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Zeno 'City' Finale Viewing Party

When I was asked if I would like to host a City viewing party, I jumped at the chance. A get together to watch one of my favorite shows plus free gift bags and a gift card for all the necessities - score! I felt like I'd just won the jackpot : )
The party was originally going to be a small affair with just 6 girl friends but somehow the number kept growing! So I moved our viewing party outside and we had a blast watching the City under the stars.

10:00 was a bit too late to serve dinner so we went straight to the fun stuff - dessert and lots of it! Our City Party would not have been complete without a cake to show off our love for Whitney and co. It was almost too pretty to eat but somehow we managed ;) We also snacked on lots of fruit and PopChips.

During the finale I tweeted a bit of my interview with Roxy Olin (who was so amazingly nice and talked to me for about an hour earlier in the day when her flight was delayed, Thanks Roxy!) Click here to read the interview in it's entirety She really is a total sweetheart!

As we all watched the after show we all also checked out our goody bags full of Whitney Port's favorite things! We received ZENO Hot Spots, PopChips, Orbit Gum, Fresh Soy Face Cream, Havaianas, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara and Rosebud Salve.

We split the bags up a bit since we had more bags than people but everyone wound up with something great. Oh and we tested out the Zeno Hot spots too which got a big thumbs up from everyone. I have to admit I was a bit nervous about using it. I have really sensitive skin and I was leery about applying heat to my face but omg am I a convert. I had a tiny pimple on my chin that had been bugging me for a week. The result one hour later? It's totally gone! I could not have been more shocked. Zeno, you rock!!

We were all having so much fun that I almost forgot to take photos, but luckily we managed to get a few.
Thank you so much to Zeno for this awesome opportunity and for all the amazing goodies. We all had such a a great time!

And now for the contest winner. You guys have been sending in your amazing fan photos for a chance to win one of the Zeno goody bags. Here are a few of my favourites:

I thought they only fair way to pick was by random interger so all the photos were assigned a number and the one they chose was #5 - Amy L from Ohio!
Congrats Amy - I hope you love the goody bag as much as we do.

Thanks again to Zeno!
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The Lo Down Live Blog: 'Hills' Star Lo Bosworth Is On The Party Scene!

No long intro necessary -- you guys certainly know what's going on tonight. It's the series finale of "The Hills," and the cast is going out in major style. Thankfully, Lo Bosworth is live on the scene to fill us in on all the party details. Hit, it Lo!

7:35 p.m. ET: And the journey begins ... In the car to The Roosevelt Hotel with Scott on this glorious day in July. The sun is finally bright here in L.A. Get excited, friends!
7:50 p.m. ET: Traffic in Beverly Hills! Should have seen this coming. It'll only get worse towards Hollywood, where we'll have to tip-toe around the premiere of "Inception." Oh well, our driver is making some race car moves -- at least that's entertaining.
7:59 p.m. ET: Texting Stephanie, who's also on her way. I wonder if I'll be the first arrive. Is that good or bad?

8:04 p.m. ET: This bumpy road proves my Vahan jewelery and Daniel Swarovski clutch a both sparkly AND rhythmic.

8:10 p.m. ET: The driver answered his phone and said he was transporting Mr. Bosworth. I'll go with it for now, but does this mean he doesn't like my dress?
credit - mtv
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The Hills Era is Coming to an End

Whitney Port took to her blog in honor of tonight’s series finale of The Hills to share old, personal photos of her with Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Adam Divello taken during a trip to Canada a few years back.
Whitney wrote nostalgically, “It is so crazy to think that almost everything I have achieved has been due to this show! Being a part of The Hills was such a blast for me and quite the maturing and learning process. I am eternally grateful to those who have worked their asses off for this project! I honestly don't know where I'd be without them! To the producers, the crew, the cast and more- thank you for shaping my future and allowing me to love every day of my life!”
Click here to view the photos at Whitney's Official Website
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'The Hills': EP Liz Gateley doesn't feel responsible for Heidi and Spencer's choices

In its six seasons, "The Hills" has made several of its graduates famous, such as original lead Lauren Conrad, "The City's" Whitney Port and soon the star of her own reality show, Audrina Patridge.
By the same token, some of its stars have become more infamous, such as "Hills" castoffs, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.
"I've worked with a lot of castmembers and a lot of people who have been through this journey," Liz Gateley, the creator and executive producer of MTV's "The Hills," tells Zap2it. "I look at the Lauren Conrads and the Whitney Ports and the Audrinas who have maneuvered it and maneuvered it well. Certainly working in this industry, you see people who can handle it and people who can't."
Gateley tells us that while she and her producing team do indeed walk a fine line when it comes to its hybrid "semi-scripted" reality style, she's confident in the decisions they've made over the course of the MTV show.
"At the end of the day," she says. "Editing can go a long way toward amping up the drama that happened."
She goes on to explain, "There's lots of tricks of the trade. Our test is, did this actually happen? And is it true to what really went on? And if it didn't, then we would throw it out."
That's a refreshing statement in a time when reality television has become just as popular (if dare we say more popular) than scripted. And with its popularity comes its critics.
Some say that reality TV has gone too far in exploiting its castmembers personal issues and sometimes their emotional stability, such as capturing the apparent mental breakdown of Kelly Bensimon on Bravo's "The Real Housewives of New York City" or even "The Bachelor," which, despite its drawn out system for picking mates, continually churns out messy breakups.
On the final season of "The Hills," we watched as Spencer seemed to spiral into a constant state of paranoia and rage while his wife, Heidi, shocked fans with her overzealous plastic surgery. Gateley has no doubts, though, that she and her producing team treated the storyline responsibly before ceasing to film the couple altogether.
"We love Spencer and Heidi and their storylines," Gateley told us. "They were going through a lot of personal stuff. And at some point you as a producer and editor, you have to draw the line. So, we followed their stories up until we felt it was relevant to the audience."
And when it came to Heidi's plastic surgery specifically, Gateley believes the show delivered an important message to viewers.
"For me personally, I'm glad we got out there that this is a choice people make," she tells us. "But when her mom said, 'What happened to the Heidi that I knew and love?' and 'There is only one Heidi Montag out there. I don't think you look better.' It was what everyone was talking about in America. I think we told that story this season responsibly."
With the final season coming to a close on Tuesday (July 13), Gateley feels comfortable saying the show did all it could for the now possibly separated couple.
"I know that we've given Heidi and Spencer all the support that we can over the years as a friend and an executive producer," she says. "You know they chose a certain path. So, I do not feel personally responsible."

Stephanie Pratt on The Hills Finale and Filming with RL Boyfriend Josh Hansen

Tonight, ‘The Hills‘ limps to its series finale, a shadow of its former self. The show’s protagonist Lauren Conrad bolted a year ago. The villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt disappeared midway through this season, after her plastic surgery, his angry mysticism and the lawsuit they filed against one of the show’s producers rendered them personas non grata. The last episodes were as dispiriting as the post Mulder and Scully years on ‘The X-Files,’ with minor characters taking center stage. One surprising bright spot was Stephanie Pratt, who, after getting arrested for a DUI, transformed herself from Spencer’s hard partying little sister to the show’s comic relief. Pratt opened up about whether the show was fake, her filming with real life boyfriend Josh Hansen, and, most importantly, cleared the air about her spray tan habit.
Pre-Finale Anxiety
Pratt still has not seen the finale. “I’m really nervous about the episode because usually we get them on Mondays so we get to see them before. It’s not like we get to say ‘Change that.’ It’s just nice to know what’s happening.”
Who Showed Up At The Wrap Party… And Who Was AWOL
“We had our wrap party Saturday. It was at the Thompson Hotel [in Beverly Hills]. It was very secretive. It was up at the pool. The whole time they had big screens playing a photo montage of all the photos that different crew members have been taking for the past six seasons. Even some Laguna Beach pictures were in there. It was very emotional, watching this montage. We definitely cried. Lauren was Lo’s date. Whitney [Port] came…Heidi and Spencer did not [show up].”
Stephanie Is Still Not In Contact With Her Brother Spencer
“It’s been almost a year now. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I miss him. He’s my big brother. I don’t feel any other emotion than just missing him.”
The Impact of L.C.’s Departure On ‘The Hills‘
“It’s definitely not why it’s ending, but it did hurt The Hills. It’s her show. I was fortunate that it kept going after she left, but ‘The Hills’ really is Lauren.”
Stephanie Cops To Deliberately Playing Dumb
Viewers called Stephanie a moron on a regular basis. It turns out that she was pulling a Marilyn Monroe and playing the ditzy blonde on purpose. “We were at Lo’s boyfriend’s Scott’s house filming this lacrosse scene that I don’t think [airs]. There’s all these normal off-camera friends that are there. They’re sitting right next to us while we’re filming a scene. I’m asking them all these really stupid questions about lacrosse. ‘Is it like football?’ I see this girl looking at this guy to say, ‘Are you listening to this girl?’ I looked over like, ‘I’m just pretending to be dumb. I know all about lacrosse.’ We just started laughing. I think it’s been really fun to play dumb.”
“I’m the first one to make a joke and make fun of myself, [like] that Costa Rica episode where I eat a bug. I’m sure there are people across the world who think I’m an idiot, but after two years of it, I just wanted to make it more fun. The last season, I could not get through scenes. We were just laughing hysterically. Kristen and I, we’d go off on tangents. We can’t get it together. We’d have to not look at each other then take ten deep breaths and then try to film a scene. This season has been so much fun to film.”
Are Stephanie And Josh, The Nice Guy She Met In The Penultimate Episode, Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G?
Last week, Stephanie seemingly met the one nice, sober living guy in L.A. Was it a love connection? “I’m still seeing him. We actually met through friends. He ended up knowing Brody and Taylor.” In other words, they’re really dating. But the scenes we saw of them meeting were staged.
Stephanie Has Joel McHale’s Back
Pratt frequently appears as the Unlikely Voice of Reason on ‘The Soup.’ Like all right-thinking Americans, she thinks host Joel McHale should have gotten some Emmy love for his role on ‘Community.’ “I’m going to write [the TV Academy] a letter. Joel McHale needs an Emmy ASAP. He is the funniest person ever and the nicest. Joel is this family man who is so down to earth. I did [an episode of 'The Soup'] last Friday. He told me I have the record for most walk-ons. That was pretty cool. Definitely the highlight of my life is being on ‘The Soup.’ It’s always been my favorite show.”
Stephanie Is Not Really Obsessed With Her Spray Tan
“I just want to clear this up. In every episode it’s become a joke between the crew and cast and I about my spray tan. So on purpose in every episode I try to make a comment about spray tans. I just want to let everyone know I’m not that into them. Every single episode I’ll be like, ‘I’m going to buy this purse because it goes with my spray tan.’ I watch it and it’s such a great inside joke and now I’ve started thinking, ‘People must think I’m crazy.’”
credit - Sarah Bibel @ fancast
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‘The Hills’ vs. ‘The City’: Executive Producer Adam Divello on Finales

Tonight, MTV will air a finale double-feature, as “The Hills” and “The City” wrap up their story lines. In the case of “The Hills,” tonight’s episode marks the end of the series, after more than 100 episodes, incalculable tears and some very public breakdowns. Executive producer Adam Divello was in the middle of editing his last “Hills” episode when he took our call late last week. He wouldn’t give out any details, but said the producers “shot a lot of surprises.”
The Wall Street Journal: How do you feel about “The Hills” ending after six seasons?
Adam Divello: It’s a bittersweet moment for us to see the series end. It was something we all felt that it was the right time.
Will there be any spin offs?
Never say never. There’s definitely been some interest but nothing is in the works right now.
Is there any truth to rumors that Stephanie Pratt will join the cast of “The City?”
We’ve never talked to Stephanie Pratt about coming to “The City,” so I don’t know. We are just wrapping up the second season of that show and we haven’t started on the third season. We haven’t gotten an official pick up yet. You don’t always get the word when you expect [it]. The cast and crew is standing by. We’re pretty confident.
Is that why rumors swirled that “The City” was cancelled?
I don’t know how that got out there. I don’t know how any of this stuff gets planted. ["The City"] hasn’t been canceled at all. We go through a stage of pre-production where we figure out what we would present next season, and we’re presenting that to the network. But it’s looking very positive that “The City” will return.
I’m very fond of “The City” because it focuses on Whitney’s career.
When we started out in season one, we were coming off of Whitney leaving the Hills. We went very relationship heavy the first season and I think it was fun to see Whitney dating and running around the city trying to her act together. The second season we went more work related because I think that’s the fun thing to watch. Like a lot of New Yorkers, they take their careers and their work very seriously. When we come back next season, I think a lot of the players are going to be in different places.
Olivia told us that she’s edited in a certain way because the show needs drama. Do you agree that the truth is relative to editing?
When we go into these shows, I explain to the cast, ‘We are going to follow you around. We are going to make a drama out of your everyday existence.’ There is editing involved. There is music involved. We’re using a fraction of what they do in their day-to-day lives to tell a story.
It’s not a documentary. We’re not following Olivia around 24 hours a day. It’s her under a microscope. It’s probably a slight exaggeration of who she is but it’s all based on [her]. We don’t write the lines for [the cast] and we don’t tell them what to say. What comes out of their mouths is what comes out of their mouths.
If Olivia left Elle magazine, would we get to follow Joe Zee and Erin Kaplan?
If Olivia was let go from Elle, we would regroup and think, what do we do next? Do we follow her outside of Elle? Do we follow Elle without her? We would certainly approach Elle and say, ‘Who is going is going to take Olivia’s place, we want to follow that new person.’ We would certainly follow Olivia as she looks for another gig and lands another job. We go where the wind blows us as far as that’s concerned.
Does Heidi return in the finale?
You have to wait and see.
Earlier this season, there was a week of crazy on reality shows. First Spencer seemed to go to a very dark place, and later, Kelly Bensimon imploded on Bravo. As you shoot, what are the lines that you won’t cross?
It’s a reality show. We shoot for hours and hours and hours with them and we use a fraction of what you see on television. So if there are actions and things that they’re doing which is helping to tell the story, or it affects the relationship with other cast members, then yes I’m in favor of using it. If it crosses some dark line, then I’m not going to use it. We ultimately protect the viewers. We’ve got a crew that goes out each day… and we like to keep it a happy environment.
Stephanie Pratt tweeted a photo of Converse shoes covered in photos of “The Hills” cast. Are these going to show up in stores now? Who thinks that’s a good idea?
Abby, one of our camera operators, [received them as a gift from a friend] for the 100th episode. She wore them to set. Pictures were taken and circulated. It’s very strange to see our cast’s faces all over a pair of sneakers but they are a one of a kind, custom-made Converse. I’m not even sure how you make custom Converse but somebody made them. Maybe those Converse will catch on. They’re neat looking.
credit - Elva Ramirez @ The Wall Streeet Journal
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Rumor: Lauren Conrad to Make Secret Appearance On 'Hills' Final Episode

THR has learned that Lauren Conrad – who starred in and narrated MTV's “The Hills” from 2006 to 2009 — taped an appearance for the final episode of the long-running reality series to air tonight at 10 p.m.
Sources close to the production have confirmed that Conrad recently filmed a very brief, top-secret scene that show producers are expected to include in the series finale.
Previously, show creator Adam Divello confirmed on air to Ryan Seacrest last Tuesday that Lauren Conrad and former cast mate Whitney Port will also be joining the cast at the live after show in Hollywood. Following Conrad’s departure from the show, the top-rated reality franchise suffered a severe decline in audience and a move to Tuesday nights from Mondays.
The show cast former "Laguna Beach" star Kristen Cavalleri in her place, and concentrated largely on the circus of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt.
Since leaving “The Hills,” Conrad has penned two New York Times bestselling novels: “LA Candy” and “Sweet Little Lies.” The third installment in the series is due to hit shelves in October. The reality star also inked an exclusive deal with Kohl’s department store in 2009 to design a line of women’s apparel “LC Lauren Conrad.”
credit - Leslie Bruce @ THR Buzz
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Kristin Cavallari: “Nothing you see on TV is real”

Say it ain’t so! After an agonizing Hills season watching Kristin Cavallari wear her heart on her sleeve regarding Brody Jenner (even though he’s been Tweeting about and traveling with real-life gal pal Avril Lavigne), the starlet hints her behavior may not have been completely genuine.
“Nothing you see on TV is real,” Cavallari, 23, tells PEOPLE. “Fans need to understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all in fun. I would never put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”
In fact, the lightheartedness of it all is what drew Cavallari back to reality-TV after an unpleasant experience on Laguna Beach. “I was really hurt by the way I was portrayed on Laguna Beach, so I took a break from that kind of stuff,” she says. “But when I decided to come back and do The Hills, I told myself it’s just a job. It’s all work. It’s all fun.”
But Cavallari has no plans to ever sell her Hills secrets in any sort of tell-all. “I don’t want to disappoint the fans,” she says. “I have such great fans, and I think a lot of them take the show seriously, and I don’t want to change their views. Besides, since I want to be a producer, I don’t want to give away any production secrets.”
Speaking of production, Cavallari has two new reality shows in the works. “One will have similarities to The Hills, and one will be about fashion with some competition,” she said.
As far as The Hills series finale goes, it doesn’t sound like Cavallari has any regrets about her two-season stint on the long-running hit show. “I feel like we all ended on a high note, we all had a great time, and I plan to stay friends with pretty much everyone,” she says, adding that she’s even on good terms with one-time nemesis Lauren Conrad.
“I just saw Lauren on Saturday at The Hills wrap party,” Cavallari says. “It was good to see her. When we see each other, we say hi and catch up a bit.”
credit - Dahvi Shira @ People
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Lauren Conrad: Kings Of Leon Girl

Lauren Conrad leaves the Hollywood Bowl after seeing Kings of Leon perform (July 12th 2010).
credit - zimbio
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Audrina Patridge: Bongo Shoot - Behind the Scenes

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credit: Bongo.com - special thanks to Natalie Sarraf!

In case you didn't know, Kristin Cavallari was a Bongo girl in 2006!
check out the photos from her campaign below. You may recognize the guy Kristin is modeling with - it's Adam Senn from The City (season 1)

Credit: celeb city, thanks rubi!! : )
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