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Laguna Beach's Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth grows up

We’ve watched “Lo” go from a bit player in MTV’s hugely popular “Laguna Beach” reality-based high school drama to a co-star in the series’ spin-off, “The Hills,” when it premiered in 2006. But now that the 23-year-old is a college grad, she debates leaving the show.

By Tina Dirmann / photograph by Kristi Klemens
By the time Bosworth got to Laguna Beach High School, she already had “a great group of friends.” But she never imagined that getting caught trying to cut class with Lauren Conrad would lead to landing a spot on a reality TV series, and open up a whole new world. It was a moment, she says, that changed her life.
“I remember we were wearing matching denim skirts, Ugg boots, and Juicy zip-up sweatshirts. And we were in the parking lot, trying to ditch class, when my car alarm went off.” That’s when a “Laguna Beach” producer, on-site for scouting purposes, spotted the girls. “And he told us he knew he wanted us for the show.”
Now, a little more than six years later, “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” have become two of the MTV Network’s most successful reality series. Yet Bosworth, a recent UCLA art history grad living in Los Angeles, says it hasn’t all been good times.
Several episodes of “The Hills” characterized her as the resident troublemaker, thanks, in part, to some crafty editing, she says. During her first year at UC Santa Barbara, fellow students jeered her. “I’d be walking down the street and people would yell insults at me. At the time, ‘The OC’ with Mischa Barton was popular. So, they reacted to me like I was just another one of those rich, spoiled brats.”
Bosworth transferred to UCLA for her junior year, and had a word with producers about how her scenes in “The Hills” were edited. Things changed for the better in Season 4, she says, and she has been grateful for her career ever since. In fact, she’s got her eye on more television.
“I’ve just had this realization that despite the ups and downs of being on the show, I want to continue working in television. But I think I’d like to transition into hosting. I would love to have a style show or maybe a makeover show. That would be my dream job.”
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She looks stunning! Great photo

Audrina Patridge steps out for a workout 11/24

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Audrina posted some great tips on how she stays fit during the holidays:
"I thought I would fill you guys in on a few survival secrets I've picked up thru the years. First of all, do not starve yourself the day of thanksgiving and then gorge on the feast! Eat sensibly like it's any other day. I prefer to have a little taste of everything instead of piling on the favorites not to mention how happy it makes my mom when I try all of her dishes. The dangerous ingredient is alcohol, when you have a drink or a few you will be far more inclined to eat seconds or thirds! So drink two glasses of water before you even start to pick or sip!
Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!! :)"
xoxo Audrina

Whitney Port: Behind the scenes photos of The City episode 22 'If You Want Something Done Right...'

Whitney blogged on her website
Hi sweets!!
Watching the episode last night had me laughing so hard that I went into my iPhoto library and searched for the pics my little sister Paige took of the cake fight!!!
That day was so tense as I was so nervous for the unveiling of my collection, not to mention Roxy's and Kelly's miscommunication on top of that. However, the cake fight lightened everything up and really made my night!!! It was so hot and sweaty that we weren't going to eat it anyway, so why not throw it at each other???
Take a look at the pics, funny before and after huh???

Who wore it Better? Lo Bosworth vs. Katherine Jenkins

Two blondes on two different sides of the pond in two different versions of the very same dress!
It's a breath of fresh air when you see two super-stylish celebs turning to the high street for their red carpet fix. So we'd like to congratulate classical singer Katherine Jenkins and The Hills star Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth on their French Connection find!
They both slipped into the same dress, but which one of these two gorgeous blondes looked better?

Lo wore a black version of the French Connection dress with cute shoeboots and a sophisticated up-do.

Meanwhile, Katherine went pretty in pink at the Samsung Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Day and paired her dress with black platforms.
Do you prefer Lo's sleek, sophisticated look in black, or Katherine's brighter pretty pink style?
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Katherine gets my vote. Lo has a gorgeous figure but I think the fit on this dress is way too tight to be flattering. What do you all think?

Lo Bosworth Shopping at Target 11/23

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Roxy Olin - twit pics

Roxy twittered: "only my fam goes to beach when its freezing"

"the dads taking the pic"

Love these!

Click here to see Roxy's interview and pics from Steppin' Out Magazine.

Brody Jenner And Jayde Nicole At XS

This past weekend, Brody joined his playmate girlfriend at Las Vegas hotspot XS as she joined "Peepshow" star Holly Madison and Playmate Laura Croft. Although the couple arrived together and hung out together, they left separately.
Jayde addressed the rumors that they were dunzo saying,” Yes we’re still together.”

New Couple? Erin Lucas and Freddie Fackelmayer

Friday night, was the opening of Stacey Bendet’s alice + olivia pop-up shop and former 'City' cast members Erin Lucas and Freddy Fackelmeyer were spotted arriving there…together! Erin is Whitney Port’s EX best friend, and Freddy is Whitney’s EX boyfriend: obviously they’re a match made in reality-tv heaven. Apparently they were seen “cozying up to one another”.
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SNEAK PEEK: Heidi Montag's Album Cover

Facebook Twitter Yahoo Buzz E-mail Reality star, check. Author, check. Up next: pop star?
Following a performance at this summer's Miss Universe pageant, Heidi Montag will take the leap into the recording world – and she's perfectly aware of what the business is about. (Hint: her debut album is titled SUPERFICIAL).
With the album due out Jan. 12, Montag is ready for whatever whirlwind comes her way.
"This cover is a shout out to the '80s," Montag tells PEOPLE. "It makes you remember when you just had to run out to the record store and get your favorite album. You dreamt of those tapes."
Liz Ciganovich, the album's production and art director, said she got the idea for an '80s tribute after seeing Montag's Overdosin' video.
"It reminded me of Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical in the '80s," said Ciganovich. "I thought, 'Let's do a shot that says '80s – lets pay homage to the mix tape!' The hunt was on. I believe I purchased every mixed tape in Los Angeles!"
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She looks cute but I don't think it's particularly eye-catching. Personally, I would have gone with this photo .

Listen to Heidi's new single 'Superficial'

Kristin Cavallari: Incognito at Anastasia

Getting in an afternoon pampering session, Kristin Cavallari dropped by the Anastasia Salon in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (November 24).
Dressed in casual clothes, the MTV reality starlet appeared to be trying to go out of her way to stay incognito as she rushed outside following her beauty treatment.
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'The City's' Kelly Cutrone: Deprogramming girls one intern at a time

You may know Kelly Cutrone as the harsh (sometimes brutal), all-black-wearing, straight-talking boss lady from “The Hills” and “The City.” She's all those things.
She’s also the former wife of Andy Warhol protégé Ronnie Cutrone, the mother of a young girl named Ava, and she used to run with Anthony Haden-Guest, the writer who would later be immortalized in “The Bonfire of the Vanities.” With such a packed autobiography already, what could have convinced her to take part in a reality show?
“I really thought a lot about it,” remembers Kelly Cutrone, who heads the PR and branding company People’s Revolution. “Then, I decided it was an interesting way to talk about what I wanted to talk about. Also, I thought it would be an interesting way to brand and work with my clients. And I think I was right.”
Cutrone, 44, has built her success from a series of similarly correct hunches. At 21, she moved to New York City from suburban Syracuse with $2,000 from her father, who according to Cutrone, said: “This is the only money I’ll ever give you if you want to move to that hellhole. Call me anytime to pick you up and bring you back home. Otherwise, you’re on your own.”
Evicted from her apartment after six months, because she couldn’t pay the rent, it was Hayden-Guest who suggested that she should become a publicist. Cutrone says that when she asked him what a publicist did, he answered, “Oh, it’s nothing. It’s what you do anyway. You just talk all day and introduce people to eachother.” That’s when Cutrone decided to go into publicity – another decision that has paid off for her.
And when the publishing company, HarperOne, called to offer her a book deal, she jumped on it. “If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You” (co-written with Meredith Bryan) will be out next February. The book contains her trademark “Kelly-isms,” as she calls them, on life and gaining success.
Recently, I got to speak with Cutrone about life in “The City” and her thoughts on her infamous interns and assistants: Whitney Port, Roxy Olin and, of course, Lauren Conrad.
Are you comfortable with how you’ve been portrayed in "The Hills" and “The City”?
Yeah, I am. When I started, I already knew myself and I already liked myself and I already didn’t care what people thought of me. So I was pretty thick-skinned. I wasn’t a young woman who was in the middle of trying to figure out what I was about. I was aware of the negativity that is placed on women who are seen as powerful. That doesn’t seem to actually apply to men, as much, and certainly not Caucasian men. I wasn’t aware of it to the extent that I actually went through it, but I think I did a really good job of not running away and sticking to the fact that almost everything I said was coming from a place of truth.
Have you always seen something in Whitney?
The thing that I always knew about Whitney was that she had a lot of depth. I knew she was a nice person. She always read as a non-liability. In the beginning, someone who could become a great publicist can also read as potential liability. They have a lot of energy. They like to talk. If you get five or 10 of those type of girls and they’re young and they’re trying to learn PR, that could be really annoying energetically all day. So from the beginning, her energy was always very soothing and nice to be around. I knew she wasn’t going to do something that was going to hurt my business.
We have a very close relationship. Beyond the show, I really care for her and want her to do well.
Did Roxy come off as a liability in the beginning?
I don’t love it when they all want to work together. I didn’t like Stephanie Pratt kind of coming in, but Lauren brought Whitney.
Roxy has a lot more energy and a lot more ideas. She’s a good example of what I just said. When I met Whitney, I liked her instantly. I knew that there was no potential for her to be a liability for me. On the other hand, Roxy has a lot of energy and she’s very creative. That will be a huge asset for her, but you don’t want that energy popping up at the wrong time. But I like her. She’s a Scorpio. I’m a Scorpio. There are a lot of similarities between us.
That’s what Roxy told me when I interviewed her. So you agree?
I think Roxy is very competent and smart. I do want to make that point. When you’re doing a show like this, it’s almost like every sentence you’re speaking is like a balloon that goes up in the air. Then when they sit down to edit, they pull down the balloons that they want. That’s how they make the show.
Roxy has done some amazing and some confident things. And she’s done some not-so-cool things just like me. You make mistakes.
So, while you’re watching the show, did you find some of the things Roxy said disrespectful?
A lot of the people who work at People’s Revolution are disrespectful. I’m sitting here with power-chicks or wannabee power-chicks. They try to run me out of the arena. I have to hold my own all the time over here. That’s why I have to be so strict, because otherwise there would be a coup d'état.
What did you think of Whitney’s fashion line?
I thought it was cute and I thought it was good, but I really thought that it needed work. Everybody wants a fashion line and I told her, “Listen, this is going to be harder for you. It would be easier for you to have a fashion line if people didn’t know who you were. There’s a ton of haters in the world and there will be people who want to see you make a fool of yourself.”
So her line had to be better than any other person her age who's starting one. That’s the beautiful truth and that’s the sad reality of where she was at. To be honest with you, the guidance I gave her and the stuff that we did together, I have to do for 90% of my clients, anyway, regardless of whether you’re in your 20s or you’re an older brand.
What do you think of Lauren Conrad and what she has been able to do with her career?
I think Lauren is a genius. She got a great opportunity and she did a great job with it. She really just did everything really right, didn’t she? She kept it together. She didn’t run anybody over. She didn’t hurt anybody. She didn’t end up in jail. She didn’t beat up any photographers. And she looked cute.
We were never friends. She worked for me and now she doesn’t. Like most people who work for me, I don’t really stay in touch with her. But it’s not for any other reason than we were never BFFs, as the girls would say.
What message would you want viewers to take away from watching you?
One of the things I really like doing right now, and it’s come through TV and the book I’m about to put out, is to talk to young people who want to go after their dreams. There’s this whole thing that’s going on around the world that people are told their dreams aren’t real and they can’t have them. And that the world that I live in is not the “real world.” I want to help kids bust through that, so that they can stop being programmed. Even working in my office, I see these girls who think their parents raised them to be independent, but they just want them to get pregnant and have 2.5 kids by the time they’re 27.
– Jethro Nededog @ LA Times Blogs
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