Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashion Police Extra! Kristin Cavallari's Big Mistakes

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Trend Alert! Bold Necklaces

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Tinseltown Transformations: includes Whitney Port, Stephanie Pratt and Heidi Montag

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The Last Word with Whitney Port

Whitney Port, the star of MTV reality hit The City , tells OK! why she doesn’t get mad when she’s mistaken for Ivanka Trump — and why she has a hankering for grocery store chicken — while answering some other probing questions.
Last Time I Lied: I lied in order to get out of going to a yoga class. It was a white lie.
Last Meal I’d Eat Before I Die: A rotisserie chicken basket from the Brentwood Country Mart, with the most amazing french friends in the whole world. I’m a sucker for them.
Last Indulgence: My mom’s homemade chocolate cake. It’s a secret recipe that I just love, and I was home and had to have it.
Last Time I Felt Jealous: When a boy I liked started dating someone else. I react pretty quietly. I don’t really allow myself to be vulnerable very often. I told him how I felt in so many words, but I didn’t go crazy.
Last Time I Was mistaken for Another Celebrity: A while ago. I get Ivanka Trump — or Katherine Heigl. It’s flattering. They’re both great-looking women [laughs].
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Is Audrina Patridge extending her time on 'The Hills'?

Audrina Patridge is happy that a group of celeb-obsessed teens - who have been charged with felony first-degree residential burglary for robbing her and a slew of other stars - have finally been busted.
"I know they're trying to justify what they did by saying it was a mistake, but they need to face the consequences," the reality star, 24, told at the I Dream Of Audrina" party in Atlantic City, NJ, over the weekend.
Los Angeles police officer Brett Goodkin has said the teens repeatedly went after celebs because "they thought it was fun, kind of an adrenaline rush."
Patridge told Us she doesn't buy the robbers' excuses that they made an error in judgment.
"It's not a mistake if you do it more than once," she told Us.
Meanwhile, Patridge said she isn't sure she is leaving The Hills after all. She previously told Us that she thought was leaving the show after the current season.
"I don't really know, but everything is being negotiated and renegotiated," she said. "Right now I'm really looking forward to my new show - "It's going to be a whole different tone," she said. "It's very raw and real. It's not a soap documentary like The Hills. It's more about Hollywood, what really goes on behind the cameras."
Since splitting with Australian BMX rider Corey Bohan, she said she is "not even worrying about" finding a guy right now. "I'm just kind of focusing on myself," she said. "I have my family and my friends that I've been with, and I don't want to just date anybody. I'm very picky now, and I'm not just going to date anyone."
She said she loves "manly men, but also [guys who have] a fashion sense. He has to have respect, a good sense of humor and be very spontaneous." She said they also have to know "when not to be funny and when not to cross the line."
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negotiated and renegotiated??
hmmm are they finally realizing 'The Hills' needs more girls screen time to survive?
I sure hope so...

Roxy Olin on the 'PIX Morning Show' 11/1

Roxy was great on B&S's last night! Did anyone else watch?
I'm so excited for Kevin and Scotty to be parents.

Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt do breakfast 11/1

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Olivia Palermo - Behind the scenes -2 pics

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