks on silently but stylishly.
Audrina has a polo match to attend and she meets back up with Nic, has lunch with him, stomps some divots, and has a good time. It’s a refreshing time for Audrina to restore some lighthearted fun in her life. This episode definitely looks like the calm before the Corey-Audrina-Casey storm that’s about to blow next week.
Behind the scenes photos:
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Lauren Conrad's Amazing Hair, An Oral History

Whether she's channeling red carpet glamour or laid-back Cali cool, Lauren Conrad has hair that's always on point. Here, she takes a look back at some of her greatest hits.

"I think whether to go up or down is probably the biggest question. For me, it just depends on how much skin I'm showing on top. I usually don't wear anything strapless with my hair up, but this was an exception. It has a few pieces falling softly."
At the Emmy awards, September, 2008

"I normally don't wear my hair back too tightly because I have a thing about my ears. I almost never show my ears! I mean, there's nothing wrong with them, I just always hide them."
At her fashion line launch for Kohl's, October, 2009

"I do switch up my part; here it's on the side. If I am wearing my hair down, I usually just lightly curl it without product and it falls throughout the day."
At her book signing for Sweet Little Lies, February, 2010

"This is the only picture where I did my own hair. It's my bird's nest. It's the easiest hairstyle to do. You pull your hair back tight into a ponytail high on your head, tease the ponytail, and then wrap it around the base. It's pretty simple."
At My Studio nightclub, August, 2010

"When I had ombre hair it looked a lot darker when I wore it up—all the light pieces were tucked up into the bun. It's almost fading here, like the style itself, I guess. It's basically a grown-out ombre."
At VH1's Save the Music Foundation gala, November, 2010

"I use a curling iron with a quarter-inch barrel—sometimes it varies depending on the length of my hair. I use Moroccanoil and a soy leave-in protein spray that I spritz on daily like hairspray."
At Cover Girl's 50th anniversary party, January, 2011

credit - Lucky Magazine
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Audrina Patridge Heads Home After A Weekend of Sun & Fun

Audrina gets her tan on before hitting the LAX airport with her brother Mark.
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